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  1. Trent Tarter

    Raised stair nosing

    This place has laminate flooring at stairs with raised stair nosing installed. It creates an uneven stair tread surface and is quite annoying walking up/down stairs. Is there any code that prohibits this?
  2. Trent Tarter

    bad smell under sink and in base cabinets

    Hire a plumber
  3. Trent Tarter

    Poor airflow in Air conditioner

    First change your filter, check to see if there's more than one. Check you AC condenser and make sure is clean, if cooling coils are full of debris, clean the outside AC unit. If that does not correct airflow you may have a dirty/clogged evaporator coil that needs cleaned. Is you HVAC system a two stage or variable speed system?
  4. Trent Tarter

    Help identifying this fitting

    😀It's a brass PEX fitting
  5. I've been doing pre-listing inspections for many years with no problems. I let clients know the report will be no different than if it were for a buyer. I typically give recommendations for items that would be most beneficial to repair or improve. I offer to re-inspect repair work and give an updated report for items that have been repaired or replaced. I also offer to meet with prospective buyers to answer any questions in the report.
  6. Trent Tarter

    Exterior grade lumber

    As far as I know there's nothing stating that it cant' be used. It just needs to be well stained and sealed. I see quite a few decks built with untreated wood, personally I would use treated wood for the joists and beams.
  7. Trent Tarter

    Added bus bar

    Thanks for the help.
  8. Trent Tarter

    PEX with Wirsbo fittings?

    This place has some new PEX pipe with Wirsbo fittings. I talked with some local plumbing suppliers, some say it's ok, some say manufactures won't warranty there product with other manufactures fittings.
  9. Trent Tarter

    Added bus bar

    This small 100 amp service panel has a bus bar that's been added. The new bus bar is connected directly to the enclosure. with no jumper wire. I am trying to figure out if this would require a jumper wire from main bus and/or should it have plastic feet.
  10. Trent Tarter

    True Building Age?

    I just google the address and go by what pulls up first. Usually it's Zillow, Trulia, or the real estate listing. I state the age source in report.
  11. I always let clients know when I've inspected a home previously. I never share the original report but I always share any important information if needed. I live in a small town and inspect quite a few homes that I have previously inspected over the years. Today's inspection was the third time in 5 years.
  12. Trent Tarter

    Cool Historical Building

    At least the electrical inspection was easy. Has two new 200 amp service panels with one 20 amp circuit , building has a single light and receptacle only. Had one of the largest fuse panels I've seen.
  13. Trent Tarter

    Cool Historical Building

    Yes it's a octopus type central coal furnace. Has asbestos lined ducts routed from basement to first and second stories. The heating system is abandoned. I will advise removing the asbestos duct materials.
  14. Trent Tarter

    Cool Historical Building

    I imagine the wall blocking was to help prevent old lath and plaster from cracking. The big red thing in front of furnace the "coal stoker".