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  1. I've done similar - more than once. The magic pixies get real angry when you let them out of a circuit.
  2. Multiple mats wired in series?
  3. Mark, Not replacing just adding. Two weeks ago, I purchased the TK47UE for barns and warehouses - very little natural light. They emailed me the same discount code. I have to replace the tailcap switches and switch covers on all Fenix lights every 2-3 years.
  4. 2x10s deflected 1.5" on a 12' span? There's gotta be something else involved.
  5. Thanks Nolan. This is the first I've seen. In my experience, Goodman is only popular here for large developments. Many installers and service techs here still have a strong disdain for Goodman.
  6. Goodman's newest alias. I noticed they had the same model & serial codes as Goodman equipment. ... and the same address.
  7. Jerry, The top picture is the front of a postcard listing Chad's upcoming classes at his school next month. The back of the card is an anouncement for the seminar for March of 2020, where Jim will be presenting.
  8. I inspected a very old firehouse (originally built for the fire wagons and horses) that was completely encapsulated in poison ivy. Trunks as big as my thighs. I was hired to inspect an early 18th century home in an area so reclaimed by nature I had to hike half a mile. When I first saw the house, I started thinking this might be a joke and looked around for the hidden camera. I'll try to find a photo.
  9. I'd ask Dan Bernoulli, but can't find his email address.
  10. If your question is about the foundation, we call it a bench footing. It's common when crawlspaces have been excavated to create a basement.
  11. I've found several chimneys where the mason filled large voids between the terra cotta flue tiles and the surrounding block or brick with sand. It's usually spilling out somewhere. These are in PA and NJ all built from about the mid 60s to early 70s. No idea if that's what is happening there, Jim.
  12. I used it for a couple long home runs. It's labelled 14-2-2. 14-4 has black, red, white and blue.
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