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  1. Visiting San Franciso

  2. Visiting San Franciso

    We also want to explore the adjacent park. Last time we were there my iPhone recorded between 21K and 23K steps every day. I wont feel guilty eating a little extra.
  3. Visiting San Franciso

    We have already have a place to stay in SOMA Square Apartments. We will use that as a home base. Going to rent a car for a day or two to explore.
  4. Visiting San Franciso

    Looks like a cool place to check out. Thanks.
  5. Visiting San Franciso

    Thanks for the suggestion. I was there in early September but it was 106 degrees so we really curtailed our activities. Since then my son went on the Alcatraz tour and said it was worth seeing so I will go. We did the wharfs and enjoyed the National park and boats there. I am looking for museum and architectural highlights for this trip.
  6. Visiting San Franciso

    I am going to San Francisco for a few days next week (14th-19th). Have a few things planned with my son but will have some free time while he is working. I plan on taking the Alcatraz tour. Anyone have any must see recommendations?
  7. Old hot water tank????

    When my clients ask about tankless heaters I remind them that no electric=no hot water. During Super Storm Sandy a lot of people in my area were glad that they had hot water when there was no electric for days at a time. They could at least take a hot shower. When you compare the additional cost of the tankless heater (the unit and installation) to swapping out a typical heater, I wonder how much money, if any, is saved. Of course if the chimney needs work the comparison will be very different.
  8. flashlight bulbs

    What style Type Ball do you use in your IBM Selectric?
  9. 1969 Home wiring

    My dad was building homes in the late 60's and early 70's. He told me that there was a time that there was a shortage of copper wiring and his electrician informed him that the copper was approved for residential use but was not allowed in his commercial jobs. Due to the limited amount of wiring the electrician used aluminum in the homes. The electrician charged the same price and my dad did not care as long as the wiring was code approved and he could sell the house. He also gave the buyers a choice of hardwood flooring or carpeting in the bedrooms because the cost to him was almost the same.
  10. Arc Fault breakers testing?

    I have noted that arc fault breakers are installed in new panels but I do not test them because I am concerned that I could cause damage if I disconnect something that should not lose power. How are others handling this?
  11. Anyone familiar with this window trim?

    It is a good example of when people apply decorative building elements without any consideration of how the faux parts/materials would be used if they were the real thing. One of the most common examples of this is when I see faux stone or bricks installed on cantilevers. It looks ridiculous to me.
  12. Anyone familiar with this window trim?

    It would be interesting to see the installation instructions (not that most people read them).
  13. Traveling to the West

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  14. Traveling to the West

    We are going to be traveling across the country on a road trip across the northern route (90). Looking for some suggestions about must see places. We are taking a two week drive and then flying home from San Francisco. Definitely stopping in Portland and Seattle on the way.
  15. Kevlar-Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

    I see mostly CMU foundations around here. One of the structural engineers we work with expressed concerns about the fact that the straps are glued to the surfaces of the blocks and if the connection fails, the straps are not effective. He compared the straps to an egg, strong until there is a small failure and then... It will be interesting to see how these systems stand the test of time.