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  1. Is there another plausible explanation that includes the rat dying there of free choice? As an AHJ, I condemned a house after a small fire because the people inside had been using buckets for toilets. Both toilets were broken (and full to the seats). I guess using a bucket isn't all that bad, but when thy used buckets and just got new buckets as the buckets were filled- that's where I really have to draw a line. 11 full buckets. 55 gallons of poop. I shit you not.
  2. Chad Fabry

    Room wall switch requirement

    I don't think there is a requirement that the switch be *in* the room. E3903.2 Habitable Rooms At least one wall switch-controlled lighting outlet shall be installed in every habitable room and bathroom. [210.70(A)(1)] I don't know when the wall-switched lighting outlet rule was put into effect.
  3. Chad Fabry

    leaks in compressor tank

    John, The explosive force of at least 125 PSI paired with a structurally compromised vessel that has a lot of square inches of surface area adds up to an undesirable outcome. I was filling a split rim truck tire assembly in 2001- the split rim broke at 65 PSI. The force of the resulting explosion ruined the tire cage and rocketed two, foot-long pieces of the ring through a twelve inch block wall. I am convinced that had I been filling the assembly sans cage I and a few employees would have been killed.
  4. Chad Fabry

    Old Craftsman stuff

    They have excellent scrap value.I'd guess you're looking at nearly 3 bucks worth of stuff.If you take a half day and separate the metals, you'll net $5
  5. Chad Fabry

    Crappy drill press

    No. It's less powerful than any of my hand-held drills.
  6. Chad Fabry

    Portland in Early September

    We got back from Portland on Sunday night. We spent the first two days in Oregon in a little cottage on Netarts' Bay then we saw Oregon's biggest Sitka spruce with a trunk diameter of 15 feet. It was pretty darn fantastic. The next day we drove 6 hours one way to Jedediah Smith State Park in California to see the redwoods which were humbling, primordial and awe-inspiring. But between the two tree days, we had a wonderful dinner with Jim Katen and Les Van Alstine at Mother's Bistro. Jim was smart and funny. He also has an idea or two about how to get rich inspecting houses. Les was philosophic and spoke directly to my wife. (see the second photo) I couldn't always hear him but I think he was saying that he's already rich from inspecting houses. It was like a bonus that I got to see Don Norman and Charlie Sessums. And after 15 years, I was lucky to meet Mike O'Handley as well.
  7. Chad Fabry

    Antique Meter

    That's very cool.
  8. Chad Fabry

    Portland in Early September

    The seventh then.
  9. Chad Fabry

    Portland in Early September

    Thanks, Jim. I appreciate the help! It'd be great to meet you. Maybe we (including Les) can get together for dinner on Friday the 8th?
  10. Chad Fabry

    Subpanel question

    It's fine. The 100 amp breaker is just a switch. Nice to hear from you. Stop by and visit more.
  11. Chad Fabry

    Portland in Early September

    We'll be in Portland, Oregon for four days in early September. Anyone have some *must do* suggestions?
  12. Chad Fabry

    Wood Pellet Insulation

    Slicing/ shearing the end of a log like slicing bologna would be the first step to produce produce chips like those ... so would agressive cross grain planing.
  13. Thanks, Les I'll fill out the application.
  14. I'm considering applying for the position on the board. Have any of you done this in the past?