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  1. That does not look like Hardie Mike...
  2. and there... in a nutshell is the beauty of this website/forum... Sharing knowledge.. Thanks!
  3. Natural-gas-fired stand-alone 'Steam Boiler/Radiator" For a detached garage for house built in 1841 in Boston area. It never ends guys... never ends.. And the usual other stuff here (the 'history' of electrical installation work, steam work, in-cellar cistern-turned-coal bin, etc, etc, etc). The name plate on this heater was so corroded I could not read it.. enjoy!
  4. Hmm... 1942? Military base housing perhaps?? (I don't find buildings built in 1942 around Boston... though a few near the coast may have been)... I'd suggest they make sure the cementitious composite was tested for asbestos-content just to be sure... Exactly where was this property?
  5. I can't share the photos unfortunately.. it's a sensitive situation. It had one of the most beautifully-trimmed/carved summer-beams I've ever seen... just perfect (in the front-right 'living' room). Gunstock corner posts exposed... I've done a bunch of these thru the years.. this one was the easiest but it too was complex in regards to the multiple two-pipe-steam heat systems, numbers of panels and such. It had a ton of excellent heart-wood for window casings/sills and such... The main fireplace was huge and I was able to 'walk into it' to inspect it.. that big..
  6. File under " Ugh.. here we ago again.. " sometimes the smallest buildings take the longest to write a report...
  7. Had a fun job the other day... built in 1645... Pit-sawn timbers..... You could see where the 'team' were taking breaks and such....
  8. 1985-vintage condo building with original heat pump.. I'm checking it... NO Return DUCT.. No return INLET to blower-cabinet.. zip. Nada. "Return-air' simply 'leaks-in' through gaps in blower-door'... Been that way for 33 years... No flow...
  9. I once inspected a 1928 Tudor in Boston area and found a collapsed flue-tile liner (from looking up in the clean-out at the basement). I took a photo.. and 'you need a new liner' etc. Seller had the work done, buyer hired me to 'check the new liner'.. I did the same thing.. looked up the clean-out, found a torn-apart-to-pieces (spirally) new metal liner. "you need it re-done". It was re-done. I go back, now see a good liner from clean-out, but to get to the top, it meant erecting a 21' LG and carrying up a 13' LG to make it to the top (it was actually very easy but a pain). I get to the top---the 'tube' is now just 'cut and ended above the cap/wash'.. .no 'cap' on it, etc. "Fix it right". They fix it. I go back.. same drill with the 2 ladders... this time.. a text-book job.... ...and the chimney-company-owner's cell phone left up there... Oy... Four trips just to make sure this was done right...
  10. Light-colored concrete does not absorb as much heat from the sun (perhaps)... and the red brick does... red brick expands and starts to destroy itself now that it absorbs more heat from the sun??? Just a guess. ... What you appear to need is a professional engineer savvy about 'the coefficient of expansion' of those various materials... ....
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