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  1. Happy DST day

    Busy night in Britain.
  2. Pyrobar

    I've come across it a few times. Boiler room ceilings, stair and elevator towers. Tests showed it contains a very small percentage of fibers, surprisingly from wood.
  3. obelisk

    And I thought this wasn't a place where guys would brag about bigger nuts.
  4. Vent Clearance Clarification?

    If direct vent, many manufacturers have 18" as the minimum vertical clearance to vented soffits. If mechanical draft, then 4'. The collar is for a roof penetration, not a wall. The cap is probably for vertical termination only.
  5. Gutter Guards

    Not my photo - just the caption.
  6. WTF?

    If the B-vent was closer than the vent stack...
  7. What is this?

    Grew up exactly halfway between NYC & Philly. Everyone had one. Bzzzz click bzzzz click bzzzz click - for like 10 minutes to go from North to south.
  8. Internal siphon gauge

    It supposed to measure the pressure in a steam boiler, but that type of gauge is usually worthless on low-pressure residential boilers. Code requires boilers to be supplied with gauges that measure 0-30 PSI. The 0 to -30 is there because some steam systems are set up to operate as vapor/vacuum systems. It would be much better to install a gauge that measures ounces to a few pounds as most residential steam heating boilers should operate at less than 1 PSI.
  9. Vented gas logsets require a lined chimney flue. Complete chimney inspection when change of fuel. Unvented logs have to be listed for use in a fireplace originally intended for solid fuel and the opening into the flue is typically required to be sealed. Several unvented logsets are prohibited for use in bedrooms and some require the room to be a minimum area.
  10. I think the original question is about gas log lighters for solid fuel fireplaces, not gas log sets. No pilot, no thermocouple. Just holes in a pipe. I have to turn the valve to know if it functions (gas comes out the holes). I never thought it necessary to go get a match or lighter to prove that the gas is flammable.
  11. Integrity of the electric equipment

    A quick razor knife around the perimeter prevents any tear off. Caulked-in is an obstacle though.
  12. Rubber connector

    Fernco is the name of a manufacturer, not a specific fitting. Fernco also manufactures the shielded couplings in your pictures as well as many other products.
  13. 12V AC vs DC

    Different filament length or coil diameter?
  14. 12V AC vs DC

    Did the new bulb get hot when you tried it on DC?