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  1. Rob Amaral

    1924 house

    The fun part of the job!
  2. Rob Amaral

    Unknown Object

    Nice video... that guy's little keyer-rig is not heavy enough... The one I have is a cast-iron monster... as my Italian grandmother would have said.. "She no move.. " ... it's 100% mechanical...
  3. Rob Amaral

    Unknown Object

    I don't use it... but I 'know' Morse code ... it was 'absorbed' since age 12.. Being a musician also helps to learn/understand it (and vice versa by the way!) The key set is a Standard Model Mac Key... Manufactured by Theodore R Mc Elroy "world's' champion radio telegrapher'.. Boston, Mass, USA The only time I use 'code' is to rag on my brother (the ham) or talk to him "in code' secretly or to see if the code used in a movie is correct or not.. (surprising how often it's correct.. )
  4. Rob Amaral

    Unknown Object

    Telegraph 'binding post' in a house.. .hmmm... smells like a HAM I should have figured that out... (Uncle-K1AWP, brother-N1MX) Beep beep ba deep... Or I should say "73'!! Meanwhile... not 1 foot away from my seat, there is this:
  5. Rob Amaral

    Unknown Object

    Probably radio antenna... I find remnants of old antennas in attics all the time around Boston..
  6. Rainy snizzling day through the windshield...
  7. Rob Amaral

    Artography - Birds and fog

    Nice job Mike
  8. Rob Amaral

    Oil Tank

    it'S OUTTA HERE... Don't touch it... bam.. done.. new tank.. looks like a microscopic tiny tiny gap in the weld.. ...
  9. Rob Amaral

    Funky Brick Veneer Failure

    Did you check any accessible-visible lumber grade-stamps?? S-GRN lumber (surfaced in 'green' state) may have been used for the framing???
  10. Rob Amaral

    Unknown electrical devise?

    Sure looks like a lightning arrestor...
  11. View overlooking Nantasket Roads approach to Boston Harbor, MA USA My 'office' at work yesterday...
  12. Rob Amaral

    Your boat

    She is out of the pen and afloat... 'repairs accomplished'... Pretty amazing to be that close with no tourists or guards around last week... Was doing a job for one of the 'olde towne team' boys (Red Sox) nearby... The drydock itself is amazing...so old....