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  1. Trent Tarter

    Post Frame Construction Home

    Pole barn and Post Frame are the same thing. While some older styles used round poles most all pole barns & post frame buildings use posts (columns). "Post frame" construction is the professional term that's used. The basic concept is the same but there are many variations as far as foundation types, wall framing methods and truss type.
  2. Trent Tarter

    Post Frame Construction Home

    The posts can be installed in a variety of ways that keep them above grade. One product is called "Perma_Column" You can also use "wet set" column brackets and pour footing onsite, which is what I am leaning towards. You also use brackets to mount the posts on any type of concrete foundation (stem wall, basement, monolithic slab). They are making premium laminated post columns that are treated all the way through, they claim to have a 50+ year warranty. I would only consider that for a real small home or cabin. I will use "bookshelf" girt design for walls. I will place horizontal 2"x8" girts between the posts at 24 inches apart. This eliminates the need to install standard girts on top of posts and then have to fame interior side for drywall. This will give me an R-30 wall using fiberglass batt, the walls end up having less thermal breaks than stick frame.
  3. Trent Tarter

    Post Frame Construction Home

    Most builders either don't understand or are unaware of the potential that post frame construction has to offer. They still think of basic pole barn construction with treated posts in ground. With design advancements the post frame industry is currently taking off in both commercial and residential markets. It' more common in the mid west and south. My goal is to be able to build a more cost effective qualify home that's more energy efficient than a typical stick built home. Post frame construction will allow me to do this. I am not saying post frame is better than stick built but it has huge potential. Here's a good article http://www.constructionmagnet.com/frame-building-news/going-residential
  4. I have been interested in building "post frame" homes for many years now. I am getting ready to build a post frame home for a client. This will be the first home I have built, in process of getting my general contractors licence. I will be the general contractor and will sub out most of the work including the post frame structure (shell). There's an old house on the property that has to be torn down first. This will be an interesting project for me as I have quite a bit of freedom in making design choices. I am currently working on plans and budget, the home is going to around 1200-1500 sq ft. single story, maybe a loft area. My goal of using post frame construction is cheaper cost per sq ft, more energy efficient and quicker to build than stick frame. It will be a few months before I get started.
  5. Trent Tarter

    Mitsubishi Age Identification

    Here's a good source I use to find references for HVAC/water heater age. http://building-center.org/
  6. Trent Tarter

    Sqaure D 3-Pole Circuit Breakers

    Yes I came to the conclusion it was a 3-phase panel, the small read wire on middle lug me wondering?
  7. Trent Tarter

    Sqaure D 3-Pole Circuit Breakers

    Hear's a pic of main terminals. Would this be considered a 3-phase panel?
  8. Trent Tarter

    Sqaure D 3-Pole Circuit Breakers

    I don't recall seeing these types of circuit breakers before. I found two of these 3-pole breakers in a small electrical panel in garage. They are 240 volt and appear to go the well pumps/equipment.
  9. Trent Tarter

    Raised stair nosing

    This place has laminate flooring at stairs with raised stair nosing installed. It creates an uneven stair tread surface and is quite annoying walking up/down stairs. Is there any code that prohibits this?
  10. Trent Tarter

    bad smell under sink and in base cabinets

    Hire a plumber
  11. Trent Tarter

    Poor airflow in Air conditioner

    First change your filter, check to see if there's more than one. Check you AC condenser and make sure is clean, if cooling coils are full of debris, clean the outside AC unit. If that does not correct airflow you may have a dirty/clogged evaporator coil that needs cleaned. Is you HVAC system a two stage or variable speed system?
  12. Trent Tarter

    Help identifying this fitting

    😀It's a brass PEX fitting
  13. I've been doing pre-listing inspections for many years with no problems. I let clients know the report will be no different than if it were for a buyer. I typically give recommendations for items that would be most beneficial to repair or improve. I offer to re-inspect repair work and give an updated report for items that have been repaired or replaced. I also offer to meet with prospective buyers to answer any questions in the report.
  14. Trent Tarter

    Exterior grade lumber

    As far as I know there's nothing stating that it cant' be used. It just needs to be well stained and sealed. I see quite a few decks built with untreated wood, personally I would use treated wood for the joists and beams.
  15. Trent Tarter

    Added bus bar

    Thanks for the help.