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  1. I have, but it shows in the body of my recommendation, I kinda like how Spectora has it indicated to the side of the recommendation box.
  2. I do like how Spectora has "DIY" , or "Licensed contractor" etc. beside each recommendation, but I don't care for the checklist type reporting, so no, haven't switched.
  3. The 45 at the top of shingle reduces the chance of of runoff from opposing roof from running along top edge of shingle, and past metal flashing. This is most commonly done with an open valley though.
  4. Don't know if you had a look at the site, there's worse. Spiral staircase with no railings which appears to be 2 storeys.
  5. Found some unusual/creative stairs. Some aren't safe, but check out this site. https://www.providr.com/25-staircases-step-it-up/4/?utm_source=onlyincanada&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=providr
  6. Part of the reason they are not running is, according to client and his realtor, this property has been on the market for years they've known about the damage, and price has recently been dropped $700,000 below market value in the area.
  7. We had a severe flood in '13 here in Calgary. Yesterday I had an inspection right on the rivers edge. It had a partially below grade garage with a concrete and wood deck above it, flat roof with what seemed like a swimming pool membrane below the wood area to seal the roof. By the water line still on the house, the garage had been submerged. Some of the drywall had fallen off, and I could see mould in the walls and wood I-joists and sheathing of the roof. Also deflection of the joists. I called for the deck and ceiling structure to be removed, and to have tested by a remediation company to see if the mould was bad enough that it would have to be removed professionally. Here are pictures showing deflection and some of the moisture damage. I've never called for that much removal before, but from a safety standpoint I thought it was valid.
  8. The 1991 at the bottom of plate doesn't coincide with anything else? When was house built?
  9. Nolan, you may be right. New info today there is a infra-red "curtain" heater at the overhead door that is not staying with the property. I'll have to check where shelves, tool racks etc line up from interior.
  10. "Thermal bridging"? The heat transfer though wall studs? Or of another product? I see several different sizes of squares, I thought they had scraps of mesh left over from another job and patched it as well as they could. Hopefully someone has a confident answer?
  11. A friend of my wife's has put an offer on a home. I haven't done the inspection yet though I'll probably get the call. I looked at the home on MLS and noticed odd lines in the stucco on the garage.(I come from a framing, woodworking, drywall background) Can anyone tell from this picture what causes these lines? Possibly incomplete screen?
  12. An engineers report is a good idea. I usually recommend, especially to first time buyers to retain receipts of any major purchases ie. roofing, furnace etc. for when they eventually sell.
  13. This isn't an inspection for me, I've just noticed these houses near my home that overlook a golf course. If this was an inspection, what if anything would you say about these homes built on a man-made rise, on the edge of a steep hill? Personally, this area wouldn't be my first choice to build my home. Click to Enlarge 55.8 KB
  14. Another train of thought lost in translation, I was thinking out swinging door not allowed. Very rarely seen here, I'm guessing because of drifting snow and security? We can get 3-4' drifts against houses in the winter, would be pretty hard to push out swinging door open.
  15. Only thing I can think of is if it's a the top of a stairway it should have a 36"X36" landing (smart construction would be 6" below threshold but I'm not sure if that's correct) just going off top of my head, I didn't look up code. Edit: I also make sure that the hinge has the set screw on the inside so that the pins can't be removed.
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