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  1. I've seen 'gravity' (no circulator) water-systems from 1920 around Boston for sure...
  2. Were there remnants of 'fresh-air intake ducts' at the perimeter basement level? We do have some trillionaire-1890's houses around Boston that have remnants of 1st floor level 'fresh-air intake vents' (louvered/screened) at the exterior that bring in fresh air that wafts in over steam radiators placed in 'boxes' just under the first floor.... they were really into 'fresh air' this, 'fresh-air that' back then... I've never seen (yet) what you describe for hydronic.. (Was the system a former 'gravity' circulating water-system?)
  3. I've been using this tiny drone for many (not all) roof inspections... it's excellent. Only recommended for an inspector how knows what to look for and what they are looking at. Even used it on 'low' roofs with success ... Tough little bird....
  4. I still have yet to best my own '14 Boa Constrictors in Terrariums in a crowded 1950's basement ranch'... I rang the door (Relo inspection), guy says ,. 'Do snakes bother you' ? (Guy was out of a 1961 episode of Twilight Zone of course.. not shaven, etc).. I said no.. why? "I have a few snakes properly caged down in the basement' He had a 'few' (14) Boas in huge long terrariums... with tiny narrrow paths between each unit that I had to of course maneuever thru. The ENtire basement (walls/ceilings) were clad with a mylar foil... thermostat for the forced air furnace (and the entire house) was 'in the basement' and was jacked to 90... ground was covered with about 2 feet of snow... no snow on roof... massive ice-dams occurring and ice-dam leaks and his entire roof structure system (planks/rafters) was soaking wet... While walking in the back yard I found a rabbit hutch complex (food source) and I ended up walking onto (in deep snow) the 'rabbit remains depository' ... One of the creepiest inspections every... led to all sorts of recommendations including 'total removal of the entire roof structure system/roofing' etc etc..
  5. "George Barris/Home Inspector" So.Cal USA
  6. I ran into the new 'Google' thermostat the other day (insert swear words here).... I'm finding more non-intuitive cooking appliance control panels and such.... Then there is the every-once-in-a-while ground-source heat pump with 'smart wiring' house with the remote control skylight shades and the ceiling fans all remote and of course, you MUST have the drawers that close themselves!! (And of course, every outlet has child-safety protectors, the stove has those child-knobs, etc etc).. "Just like the house I grew up in"..
  7. That's a cast iron sectional boiler and they can 'go quite a while.. I agree (as usual) with Mr Kibbel. Service guys seem to be wired to the 'replace at 25 ' mantra... it just happened to me here in my own shack with a local (good) guy...
  8. Another reason to bring magnet..
  9. That's.. right.. he did not escape.. he 'disapparated'..
  10. Isn't that the famous "Dubrovnik" latch designed by Ygeny Dubrovnik (after he left the Comintern Window Plant in Ubetyuras?)
  11. Add a storm-door and bingo.... melting window-frames and decor..
  12. A young woman-professor moving in to her new apt in Brighton-Allston area just was killed in one of those old scissor door elevators while loading her stuff in... The cab just inadvertently 'dropped'... she was part--way in... Not good... there are tons of these in Boston.. They do have the cool 'electric motor' smell though.. ..
  13. Still have my Dad's Yankee driver... 1957? Came in handy when removing the back panels of Sunn 2000A bass cabinets.. I use the Skil IXO palm-driver these past 15? years or so.. it's pretty tough.. I have manual driver in the pouch with various bits I can use on the Skil...
  14. Just looked at a house here (2002) with EIFS and no such sealant at edges.. a beautiful mess at all those intersections... there were shrinkage gaps, buckling... nice.. and (Drum roll) the builder had "built it for himself'.. We did all the due diligence advisories.. (EIFS invasive inspection, etc etc)..
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