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  1. Air Vent has a shingle-over vent that's almost 12" wide. Commonly used with wide ridge beams.
  2. It's about done. Yes, moss & lichen are detrimental. Today's wood shingles don't last more than 15 years here unless installed on spaced wood battens, without felt. Only shakes are required to be installed with felt. I once removed a 60 year old (documented) wood shingle roof off an historic building. Trimmed 1/2" off the butts and reinstalled them over an accessory building. That was about 28 years ago.
  3. I'll bet anything Nicki G. is gonna be all over this cuz of the shirt logo.
  4. Did you turn him on during the inspection?
  5. That roof is a horrible mess. Nothing correct with the installation and the later patching made it even worse. It really doesn't look 4 years old. It needs to come off. I can't imagine any roofer willing to install something over that. I also feel bad for the slate roof. It looks like it got attacked by the bucket-o-tar guy that patched the low slope roof.
  6. They got those numbers from the early '80s. Why is a tree service quoting inspection fees?
  7. I've put spacers (washers) on the anchor bolts to allow water to drain between the ledger and concrete.
  8. Anyone here a member or attend their meetings? I was just asked if I'm speaking at the next February meeting or was if it was this past February. Problem is, no one has asked me to be there for either date. I'm not losing my marbles yet so, I asked where this info came from and was sent the attached PDF. Is there a Kibbel impersonator? GLC-Seminar-Details-07FEB17.pdf
  9. Chad, Probably should stick with the standard abbreviation D.F.U., well, cuz FU.
  10. The soot stains are usually do to the incorrect ratio between the dimension of the fireplace opening to the dimension of the flue (or a really short chimney). Photo 4 shows some kind of restriction below the 4th tile down.
  11. Get a second opinion from someone that doesn't sell flue liners.
  12. For next week:
  13. New Pennsylvania Home Inspection Law is poised to come out of committee. By the Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Coalition HOUSE BILL 1001 - New Pennsylvania Home Inspection Law is currently in the hands of the Licensure Committee and is poised to come to the full House of Representatives for a vote. What is it?: An Act regulating home inspectors; establishing the Home Inspection Licensing Board; providing for licensure and practice, for disciplinary action, for remedies and for penalties; making an appropriation; and repealing provisions relating to home inspections. Due to efforts by the Pennsylvania Home Inspector Coalition (PHIC) the two-year limit of liability in the original version of the bill has been reduced to one year. (Same as the existing home inspection law). Your input to your representative can help to prevent other negative aspects of the bill from moving forward! View latest copy: HB #100 THE ISSUE: Home Inspector stakeholders agree that HB 1001 will harm the home inspection industry, home buyers, real estate licensees and brokers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. HB 1001 will increase home inspectors liability and require home inspectors to raise their fees. HB 1001 will require home inspectors to report on "mold, fungi and related biologicals", HB 1001 will, in effect, require home inspectors to give the SELLER a copy of the inspection report at the end of the inspection, HB 1001 will require special certification to inspect modular homes and manufactured homes. **** PLEASE email or call your State Representative. WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY WHEN YOU CALL OR WRITE: Please tell your representative you are opposed to HB 1001 for the following reasons: HB 1001 is flawed and will negatively affect Consumers (Home buyers), Home Inspectors, Real Estate Licensees and Brokers, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and I cannot support this bill as written. HB 1001 will require home inspectors to report on "mold, fungi and related biologicals". Mold, fungi and other undefined biologicals are outside the scope of a home inspection and are specifically excluded by home inspector professional liability insurance companies and home inspector Standards of Practice. HB 1001 will require home inspectors to raise their fees (to cover license fees and additional insurance) causing many first time home buyer to opt out of getting a home inspection, leaving homebuyers unprotected from safety defects and other deficiencies that could cause them to lose their home. HB 1001 will, in effect, require home inspectors to give the SELLER a copy of the inspection report at the end of the inspection. Home inspectors work for the buyer/client and have no contract with the seller. This provision will increase home inspector and agent and broker liability and result in increased fees. HB 1001 will require a special certification to inspect modular homes and manufactured homes. This provision, added by the manufactured home lobby, has the appearance to prevent independent inspections of manufactured and modular homes. Elsewhere in in HB 1001 the home inspector board is tasked with approving and regulating that home inspectors receive initial training and receive 16 hours per year of continuing education as approved by the board. The home inspector board is best suited to determine what education requirements are needed, not special interest groups. The above noted provisions are a bureaucratic overreach and do not belong in a home inspector licensing bill. However, I will strongly support any Home Inspector Licensing or Home Inspector Registration legislation based on the existing Pennsylvania Home Inspection Law and existing Home Inspection Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Your voice counts and can make a difference! Many of the sponsors of this bill don't know how it will negatively affect your business and home buying consumers in Pennsylvania. Contact your house and senate representatives and real estate agents and brokers in your area and express your concerns.
  14. Your 4 points are a good start (except the software thing - wait and see what level you want to offer your clients first). If I was in your state just getting started, I'd join CREIA and get with the folks at the local chapter meetings. There's a good chance you'd find experienced mentors and have access to several members for ride-alongs. Start reading their publications and follow each of their steps to full member status.
  15. I haven't tried it, but it was suggested by the developer of my desktop resizer. Check Google Play for Image Shrink Batch Resize