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  1. Looks like a 56 Chevy to me....
  2. we bump into them a lot in Boston area.. garages.. odd add-on subpanels, etc..
  3. One of the first jobs I used the FLIR C3 was a 1946 Cape with multiple additions... through the fifties and sixties.. The LA said.. "you're gonna love this one... it's all electric heat.. some is in the floor and some in the ceiling and I have no idea which is which.. " The C3 solved it easily and made a huge impression on those present...
  4. Well... chimney (AKA 'vent') terminations should be 3' above where they leave the roof and 2' above anything within 10' of the roof... the problem here is the water heater vent is simply too short..even if it was by itself.. . it's also probably an over-sized chimney now that the furnace was removed from it... It's apparently an 'orphaned' water heater and that can make the water heater draft poorer and exacerbate the blah blah blah blah blah.. and lead to corrosion.. If the WH is older, I'd say replace WH with direct-vent and remove the old metal chimney...it's rusting pretty good .. Does that make sense? (Especially the blah blah blah)? As for the water heater exhaust getting entrained into the furnace intake there.. I doubt it but I guess it's possible..
  5. Been using small IR (C3) for this.. wonderful... but next time, ask Ms/Mrs Buyer or Ms/Mrs agent to take their shoes off and feel for it.. ... they often notice it : )
  6. Yes I have...it's pretty bad.. these people have apparently been in the LA area too long.... What a lot of people don't realize is that there are variations of the accent all thru Eastern MA... Where I live (18 mi SW of BOS) we have a lot of ex-Bostonians from neighborhoods of South Boston, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Readville... that infiltrated our accent which was more hayseed dairy-farm around 1900 or so... The old New Englanders are long-gone.. their great grand kids are still around (we have some Puritan descendants still walking around this town). I do my best as part of my home inspection routines to teach newcomers to MA how to properly pronounce things.. Plummah Heatah Watah Watah Metah Soowah Soo-wah ejectah Cirkit Braykah Etceterah..
  7. The team I'm on has pulled-out of the inspection-scene temporarily.. reason #1: We don't want to spread it around and we don't want to get it. Seems pretty simple. ... Doo-doo is ramping-up rapidly around Boston area...
  8. I may not 'like' a law, but I am bound to obey a law... even if I don't agree with it... For example, I am not allowed (by MA Law) to give estimates.. so I don't. How many thousands of times have I 'wished I could' though! Over-all, the CDC and 'everybody' says simply this: STFH and you know.. they are right...
  9. My governor (Charlie Baker R-MA) has along with the President of the US call out an emergency due to the Corona-virus issue. He has also created a list of 'essential' professions/trades/services that can still work out there. (The rest are NOT allowed and there are fines if they were to disobey this edict). Home inspection is not on the list. Therefore, I am obeying this directive and not going out to work, in compliance with this law. Yet, some of my fellow MA-area inspectors are simply ignoring this. This is against the law, against the edict of the Governor and unethical as it is in direct contention with not only the law but the intent/spirit of the law which is a good law.. (Idea being simply.. 'lets not spread this more than it is if we can'). I think my fellow inspectors are breaking the law, jeopardizing their licenses and worse.. possibly increasing the spread of the corona-virus, no matter how well they try not to. What do the forum-readers think?
  10. That does not look like Hardie Mike...
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