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  1. Broke a promise to myself - sorry Marc.
  2. Once you put an item on ebay AND there is a bid on it you can't pull it off.
  3. The tech will have a few tricks in his bag for running a/c when it is cold, like blocking off part of the condenser, however your problem is electrical and just shows up when the unit first starts. Shouldn't take him long to narrow the problem down.
  4. I think I remember those from my youth but my memory is a bit fuzzy.
  5. As Bill stated the flue gas, from the furnace, is condensing and dripping back down the flue and leaking out at the connections. It looks like it may be due to an over sized flue. With regards to the indoor blower starting,stopping and then restarting - this is not a good situation especially if the outside condensing unit is doing the same thing. It's not good for electric motors to bang on and off. There is no way someone can troubleshoot this problem without actually looking at your system and testing the electrical circuitry. Let us know what the tech finds.
  6. Hey Jim, good to see you back - I can recall the St. Bernard's.
  7. Why just the supply ducts then Mike? The guy has a pretty big workbench and likes to tinker. I have to pickup the Radon monitor on Wednesday so I'll poke around a bit to see if there might be chemicals he has been working with.
  8. Anyone know what the white stuff on the duct work is or how it got there? It's similar to the chalking you get on paint that has been out in the sun to long. I was thinking the ducts were sweating but it's a stretch. It's located mainly on the supply ducts in the basement. The returns are pretty clean but still a bit of the white stuff here and there. Click to Enlarge 52.87?KB Click to Enlarge 51.91?KB
  9. From Beth: This is a NATO run hospital so our motto is "The Best Care Anywhere" ROLE 3 Multi National Hospital. I took a picture below the sign and will send to you.
  10. I will start album Mike - to tell the truth I hadn't thought about it but should have. I have no idea what her teams motto is (didn't know they had one). I will send an email asking her.
  11. From Beth: Hi Dad, I'm doing well out here. We are in a heightened alert status but things haven't varied much from my daily routine. It's a good thing I'm on KAF (Kandahar Air Field) as others aren't so lucky off the base and are in more remote areas in Afghanistan. I can't go into more detail other than I am okay. We are always maintaining hypervigilance and I don't stray too much from the barracks, the dining facility, or work. I lucked out as the gym is the building right in front of our barracks. Both where I work and sleep are hardened structures that act as shelters when there are rocket attacks periodically. I am taking pictures and will send some out soon. I haven't really had much time to myself as work has kept me extremely busy. Love you guys and will send pictures soon.
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