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  1. My suggestions: • SFMOMA (you are walking distance) • Avoid Pier 39 • Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. Exploratorium is cool, but only if you have the time • Walk through Fisherman’s Wharf, but don’t linger and if you miss it altogether, that’s okay • Explore the waterfront: Fort mason, Marina green, Crissy field, Palace of Fine Arts • Drive tour the Presidio on your way to the Legion of Honor • Visit the DeYoung and explore Golden Gate park- natural history museum is a good call time permitting • Explore the Castro on foot • Stop at the Cliff House to get an overview of Ocean Beach. Thanh Long is a Vietnamese restaurant with incredible garlic crab • Hunan’s at 110 Natoma for excellent Chinese, and Yank Sing in the Rincon center for Dim Sum. Lots of fun bars in Northbeach • Top of the Mark Hopkins hotel for a drink, and the Tonga/hurricane room at the Fairmount as well • Go north across the Golden gate working your way to Bolinas. Bolinas peeps keep themselves hard to find so enjoy everything along the way Cheers, John
  2. I don't think so on the transite. Everything I saw was sheet-metal, including in the heat registers. Here are a couple more pics. In the first one you can see a seem at the top of the duct. Cheers, John
  3. I recommended the ductwork be abandoned and an alternate heating system be provided. My first thought was baseboard electric because it would be pretty easy by running conduit around the exterior and poking through the exterior walls at the base, but I think a ductless mini split heat pump system is the way to go. The house needs heating and cooling because of all the glass and low insulation levels.
  4. Every good below slab ductwork system needs a sump pump don't you think? This is from a small 1955 Eichler style home in the Oakland/ Piedmont area of northern California. Obviously this is bad news; I'm just sharing cuz we know below grade ductwork is problematic, but I've never seen it with a sump pump John Fryer
  5. I've never heard the phrase "self-flashing". Seems misleading if no flashings are involved and it's only caulking. When you say "solid rubber tubing" are you talking about foam backer rod? My first post here and my name is John Fryer. I'm a home inspector in Berkeley California.
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