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  1. I remember back when homes had shady front porches.
  2. Since the governor let me go back to work, it's the busiest I've ever been in 33 years. Even with being shut down for 9 weeks, this might be the best year yet.
  3. Wow, that's an amazing building. I recently checked out a large 4 story lift - original to the 1870s building that was a carriage factory.
  4. Katen's got a forearm like Popeye.
  5. Perpetual whack-a-mole as new spots will appear. Why the screws? The gaskets are likely going to fail soon. The major advantage of selecting standing seam is the elimination of exposed fasteners. I would advise applying a preservation coating system. http://preservationproducts.com/roofing-systems
  6. Most, if not all installers around here wire the switch to shut down the entire system. Frigidaire is Nordyne, most of which have a factory set fan-off delay. I think it's 90 seconds.
  7. Let me translate. "I'm a link dropper from Kakinada, India and I copy & past useless stuff on forums so saps will pay me for website SEO".
  8. How long did you engage the switch? Many newer systems have a fan-off delay.
  9. That's terra cotta drainage tile, specifically manufactured for farming. Your property is probably a farm, or was farmland. The tile was originally created by a farmer up near Rochester, NY probably around 1840. There's a museum somewhere up there that has a huge display of the different types. The shape in your photo could be well before 1900. The tile throughout your property is likely broken and even crushed in many locations. It's no longer working as a 'system'. It may require either restoring it or removing it.
  10. The chimney was circumwhat? You need a mason that's also a mohel.
  11. I'm pretty sure that's gonna need a major rebuild. The displacement of the brick at the columns is as much of a concern as the beams. I couldn't try to guess any cost.
  12. Crap. I'm giving hints then. I found one in an early 20th century luxury apartment building. Each rack had a number stenciled on. I've seen a couple in very large, gilded age mansions - the type that have a live-in staff. Cool find, Mike.
  13. I have a 12.5' telescopic that I've used extensively for over 20 years - mostly indoors for attics and getting above ceilings in commercial buildings. The brand is Extend-n-Climb and never had any issue. I know many others that have used other telescopic brands that suffered some pretty severe injuries.
  14. Jim's reply clearly explains the truth about mold testing - without all of the foul language I would have used. If a buyer's inspector started mold testing a home I was selling, he would probably need a medical professional to retrieve the test equipment from an orifice.
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