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  1. Multi-unit interior air well name

    Light well is the recent term. When the Tenement House Act was enacted - all windows had to open to plain air - it was called an air shaft (where all the tenants dumped trash and emptied chamber pots).
  2. P trap directly into main stack

    "Indirect" needs an air gap. More and more municipalities are requiring an acid neutralizer for the condensate. Does that P-trap have a long enough trap arm?
  3. What Is It?

    It is a fold-out seat for use whilst on the phone. I've only seen them directly below the phone niche.
  4. Eroding Limestone

    http://www.limeworks.us/lithomex-more.php http://www.limeworks.us/lime-paints-more.php
  5. Eroding Limestone

    Repair the limestones with Lithomex. Coat all with lime paint - the best permeable water repellent for limestone. Both the above are lime based from St. Astier available at Andy DeGruchy's Limeworks.
  6. Date this Crane furnace

    My notes state that Crane ceased manufacturing HVAC products in 1968.
  7. Name of Floor Framing System?

    I've seen it in a few mills, a couple old factories, a very large church, a large city hall, and several timber bridges. I don't know what they were called in early buildings but a phrase used in the mid - late 20th century is nail-laminated timber deck and nail-laminated lumber deck. I've seen it in plans as NLT decking.
  8. Plastic Vent Connector 80 percent Efficient Furnace

    I've seen hundreds if not a thousand without any failures. There are heat resistant plastics/polymers that can easily handle the heat from a furnace and more. I have a car with a turbo that has plastic parts. How many vehicles have water pumps with plastic impellers and housings? there's even plastic valve covers now. Gonna see all plastic combustion engines in some cars soon so makers can meet the 2020 CAFE standard.
  9. Unknown electrical devise?

    Never seen it. Guess 1. A lightning arrester. The second wire slowly discharges to a ground spike. Guess 2. A transformer for an in-ground mole or gopher zapper.
  10. Crawlspace height

    Dust mask won't block Hantavirus. Need a respirator with P-100 filters.
  11. PVC Flue venting size

    The manufacturers' instructions usually contain very specific details about if, where, and how the intake and exhaust piping can increase or decrease dimension. Same with direct exhaust water heaters. After looking at just a few different manuals, you'll see there's no rule of thumb. More often than not though, a diameter increase for the exhaust is not permitted outside of the furnace cabinet.
  12. What type of panel is this ??

    Both service legs are attached to buses. The 70 amp breaker supplies a separate pair of buses below. Don't need a single main breaker, but there are supposed to be no more than 6 breakers/disconnects in the top part to shut off everything. The one pictured has 7.
  13. Cleaning a square dryer vent

    I've seen square duct brushes but the smallest is probably 6x6". Get a round brush and trim the bristles to square. I've always relocated my laundry rooms so the dryer meets an exterior wall.
  14. What is the name for this exterior piece?

    I don't like the term, but it's commonly referred to as water table trim.
  15. I suggest getting with the folks at the NOVA ASHI chapter. Most chapters welcome new inspectors, usually the first couple/few meetings before requiring membership. Many chapters don't meet in the summer though. You're more likely to get folks to take you out if they meet you first and see a professional demeanor.