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  1. If there's any apprehension, I just put my own ladder in front of it.
  2. I'm not an expert in search optimization, but there's some really easy things you can do. If'n you want your site to show up in any search results using the phrase "Randy Navarro Home Inspector Seattle" , those words need to be on your home page. "Randy Navarro" isn't on the page, just Randy "Seattle" isn't on the page. Also, you need a security certificate so your site address begins with https. Google doesn't like sending folks to non-secure sites. If you want it to show up even higher in the search results, get links to your site from other highly rated sites. Putting a link in your signature here will eventually get Googles attention. Animated text slows the load time and may affect the ranking. There should be meta tags - hidden text that contains relevant keywords people would use in a search.
  3. Because I spelled it wrong.
  4. The important thing is that we all remember who you are. Your old username is randynavarro - all lowercase. If you remember your password, you should be able to sign in. New forum software move took out the old avatars.
  5. Georgia: "The relief valve shall discharge full size, separately to a safe place of disposal such as a concrete floor, outside the building, an indirect waste receptor, pan, or other approved location".
  6. Hey Jim B., he's in Georgia. https://g.co/kgs/jUyKct Any special rule down there we don't know about?
  7. It may be "hard to believe" in 34 years inspecting, I've never once seen a TPR discharge "extended outside". Where are you that it's required and where can we see this requirement.
  8. If there's a nice view surrounding the structure, calling it a gazebo would be just fine.
  9. It's a hypeathral. Sometimes called temple of the sky.
  10. If a lime mortar would have been used, the moisture in the wall would migrate out through the joints. Portland based mortar is forcing the moisture through the face of the stones. Sealing on the exterior would be useless. When the faces of the stones erode back about 1/2", they can be patched with Lithomex, which is lime-based.
  11. It's called a double outlet vent. It's specifically for fuel storage tanks.
  12. Thanks for keeping TIJ up and running.
  13. "Asbestos wrapped" ducts - originally connected to a coal-fired octopus furnace.
  14. Plastic slates, aka mud flaps. Curling is very common with the older products. The manufacturers have claimed it's not a defect and is a minor cosmetic issue. A step was added to some installation instructions. The installer should bend each individual slate down at the butt end and corners before installing. I don't think this helped for the long term.
  15. There are 7 or 8 different types or theories of ethics (I can't remember exactly - it was part of a class from about 40 years ago). I think duty-based ethics would apply if you're complying with an industry standard, law or mandate. It would be unethical to operate in a state that specifically prohibits your business. Results-based ethics is another but harder to apply consistently when there are unknowns and vagueness. Consequentialism is defined by the result of the act - a flexible system based on individual circumstances. The more good the act produces, the more right the act becomes. Is performing the inspection going to produce more good results than the potential for bad results? ASHI has a code of ethics that could be applied, as do some state HI regulations, but that requires individual interpretation. The language is usually contains something like avoid situations that may cause harm or make our profession look bad.
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