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  1. Bill Kibbel

    Cat IV Vent Clearance

    That 8' clearance is not required for direct vent. Think about where sidewall terminations are! How high above the roof are those terminations? I think it's 24" max.
  2. Bill Kibbel

    square footage

    I'm quite sure they're confusing an inspector's responsibility with the appraiser's task. I don't know any inspector that determines square feetsies.
  3. Bill Kibbel

    Basement Mechanical Contraption ??

  4. Bill Kibbel

    Basement Mechanical Contraption ??

    Before oil, it was coal. The chains were connected to the 2 dampers on a coal furnace/boiler. A thermostat signaled the motors for the chains to raise and lower the dampers to regulate the intensity of the fire.
  5. Bill Kibbel

    clearance otra vez

    Brick-red boots and some gray are silicone based, not rubber or epdm, and usually listed for high temp applications (400+F).
  6. Bill Kibbel


    You on a PC? They don't display in mobile view.
  7. Bill Kibbel

    Crack in wall

    Caulking did not cause the crack. Rob's video describes one of the processes that can happen when applying caulking (or Portland cement based mortar) in mortar joints but is not applicable to this issue. Movement is the cause of this crack. I can't tell what caused the movement from a couple pictures.
  8. Bill Kibbel


    Signature not showing up in Mobile View.
  9. Bill Kibbel


    I don't think that feature was ever enabled, unless it was deactivated from abuse. I have just enabled it (don't know how I figured that out). Click on your name, top left. From the menu, select Account Settings In the left column of your settings page, select Signature.
  10. Bill Kibbel

    Antique Meter

    Those vintage watthour meters frequently end up being turned into table lamps. Don't know why it's a thing.
  11. I spend a lot of time in the Southeast, so I can translate. At an inspection last week, Jim discovered an outpouring of many problems, right from the start. Jim advised his client that he could abort the inspection and would only have to pay for Jim's time to that point. 10 minutes later, the client asked Jim to discontinue, payed a reduced fee and Jim later issued a letter the client could use to terminate the purchase agreement.
  12. Bill Kibbel

    Roof rack for ladder

    ...that'll look good on this? Bill K. Heritage Building Inspections
  13. Bill Kibbel

    RIde alongs in the Richmond Va. area

    Visit a local ASHI chapter meeting Try Michael Bryan, MGB Inspection Service.
  14. There's nothing there that would reduce the required clearance.
  15. Bill Kibbel

    B Vent Connection

    Well, that's not an appliance connector I've ever seen. I suspect it's a universal adapter - to connect one brand of B-vent to another.