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  1. I'm looking for any recommendations in the Orlando area. Thanks
  2. Thanks Les / Tom. I ended up using the ASHI site to locate a guy. We spoke on the phone for 20 min, he seems passionate and has been inspecting for over 30 years.
  3. Mark P

    Run away

    I once did an inspection for a "trust". The owner had died leaving a couple of houses in his trust. One of the houses he had inherited decades before and it had been abandoned for years. I had a had time locating it because it was so overgrown with trees and bushes, etc. In my report I recommended the home be demolished.
  4. Mark P

    Run away

    3 times in 12 years and with good cause. The most recent was a guy who had bought a property via an online auction and had never seen the home. It was an otherwise nice duplex at a nice price and would have made a good rental property, That is until I went into the crawlspace and discovered the true meaning of street creep. It was truly amazing. I came up out of the crawl, and said call your lawyer and do whatever you have to get out of this deal. He was not able to get out of the deal and it is still sitting vacant, that was a year ago.
  5. Mark P

    Staying healthy for long career

    I'm 51 and will run my first half marathon this Sunday in Chicago. I've been a runner off and on for the past 20 years, but it was not until last year that I decided to take it to another level. I'll begin training for a full marathon next week.
  6. Yea, I knew the guy in passing. He was one of my local competitors. I had the media calling me all day yesterday and even had a TV crew show up on my door step. He retired in Nov and asked me if I wanted to buy his mold testing equipment. The entire thing is pretty unsettling.
  7. Mark P

    Ride along

    In Illinois before new inspectors can get a State license, they have to complete 5 ride alongs with a licensed inspector. Before I agree to help train someone and let them follow me around I do a phone interview. I have to like the guy before I'll agree to spend a bunch of hours hanging out with him. I've only turned down 1 guy, because I felt he was pushy and rude. I select which houses we will work together on and I only do vacant properties together. Preferable a mixture of older and newer homes. The more problems the better. I do more then just let him follow me around I provide training and hopeful develop a relationship that will carry forward into the future.
  8. Mark P

    Gas Service

    When I was in China back in 1990-1 the bikes on the roads were like huge schools of fish in the sea. The private car was very rare, but there were plenty of busses and trucks. I?m glad I visited before the major developments of the past 20 years. I?d still like to go, back, but would spend my time in the more rural areas.
  9. Mark P

    I had an epiphany!

    I don't get it, besides the R factor will differ depending on the type on insulation.
  10. Mark P

    wind damaged roof

    This picture showed up on my facebook page. I believe it is in Colorado. Click to Enlarge 49.32 KB
  11. Try contacting the manufacturer of the product. It seems they would have the best information.
  12. In this house, on crawl, built in 2003 the main water line from the street runs under the footing. I can't say I remember seeing this before; I typically see it running through the foundation wall – but I may be having a senior moment. Erosion is occurring under the footing from water running through this opening. Even though it has not rained here for months, there is still a puddle of water. My concern is that if the erosion continues - after a bunch of years the footing will be compromised. My questions: Is running the water line under the footing allowed? Is it even addressed in code? What would you say about this? Do you share my concern about the erosion and eventually compromising the footing? Click to Enlarge 44.55 KB Click to Enlarge 64.94 KB
  13. Mark P

    Help IDing insect.

    We always called them Roly Poly
  14. The cover to the main electrical panel cannot be removed without removing the railing for the overhead garage door. The railing actually touches the panel and there are screws in the top holes. The door cannot be closed and there are screws behind the open door. The cover to the subpanel cannot be removed without removing the cover to the main panel. Click to Enlarge 51.13 KB
  15. Mark P

    Age of AquaStar 240FX

    My guess would be 2000.
  16. Mark P

    Do Flyers and Leaflets Work?

    I had to look it up. http://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/couillon
  17. Mark P

    Accessible Panel

    Would you consider this panel accessible for inspection? Click to Enlarge 86.19 KB
  18. Mark P

    Record keeping help!

    QuickBooks is not for the faint of heart. It is not easily self taught and takes time, at least that was my experience. I finally just hired an accountant for book keeping. However, that has nothing to do when tracking who owes me money. I use excel to track every job: date, name, address, fees, referral source, etc. I use color coding for different things. If someone owes me money the "fee" cell is highlighted red. Once I'm paid the highlight is removed. I may add a "comment" to a cell to track when I sent the invoice, or when closing is scheduled, etc. It works for me.
  19. Mark P

    Another Lennox Age?

    1977, according to Preston's Guide. 120,000 Btu
  20. Mark P

    Guesses welcome

    A downspout enema?
  21. Mark P

    Guesses welcome

    Perhaps to fill a rain barrel.
  22. Mark P

    Accessible Panel

    I thought that would get a variety of responses depending on one's background and location. There was no realtor or seller at the home. Just me and the braless lady from Brazil who was buying the home, which may seem irrelevant, but take my word for it, nothing about her was irrelevant. Anyway, my first reaction was to not move the guns and have the seller move them so I could inspect the panel when I came back to pick up the radon equipment. However, after pondering it for a few minutes I decided to just move them.
  23. Mark P

    Accessible Panel

    Kurt, You set me up and I could not resist!!! [] Click to Enlarge 17.87 KB Now that is what I'd call a bobby trap.
  24. Mark P

    Scorched water heater

    First time I've ever come across this. A.O Smith water heater manufactured in 2003, same year as the house was built. The vent pipe is not shared with anything else. The draft hood is well attached. Nothing else seemed wonky. I'm looking for your thoughts... Click to Enlarge 37.97 KB
  25. Mark P

    Scorched water heater

    Thanks for the comments. The water heater is in the unfinished basement, not the garage. The exhaust vent passes through the garage attic. I'll pass the ball to a HVAC guy to evaluate the venting details.