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  1. If it's got a collar on top to clamp a pipe directly, it's probably intended to be a direct exhaust/direct vent installation. If it's set up as an atmospheric vent system, that's probably the wrong model WH.
  2. I've never seen that type. I would guess they're extraction fan terminations (bath fans). What's the pipe diameter? What did they smell like?
  3. Some carbon is added for additional UV resistance. Much of the gray PVC I've seen used as DWV is schedule 80. You can drive a truck over it.
  4. It could be, or the boiler has been drained and refilled or skimmed recently and they didn't bother to clean the glass. Dirty glass is usually way, way down the list of all the crap wrong with a majority of steam boiler installations.
  5. Probably covers it as he is somewhere in northern IL. Mike Lamb & Kurt Mitenbuler are there too.
  6. The drainage system will pull the soil out from under the foundation. I probably have hundreds of photos of failed foundations as a result of "waterproofing" contractors installing these footing drainage sytems adjacent to foundations that have no footings. Some of the failures were catastrophic. In my area, a majority of basement water problems can be solved by correcting all the drainage, grading, gutter and downspout issues.
  7. We need sss - size, spacing, species of the joists. Trampoline floors are common. You can have a beam added to cut the span in half. There'll be much less bouncy-bouncy. If it even bothered me, I would just put a pad or thicker tablecloth under the dishes.
  8. That's a bit early to declare a New Yorker boiler to be crossing the threshold to eternal rest. I don't see any from the 1970s anymore, but plenty from the next decade still working fine. Your tech might be doubling as a commissioned salesman - very common in these parts. They're a very simple, basic boiler that's very easy to service. Although New Yorker was bought by Dunkirk, parts are readily available. The most common problem is the domestic hot water coil gaskets always crack, leak and need frequent replacement. Then, the techs don't properly tighten the bolts. If you want
  9. https://www.grainger.com/product/ZURN-PEX-Copper-Elbow-Stubout-10A610
  10. It looks like a copper stub-out elbow, specifically for transitioning to PEX.
  11. Joe, reread the other replies. They're clearly discussing the lever is for the combustion air damper, not the damper in the flue.
  12. https://codecheck.com/product/electrical-inspection-of-existing-dwellings-ebook/
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