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  1. The flame color indicates incomplete combustion. Probably not enough air in the mix. Is the air shutter on that burner completely closed?
  2. It's really nice to see some TIJ folks stepping up - even some that don't visit here anymore. Chad, Please let us know if he needs anyone to help out up there. Don't care if it's just raking leaves.
  3. That's really interesting -- but I don't think an apostrophe is the real problem here.
  4. I wouldn't replace it unless/until it needed expensive repairs or unavailable parts. Dad's 1948 General Motors Frigidaire isn't real efficient and it's noisy, but still keeps things really cold. And look up from above the burner. Should be done every fall when serviced. It'll stop some gravel.
  5. The folks I know with solar panels keep them clear of snow at all times -- they seem to work better.
  6. The same post in 4 seperate discussions smells like spam to me. TIJ is for inspectors of buildings, not for product developers or marketing. Try Shark Tank.
  7. I don't think you'll find anything using that phrase. The applicable code reference should be in a section somewhere below the list of prohibited trap designs. It states the maximum horizontal distance allowed between the fixture outlet and trap inlet. In the adopted codes in my area, the max is 30".
  8. At the end, there is a scene showing a conversation similar to some I've had.
  9. Hey Rob. I've only pulled out a drone probably about 3-4 times a year for the last 5-6 years. I started with the DJI Phantom 3 Pro. It's like a pterodactyl, scaring kids and pets. I replaced it with the DJI Spark and was impressed how well the little thing handles better, stable hovering in wind and takes better pics. When the batteries no longer held a charge recently, I discovered it's discontinued and reasonably priced batts are pretty scarce. So I got the DJI Mini SE for about the cost of 3 Spark batteries. It does almost everything I'm used too, except the warning sensor for being too close to objects. It's lighter weight and the flight time per battery is incredible. I just used it to get inside a church bell tower that had no other access and also got a good pick inside of an unlined chimney that had no access to view from the bottom. I'm likely to use it more often now. I can still climb up most very steep roofs, but coming back down, my left knee just started painfully popping out. It's a handy tool. Who else uses one?
  10. My experiences in many locations have shown that the meter box/can location has to be approved by the Power Co before they set the meter. They publish guidelines of service installation requirements but some don't mention meter location. If there was no service upgrade with that addition, the PoCo wouldn't have been involved. Attached buildings in old downtowns and historic districts almost always have the meters in the basement. These include many mixed use buildings with multiple meters. Some PoCos require the purchase of a padlock (from them for a ridiculous price) for unscheduled access into the building . Many other older buildings with inside meters are often required to relo it outside when there is a service change. I wouldn't want one of those defective new "smart" meters that spontaneously ignite inside the building.
  11. I'm a bit limited on the max ladder length my car can carry.
  12. I don't know of any requirement - if the closet is contained within the garage and is not considered an opening into the residence.
  13. That's a nice shot. I like water towers. Here's Neil Tyson's lesson for inspecting them:
  14. Could these be the same Shaw sinks that were in the UK for like a century? Those had a lifetime warranty. Crazing would definitely be a manufacturer's defect.
  15. Hi Don, The above is very honest feedback. People visit sites to see and meet the inspector they might be hiring. Who is your "team"? What are each of their qualifications and experience? It doesn't even mention what area. It doesn't show a location to indicate it's a legit business. No need to tell people why a home inspection is needed. They already know and are searching for a competent candidate. There's nothing in there that would ever result in your site showing up in a search - ever. Also, your meta tags are useless for search indexing. Typo and punctuation. Flyers stapled to phone poles might get better results.
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