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  1. My new website

    Thanks for the advise Jim, I found the "Trust Inspection Services" typo. I will call to get it fixed on Monday.
  2. My new website

    Thanks Marc
  3. My new website

    I finally broke down and had a professional website made. This is the first rollout, I plan on getting some better photos and making a few changes over the next few months. Here it is https://bluevalleyhomeinspection.com/
  4. Attic Mold Boiler Plate

    I am always looking at ways to write a better report. I have not giving it much thought as to why I leave out "I" and simply start with Recommend. I guess it's because people know what I am talking about. I look report writing as more of a technical writing format that's not the same as typical grammar. I try not to overuse use the term "further evaluate". However, I feel it's the best term to use in many cases. I am open to new ideas if someone's got a good replacement for "further evaluate".
  5. Attic Mold Boiler Plate

    Here's how I would describe it general. Significant fungi/mold growth was found below roof sheathing in attic (north side). Recommend having a qualified mold remediation contractor further evaluate, cleanup and remediate fungi/mold growth as needed. I would list any ventilation issues or contributing factors, but not speculate. In your statement, your first recommendation is to install cellulose (paper based) insulation in a moldy attic before the mold issue is addressed. That's not a good idea and is poor advice. If the mold is serious enough, the existing insulation would likely need to be removed first. Let the experts/mold contractors figure this out. I would stay away from recommending specific insulation depths and types. I would not direct people to EPA unless it was link to a specific web site.
  6. Flir One Pro (for iPhone)

    Sounds like you have the standard "Flir One" model. The Flir One Pro is the newest model with more resolution than the standard Flir One.
  7. Flir One Pro (for iPhone)

    Wondering if anyone out there is using the FLIR One Pro for home inspections. It seems to have good resolution for $399 price.
  8. Unknown electrical devise?

    I found this device connected to an exterior switch. It's been abandoned as the wire is cut below it. Just wondering what could be?
  9. How bad is this?

    If you want to know what you're buying you should hire a qualified home inspector for a complete Home Inspection.
  10. PVC Flue venting size

    This 90+ furnace has flue pipe that increases in size. I would think there's potential for condensation to develop and accumulated near the joints/reducers. No sure when this was done?
  11. What is the name for this exterior piece?

    I call it the lower trim band.
  12. Which Brand HVAC???

    Personally I would stay away from York and anything else made by Unitary Products. If you're interested in going top of the line or high efficiency I would go with Lennox, Trane, or Bryant. There's lots of mid grade brands that will be fine.
  13. Electrical nightmare

    Hi Chad, This is the home's main 200 amp service panel. Sorry I don't have a good pic of front side. Here's a pic of the backside of panel and meter base. The entire electrical system was a mess of non-permitted DIY work. When I opened the wood enclosure at exterior side it had sheets of foil barrier insulation, I got shocked as I was removing them for inspection. Found lots of issues like 12 gauge wire connected to 90 amp breaker, not properly grounded.
  14. Electrical nightmare

    This place has some of serious electrical issues, lots non-permitted DIY work. I got minor electrical shock when opening a wood enclose at exterior, they had foil insulation barrier shoved in behind panel near meter base. What I have a question about is the jumper wire that's connected to ground lug at top of panel and at bus bar at side of panel.
  15. Push fittings on gas pipes

    Yea Viega is the company I found online. Do they just cut the pipe flush for connections?