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  1. Bill Kibbel

    Tub Step-Down

    Clawfoot tubs.
  2. The stains show that more than just a leak at the drain occurred. Nothing will continue grow if there's no moisture. After the leaks are fixed and everything's dry, spray it with Concrobium (sodium carbonate and TSP). Probably not necessary but folks that believe all the hype about mold feel better.
  3. Bill Kibbel

    Slate Roof Information

    Might be helpful for some folks inspecting slate roofs. historicbldgs.com/slate_roof.htm
  4. Bill Kibbel

    Post Frame Construction Home

    I've been in a couple timber framed homes with SIPs. One was a reassembled 18th century barn frame. The panels were applied to the exterior, not tween the timbers.
  5. Bill Kibbel

    Galvanized steel water pipe and cancer?

    Some early galvanized piping is known to have some very small amounts of cadmium and lead introduced with the zinc coating. Never have I heard of any health issue.
  6. Bill Kibbel

    Post Frame Construction Home

    If it isn't posts in the ground, what is it? What are the design advancements?
  7. Bill Kibbel

    Inspection Fuel Conference in Las Vegas

    At first glance, it looks like a 4-day infomercial.
  8. Bill Kibbel

    Wait for it....

  9. Bill Kibbel

    HI Artography - Old Boiler

    Marc, You described a one-pipe steam system. A gravity hot water system is... well Dan can describe it in much more detail here: https://heatinghelp.com/systems-help-center/gravity-hot-water-heating-q-and-a/
  10. Bill Kibbel

    HI Artography - Old Boiler

    That boiler was manufactured for a gravity hot water system.
  11. Bill Kibbel

    Cat IV Vent Clearance

    That 8' clearance is not required for direct vent. Think about where sidewall terminations are! How high above the roof are those terminations? I think it's 24" max.
  12. Bill Kibbel

    square footage

    I'm quite sure they're confusing an inspector's responsibility with the appraiser's task. I don't know any inspector that determines square feetsies.
  13. Bill Kibbel

    Basement Mechanical Contraption ??

  14. Bill Kibbel

    Basement Mechanical Contraption ??

    Before oil, it was coal. The chains were connected to the 2 dampers on a coal furnace/boiler. A thermostat signaled the motors for the chains to raise and lower the dampers to regulate the intensity of the fire.
  15. Bill Kibbel

    clearance otra vez

    Brick-red boots and some gray are silicone based, not rubber or epdm, and usually listed for high temp applications (400+F).