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  1. It looks like the dishwasher drain line also lacks a high loop or air gap.
  2. I normally talk my clients out of keeping power fans in the attic as they tend to create hot spots and may pull hot air back in under the right conditions. I believe that the shingle manufactures (at least Certainteed) will void shingle warranties in many cases if the home has ridge and soffit venting AND a power fan.
  3. I am sure SOMEONE has seen that type of roof material before because someone had to make it.
  4. I've always started in the attic and done the roof last for that exact reason. You never know what you'll find supporting the roof. I'd rather see it before I step on it.
  5. I see those damn corrugated flexible drain pipes all of the time. I can't believe anyone installing one of those thinks it's a good idea.
  6. I used to blow these up in the electronics lab while in college. To me, a blown-up electrolytic smells like popcorn. Anyone else notice this?
  7. Looks like insufficient clearance for that breaker panel, too.
  8. My first impression was also EPDM.
  9. When there are fossil fuel appliances in the home, the radon remediator should perform a test to ensure that the suction from the radon fan doesn't affect the operation of the appliances.
  10. You don't know what is going on with an underground fuel tank. Could be leaking, could be empty but deteriorating, could be nearly empty but the fuel line is clogged with sludge, etc. I would recommend consulting an HVAC or fuel oil company to check it out. Installing a new metal or fiberglass tank inside the basement and decommissioning or removing the buried tank would be my recommendation.
  11. I always say "no" to caulking the toilet/floor joint when client's ask. If there is a small leak there, you want to be able to see it. The caulking will seal in the water until the leak gets bigger and you see the damage on the ceiling under the toilet.
  12. No.. the trap is way too large. Height should be b/w 2~4".
  13. All I can say is "ouch!".
  14. Good catch. There's no way to know if any of that corrosion exists at the important connections, so report it and recommend a licensed and qualified electrician fully evaluate the panel's components to check each connection.
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