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  1. Visiting San Franciso

    We stay North across the bridge in Sausalito, Tiburon or Mill Valley. Hog Island oysters and cocktails at The Farmhouse in Point Reyes.
  2. Avoid this type of knee injury

    After I hit 50, my left knee "pops" out when walking back down very steep roofs. It's really painful for days. I wear a brace now.
  3. GEC requirements

    There are 3 acceptable locations for connecting the GEC to the neutral. Some electrical inspectors don't like the meter can connection because the utility can put a lock on it, but it's not a violation of the NEC.
  4. Stone Relief?

    Entablatures aren't always supported by columns. Pilasters (fake columns) and corbels/brackets are often used.
  5. Stone Relief?

  6. Roof Part Name?

    The triangle is called a pediment. The arrows are pointing to the horizontal cornice. The sloped parts are the raking cornice.
  7. Creative stairs

    They're all listed for a 2 drink maximum. I like the one that looks like big white river stones. Highly polished for your socks.
  8. flashlight bulbs

    Cheap crap ends up costing more. If I wear $30 shoes, they don't make it two weeks in this gig. Spend over $100 and they last till I can't remember when I bought them. Buy a torch that lasts a decade, or more. Buy top of the line from a good vendor and they'll send you replacement bulbs, switches, etc. at no cost.
  9. Use issues vs code ones

    I was hired to testify in a case about a claim that an agricultural building contained a dwelling unit/accessory apartment. The ruling was negative. Everything boiled down to one item. The building was equipped with everything for occupancy except a means for a permanent cooking appliance.
  10. 3 wire to 4 wire feeder repair

    I think all conductors, including the equipment grounding conductor, are required to be in the same cable, raceway, trench, cord, etc. (Jim K or Chad will correct me if I'm wrong.)
  11. Didn't know Terry retired. (That last word is not in my vocabulary). Ezra Malernee would be a really good choice. I think he's somewhere up N.E Ohio, probably not too far from Cleveland. www.ezrashome.com
  12. Terrence McCann - Harbor Light Inspections330-467-7100 - Can't find his web site.
  13. Holes in Radon Pipe

    Here in radon central, I've never seen it. I've seen plenty of condensate bypass systems though.
  14. Holes in Radon Pipe

    The installer wears Crocs. The holes let all dignity drain out.
  15. Attic Mold Boiler Plate

    I was taught (30+ years ago) to write reports without referencing myself as being the one that conducted the inspection. There was no reason, it's just what everyone did. It continued until I started getting really good advice and examples here at TIJ. "I am open to new ideas if someone's got a good replacement for "further evaluate". Don't replace it, eliminate it. Jim K. posted a perfect example. "If the presence of mold bothers you, hire a contractor to remove it - but be aware that it'll just come back again if you don't fix the moisture issue first". No kicking the can, no reference to mold is gold scam artists. No perpetuating the myths.