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  1. If I tried converting and fixing something like that, they'd evacuate the entire township.
  2. There's stone/tile repair kits available just for that type of issue. They're usually between $15 - $20.
  3. Check with Kenny Hart for some options. https://www.vahomeinspectortraining.com/
  4. Could be that the water in the radiator froze - expanded. That type of radiator doesn't have the threaded rods at the top. It doesn't always result in a leak. There are smaller diameter nipples inside those openings that insert into adjacent radiator sections.
  5. I'd think it would be better to go along with several different inspectors. You'll be better at choosing what info is accurate and which is bs. Lotsa folklore out there. I've been part of the training for several dozen fellas. I don't charge a fee and don't care if they're local. They're just required to tell everyone they learned from the best.
  6. I don't remember anything from the 80s. Don't want to. I saw a photo recently showing my hair and how I dressed. Did you mean 1880s?
  7. The handle is an example of what happens to equipment when it gets old.
  8. In my experience, there were 2 types of fiberboard used for backing plaster. One is made from the waste fibers from processing sugarcane. This was the original product of the Celotex Co. The other is made with wood fibers. What's in he picture is likely the latter. The appearance (large, long coated fibers) and building age leads me to think it is Universal Insulite. It was a popular brand.
  9. That's fiber-cement roof decking, not insulation. It's made with wood fibers and doesn't contain asbestos.
  10. There's mold spores everywhere on the planet. Always was, always will be They're on your skin. They're on your eyeballs. Stop reading bs mold hype from the media, lawyers and mold-is-gold con artists. Worry about real problems or live in a plastic bubble. Sorry, but this mold crap has gone too far.
  11. 1/2" is just about right for the loom (additional protective sleeve) that enshrouds the single wire.
  12. The first pic is definitely k&t.
  13. With that information, I advise giving no documents or even have any communication with the defendants lawyer. Any documents must be obtained by subpoena or a motion to compel discovery.
  14. If you're not the defendant, a call to the lawyer easily turns into being retained as an expert witness. If they don't need an expert, documents only get handed over by subpoena.
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