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  1. Cool Historical Building

    At least the electrical inspection was easy. Has two new 200 amp service panels with one 20 amp circuit , building has a single light and receptacle only. Had one of the largest fuse panels I've seen.
  2. Cool Historical Building

    Yes it's a octopus type central coal furnace. Has asbestos lined ducts routed from basement to first and second stories. The heating system is abandoned. I will advise removing the asbestos duct materials.
  3. Cool Historical Building

    I imagine the wall blocking was to help prevent old lath and plaster from cracking. The big red thing in front of furnace the "coal stoker".
  4. My morning inspection was pretty cool. A former "Knights of Phythias" lodge. Place is abandoned, built in 1900's. Exterior walls are solid concrete.
  5. New roof raised in areas

    The home was built onsite, standard stick frame construction. Engineered truss roof structure with OSB sheathing.
  6. New roof raised in areas

    Seen this yesterday on a new construction home. Not sure what would cause shingles to be raised slightly in straight lines?
  7. Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    I just talked with the City building inspector about this, he said it's OK and that there's nothing in the code that prohibits it. He said that unless it's over 10% of wall surface, otherwise all junction boxes in garage wall would also not be compliant. This is the second building inspector that said these types of plastic access covers are allowed. I guess I need to look at the specific codes that they are using.
  8. Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    I agree it's violation. Last year I seen this being done in a new development. I talked with City building inspector that was onsite, he said it was OK and when on about fire drafting being acceptable. I pretty much thought he was full of it and was just trying to cover himself for not calling it out.
  9. This is a new construction home. The main water shut-off valve has large plastic access cover in garage wall (between garage and home). I have always felt that it's not allowed as it compromises fire rating. What you guys think?
  10. Vent Clearance Clarification?

    Looks like a DIY install. Is the gas heater even approved for direct venting.
  11. Need opinion on home im looking at.

    You need to hire an inspector, especially if it's a foreclosure property. Taking a few photos of obvious issues and posting them online is not going to be much help. The potential big issues are usually ones that average buyers don't see or understand. It's very important to inspect attic and crawlspace areas, mold/fungi growth is commonly found in homes that have been vacant for a long time.
  12. Non-Standard Construction

    I have been looking at the possibly of building post frame homes for many years. Residential post frame homes are starting to be built in parts of the country, I have even seen some nice developments online. However there are some differences between a permitted residential post fame home vs a shop or barn that's been converted. I have a crawlspace design that I would like to try out with a post frame "craftsman style" home. It would be a raised crawlspace above grade vs being dug out and below grade. My design would give it the look of having a perimeter foundation.
  13. My new website

    Thanks for the advise Jim, I found the "Trust Inspection Services" typo. I will call to get it fixed on Monday.
  14. My new website

    Thanks Marc
  15. My new website

    I finally broke down and had a professional website made. This is the first rollout, I plan on getting some better photos and making a few changes over the next few months. Here it is https://bluevalleyhomeinspection.com/