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  1. The manufacturer's instruction would have to show that the burner tray assembly was tested to a specific ANSI standard to allow it to be lit manually. Without that information, I would say that it needs a direct ignition device and a flame safeguard device.
  2. Bill Kibbel

    Name this Brick?

    I've also heard them called Atlas brick, but I think that's probably the name of a manufacturer.
  3. Bill Kibbel

    Name this Brick?

    Structural bricks. Usually installed with rebar through filled cores.
  4. Bill Kibbel

    1924 house

    Slate back panel?
  5. Bill Kibbel

    New Siding Products

    https://youtu.be/j8Ft3S_meOs I've experimented with some thermally modified wood. I was wondering if it would ever make it as a building product.
  6. Bill Kibbel

    Recent Inspection

    I inspected it back when it was new construction.
  7. Bill Kibbel

    Recent Inspection

  8. Bill Kibbel

    bootleg improvements

    This doesn't address your point, but I've been in thousands of very old homes that have ceiling heights below 80". They were continually "habitated" for 2-3 centuries. I owned a home that in the original 1690 section, some parts of the ceiling are at 78". It also has 72.5"-73" door frame heights. Wasn't an issue till I wore my cowboy boots one day. Had a friend visit regularly that is 6'9".
  9. Bill Kibbel

    Tub/Shower Step

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for. IRC - 21" clear space in front of tubs. NKBA recommendation - 30"
  10. Bill Kibbel

    Fuse panel (Skeleton man)

    I wouldn't have seen it.
  11. Bill Kibbel

    A/C compressor unit clicking - Split system

    Lennox scroll compressor units have one dual capacitor for both compressor and fan. When the capacitor fails, nothing runs. Not worth fixin' - it's 19.5 years old. Most Lennox HPs from that era usually don't make it to 15.
  12. Bill Kibbel

    A/C compressor unit clicking - Split system

    Bad start capacitor.
  13. Bill Kibbel

    Unknown Object

    Thanks Nolan. Just recently saw a pair in a very old train depot.
  14. Bill Kibbel

    Happy DST day

    Busy night in Britain.
  15. Bill Kibbel


    I've come across it a few times. Boiler room ceilings, stair and elevator towers. Tests showed it contains a very small percentage of fibers, surprisingly from wood.