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  1. View overlooking Nantasket Roads approach to Boston Harbor, MA USA My 'office' at work yesterday...
  2. Your boat

    She is out of the pen and afloat... 'repairs accomplished'... Pretty amazing to be that close with no tourists or guards around last week... Was doing a job for one of the 'olde towne team' boys (Red Sox) nearby... The drydock itself is amazing...so old....
  3. Your boat

    Caught her in her old dry dock near the end of her refurbishment period. Prior to an inspection in Charlestown (Boston) MA USA🇺🇸
  4. Burnham "Electric Steam Radiator"

    I didn't 'turn it on' due to the age of the cord.. reminded me of "Ma's iron...1955... Amen on the old ad.. that is interesting..
  5. Burnham "Electric Steam Radiator"

    I didn't 'turn it on' due to the age of the cord.. reminded me of "Ma's iron... 1956.. "
  6. Burnham "Electric Steam Radiator"

    It's endless... .. something I've never seen until today.. 120V plug-in cast iron radiator.. Label says "Burnham Electric Steam Radiator" (No.. I did not turn it on)
  7. Home Inspector Shoots Congressman

    I said to a colleague upon learning of this: "Great.. just what we need... another NUTCASE home inspector!" Serious tragedy all around though... terrible... a nut with a rifle shooting people on a baseball field..
  8. I realize that AFCI is now 'required' for 'kitchens'.... what kind of reaction do you folks have about this in regards to the fridge being AFCI-protected ? My question is in regards to nuisance-tripping (off) of a device protecting a fridge... are local AHJs chiming-in???
  9. On Report Writing-Yours are awful. (Probably)

    Great job on the ahtickle Jim... The Chaptah iz proud of yah...
  10. Aluminum floor joists

    Where is this? Elkhart Indiana???? Maybe the guy worked at a motor-home factory..
  11. Chicago garbage Cans

    Brings up my favorite recent pet-peeve... (Literally) Locals who 1) Walk their dog (GOOD), 2) Pick up after their dog using a bright-green baggie (GOOD). 3) Then throw said bright-green poo-laden baggie into conservation land to be an eyesore for years.
  12. Radon Discharge Connections

    That would not pass mustah around here (MA)... all our mitigators use PVC
  13. Large gap btwn thimble + vent for oil fired boiler

    Your photo of the vent into the chimney-breech area is not clear enough for us to fully help you... The bottom line is that ideally, oil-fired exhaust systems are 'tight' from 'exhaust outlet' of the appliance to the terminus of the exhaust (except for the movable barometric damper, 'if such a damper is required' by the boiler manufacturer" . Reason: So the oil-burner technician can properly 'tune' the oil burner. This is all about 'proper draft control' of the burner-flame itself...so you can get maximum combustion.. I see sooty drip-stains at the top of that chimney.. which usually indicates the oil burner needs a tune-up.. Funky gaps at such connections, messed-up chimneys, loose clean-out doors and the like lead to poor control of the flame and inefficiencies in combustion and $$$ up the chimney lost.. A liquid fuel needs a good technician... think 'automechanic/1950's' Again.. 'not enough info brother'..