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  1. That's.. right.. he did not escape.. he 'disapparated'..
  2. Isn't that the famous "Dubrovnik" latch designed by Ygeny Dubrovnik (after he left the Comintern Window Plant in Ubetyuras?)
  3. Add a storm-door and bingo.... melting window-frames and decor..
  4. A young woman-professor moving in to her new apt in Brighton-Allston area just was killed in one of those old scissor door elevators while loading her stuff in... The cab just inadvertently 'dropped'... she was part--way in... Not good... there are tons of these in Boston.. They do have the cool 'electric motor' smell though.. ..
  5. Still have my Dad's Yankee driver... 1957? Came in handy when removing the back panels of Sunn 2000A bass cabinets.. I use the Skil IXO palm-driver these past 15? years or so.. it's pretty tough.. I have manual driver in the pouch with various bits I can use on the Skil...
  6. Just looked at a house here (2002) with EIFS and no such sealant at edges.. a beautiful mess at all those intersections... there were shrinkage gaps, buckling... nice.. and (Drum roll) the builder had "built it for himself'.. We did all the due diligence advisories.. (EIFS invasive inspection, etc etc)..
  7. Maybe a 17' LG? (Take it apart??) I've been using LG 13 and 21 for the entire career.. beautiful.. I don't trust those collapsible camping-cup ladders..
  8. Looks like a 56 Chevy to me....
  9. we bump into them a lot in Boston area.. garages.. odd add-on subpanels, etc..
  10. One of the first jobs I used the FLIR C3 was a 1946 Cape with multiple additions... through the fifties and sixties.. The LA said.. "you're gonna love this one... it's all electric heat.. some is in the floor and some in the ceiling and I have no idea which is which.. " The C3 solved it easily and made a huge impression on those present...
  11. Well... chimney (AKA 'vent') terminations should be 3' above where they leave the roof and 2' above anything within 10' of the roof... the problem here is the water heater vent is simply too short..even if it was by itself.. . it's also probably an over-sized chimney now that the furnace was removed from it... It's apparently an 'orphaned' water heater and that can make the water heater draft poorer and exacerbate the blah blah blah blah blah.. and lead to corrosion.. If the WH is older, I'd say replace WH with direct-vent and remove the old metal chimney...it's rusting pretty good .. Does
  12. Been using small IR (C3) for this.. wonderful... but next time, ask Ms/Mrs Buyer or Ms/Mrs agent to take their shoes off and feel for it.. ... they often notice it : )
  13. Yes I have...it's pretty bad.. these people have apparently been in the LA area too long.... What a lot of people don't realize is that there are variations of the accent all thru Eastern MA... Where I live (18 mi SW of BOS) we have a lot of ex-Bostonians from neighborhoods of South Boston, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Readville... that infiltrated our accent which was more hayseed dairy-farm around 1900 or so... The old New Englanders are long-gone.. their great grand kids are still around (we have some Puritan descendants still walking around this town). I do my best as part of my
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