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  1. The guy who installed my driveway said roads aren't sealcoated and my driveway doesn't need it either. After twenty years the driveway is still OK. To me it seems the tar coating wears off and just ends up in the yard or in the local stream.
  2. I received an update yesterday from the GoFundMe account with the message "Day 680:On the die I day a lot will happen. A lot will change... Didn't know it meant he passed. What a loss.
  3. Chris, I guess you've moved out of the Bergen Co. and joined US Inspect ? I did a stint with them around 15 years ago. Most of the guys are gone now except for Mike C and Guiseppe. Best of Luck.
  4. I agree completely Rob. Since I've only had a few minor screw incidents after too many years, I keep feeling like I'm due for The Big One...
  5. It's also required in NJ along with an address, not just a PO Box #.
  6. What is the size of the breaker? Seems like a large gauge to be held down properly by that pressure plate type terminal.
  7. As mentioned, the pool pump is what you need. The intake is flush with the bottom and will pump down to an inch of standing water on a flat surface.
  8. Kurt, all the piping and vents are visible. I'll get a picture of the near boiler piping.
  9. I want to make that noise as I throw my steam boiler out the window. I've tried all sorts of multiple vents on returns and radiators and can't get it balanced correctly. The only other thing that needs correcting is a bullhead tee, but the system is thirty years old and not worth fixing near-boiler piping at this time.
  10. I may have to switch from the Carrhart pants. They don't seem to last long enough. Are the FireHose pants too warm for the summer? Can the cargo pockets can hold a tablet? Thanks
  11. That place is truly amazing. I always say that's the type of homeowner or buyer that helps keep the economy going by spending crazy money. Any idea of the price ?
  12. The suction line was insulated very well. The green goo was definitely oily or sticky.
  13. Does this green oily substance indicate a Freon leak. Or is this stuff used for leak detection? Thanks Click to Enlarge 48.58 KB
  14. Try Gemmill Laboratories in Pennsylvania. 800 846 9893. I'm not sure what their turnaround time is. I think they're cheaper than Sun Nuke.
  15. Is there a good resource or library of simple graphics out there somewhere? Or, do you just compile your own favorites from the interweb? Occasionally I need to add in a graphic to illustrate a point. Thanks
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