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  1. I don't understand GREEN. Are they Hunter Green, Forest Green, Chateau Green, Mint Green, Emerald Green, Empire Green, Pastel Green, Evergreen, or Veridian?
  2. Maybe they're built better for installation in the Philippines. Chris's 4 posts are all text copied and pasted from other sites. Let me know when the links drop.
  3. You guys must be talking about static pressure. Not as useful as measuring flow rate and flow pressure ( =capacity at point of use ).
  4. A hose bib can be as low as 8 PSI if it supplies a minimum of 5 GPM during "peak demand".
  5. Without seeing it in person, poking and probing, I couldn't offer a guess at a cost.
  6. Looking at small pics on my phone, I'll bet the sills have issues and not the brick foundation.
  7. That's not what I wrote but I will clarify. Cattle and goat hair was just more widely used and much more of it was readily available. Horsehair was much less common in plaster and was more desirable in other products.
  8. Very, very unlikely that it contains any type of asbestos. It's more likely to be in newer plaster (the type that's been applied over rock lath) and joint compounds used in the '40s through the '70s. Cattle hair and goat hair is the most common fiber in 18th, 19th and early 20th century plaster.
  9. I don't keep a count, but I'm sure I've checked thousands. They're extensively used in the types of buildings I inspect. Office buildings, (including every server room ever) retail, restaurants, old buildings with multiple additions and historic buildings that ducted installations would cause irreversible damage. I also have a friend who owns a top HVAC firm for almost 40 years that was one of the first to import ductless systems. The estimated 20 year lifespan is conservative. Some have made it to near 30. These were all manufactured in Japan. Now there's been a change. Over the l
  10. In addition to the R22 issue, contractors will insist both sections need to be replaced to meet the minimum SEER. Split ductles systems are consistantly lasting to about 20 years - except for the circuit boards.
  11. Usually, the 11th digit is the year it was manufactured. Could be '83, '93, '03 or '13. If it's after they were taken over by Bosch, it's a longer number sequence with no date code.
  12. I remember back when homes had shady front porches.
  13. Since the governor let me go back to work, it's the busiest I've ever been in 33 years. Even with being shut down for 9 weeks, this might be the best year yet.
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