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  1. Hi Mike, kinda ironic that the banner between your last post and my typing this says: Mold Inspection And Removal Find Mold Removal Contractors Now. Fast & Free. Enter Your Zip Code! its a conspiracy
  2. Then a lawyer might say " What we have here is a 'potential' slip and fall hazard... Hardwood stairs needs that raised area so my client who always walks with his socks on doesn't slip, and if he does the raised area would keep his feet from sliding over the edge and him from falling" The inspector should have recommended non slip steps.... hmmmm
  3. Whether it is a code violation or not, they are paying for your opinion. It can be a trip hazard without being IRC violation. My comment would be if I felt it was unsafe: "Raised trim on stairway steps is a potential trip hazard. For your families and guests enhanced safety recommend a qualified professional remove the trim so this hazard no longer exists"
  4. At least 30' from water heater, and laundry areas... bizarre.
  5. 2001 (vacant for a couple months) home. Trying to figure out what this 2" ABS pipe is for. Old stains, standing water and dripping water from pipe after I ran a bunch of faucets in the home. It was near a bathroom, which was behind bearing wall... any ideas?? Click to Enlarge 52 KB Click to Enlarge 55.5 KB Click to Enlarge 39.5 KB Click to Enlarge 43.81 KB
  6. I see a lot of these, some have cheezy alum turnbuckles like you would use on a clothes line Agree with Greg, and they need to be installed at 45 degree angle also. For my report (here in WA): Tiedowns installed likely met the standards when they were installed, They do not meet todays seismic tiedown standards. A structural engineer needs to evaluate and offer remedies if you need a foundation certification.
  7. yesterdays inspection, 40 years old in snow country. beside the obvious most of footings were not below frost line that I could tell. No evidence of movement though. Wood structure mostly nailed together, few lags or bolts... told them to get structural engineer to evaluate and offer remedies before closing. great place from the deck up! Click to Enlarge 72.45 KB Click to Enlarge 80.25 KB
  8. You are correct... however It was setup for a generator to power a several breakers including well. Pigtail was hanging on the wall
  9. Bubba strikes again Click to Enlarge 29.61 KB Click to Enlarge 50.9 KB Click to Enlarge 37.16 KB
  10. I find kitchen 'track' and counter receptacles all go to gfci (resets) receptacles in pantrys often, local thing for high end homes. As far as kitchen lighting circuit thats a problem. Amazing you found that.
  11. Trying to find the Furnace and A/C age reference sheets that were linked/ posted on TIJ at one time..... anyone have that link and or similar thank you. Jerry
  12. Tom, our temps are several weeks below freezing in winter to 110+ periodically thru out summer. Jim, cheapest route... lessen the condensation, enough heat loss through insulated ceiling to drip and evidence on sheetrock ceilings at eave side wall intersect
  13. 25 year old metal roof on shop. Visqueen is shot, Click to Enlarge 53.52 KB Click to Enlarge 26.99 KB My recommendation was a metal roof contractor remove metal and install vinyl face insulation batt (don't know what they call that type of insulation material) Anyone have experience with spray foam on inside in this situation as am concerned about with wood under the foam or will that ever be a trapped (moisture) problem if all is dry when applied??
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