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  1. I did a lot of QA installation inspections for a major manufacturer of panels and inverters. They sent me to a school and then all over the Northeast to inspect just-installed systems. ( A few of which I shut down in the interest of safety) As Tom said, I have an 8-hour course, but I've found that it's almost impossible to teach because most attendees don't have the necessary knowledge about 120/240 V single phase systems to get anything from the course. You're smart, you have an NEC. Train yourself. You'd definitely get enough info to check labeling, system grounding and bonding, wiring methods , and interconnection methods. The DC side is a bit more esoteric and proprietary. To do solar as a stand alone, you'll need to read instructions. One manufacturer had DC positive grounds for a long time. It makes your head hurt when you come upon it.
  2. To make the flame yellow, you have to have incomplete combustion which means a fuel-rich mixture.
  3. That's really cool. A little nerve wracking, but cool.
  4. Even from here I can hear people copying and pasting Jim's explanation into their boiler.
  5. This why I come to TIJ. Good thread, good information.
  6. To my inspector friends- I'd truly appreciate you filling out this form so we can email a handful of updates to you between now and the Inspector Roadshow™ coming this March.I know you're worried about privacy. I won't share your email; I'll use it just for this event and maybe again if we have another Roadshow event. We have NY, ASHI, INACHI approvals for all 24 hours. Waiting to hear from CAPHI (Canada), MA, NJ. PA inspectors are on board with national association approvals. If you want to come and your State isn't listed above, let me know and we'll do what we can to get approvals for you (and) hopefully your friends. Roadshow Mailing List Sign-Up
  7. Interesting concept-intentionally enticing mobsters to buy in small-town New England. I read the linked listing and found it incredible that the listed property taxes are just $10k? That can't be right. A 5 million dollar house in NY State would have roughly $200k in property taxes per year. Most counties in NY have tax rates around $40 per thousand of assessed value. A house that's worth just $250k has $10k in property taxes.
  8. Supporting roof, ceiling, and one center bearing floor, the IRC says that 2 2x4's can span 27 inches. with a 50# snow load. Where you are, they can span 32 inches. 3 2x4's aren't in the chart but they're likely up to that task. Look at the plans.
  9. So Mike, do you have any mushrooms left?
  10. Me again, I covered passive voice, basic punctuation, misplaced modifiers (thanks to Bonnie Trenga's book), third person and run-ons. What common issues do you folks see that drive you nuts?
  11. All 83 rooms of the hotel are blocked for us. I made the deposit on the meeting room which will definitely accommodate us (it's enormous). We're blessed with Kibbel and Katen and, on the last day, I'll do my best to keep people in their seats. A visit to the Henry to meet the staff and see the facility left me totally wowed.. It's truly fantastic. Great food, great drinks and a beautifully and respectfully restored interior. If you friends would, please take a look at our website- surf around. If you're pretty sure you're coming, will you please let us know? You can sign up on the website (whether you pay or not). If you don't pay, I'll send a reminder in late November at which time it'd be great if you commit or decline. Even if you're on the fence, take a look at the website The Inspector Roadshow™!
  12. Also a fan of Schluter stuff for de-coupling, but when I just need membrane, I use ProVa.
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