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  1. Thanks guys. Hope all is well with you. Cheers!
  2. Hi, In a closet there is the exposed lath and crumbling plaster. Looking at it closely, there appears to be hair like material mixed in with the plaster. Could this be asbestos? Thanks
  3. This is an "Historic" grand hotel that was active 1927 - 1957. It was then used for other purpose before being boarded up in 2005. It has 7 levels plus a basement. It will be renovated into apartments. The guy who opened it up for me would not go inside, so I had the entire building to explore by myself. There were some areas that looked to dangerous to walk. I was hoping to see some ghost, but they must have checked out early.
  4. Ok, cleaver. Thanks for pointing that out, otherwise I would have gone the rest of my life wondering about it.
  5. Maybe that was the purpose of the toothpaste, to distract me from looking at the sheathing.
  6. The metal exhaust vent is being used by the water heater (it was previously used for a furnace) the concentric vent is for a new furnace. It seems they are to close together, but I could not find any reference in my search that says they are too close. I already sent out my report and I explained my concern that the water heater's exhaust could be drawn into the concentric vent and to have the venting details looked at by a HVAC contractor and corrected if needed. What do you folks say?
  7. This was an interesting find.
  8. House built in 1958. I'm thinking this "thing" in the back yard, about 2 feet from the foundation, is a buried fuel tank, but I don't really know. Any expertise in what this is. Thanks for the help Mark
  9. As the person that started this thread way back in 2014, I can report that we are happy with the water heater and have no regrets in the purchase.
  10. I had lunch with Kurt recently, he seems to be doing well.
  11. Curious what data points are you using to calculate this: gross income, number of inspections, etc? Reason I ask is I do: home inspection, commercial inspections, commercial draw inspections, commercial and residential radon test, and a few other small jobs... For me I usually just look at gross income. Anyway, I too am having a good year.
  12. Home built in 1915. These 2 small knobs no longer do anything, but curious what they did originally. Under the sink there are rods connected to the knobs, so it looks like they once either turned the water on / off or open / closed the drains. I figure one of you old guys would know.
  13. No to sound like a smart ass, but the liability of not reporting the furnace / water heater exhausting into the attic far outweighs some drywall damage. People die from leaking furnace exhaust. Besides, I'm always careful.
  14. Sometimes it pays off to crawl through a shallow attic to the other end.
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