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  1. Is it coming off the ugly coping goo joints?
  2. I'm am at the point where I'd rather wash dishes or change oil than visit a FB page for home inspectors.
  3. You knew it was a word and what it meant. I pointed out the typo because I remember images of words and I figured others might too.
  4. I just Googled hypeathral and this thread was the 4th return. When I queried "define hypeathral, the return was, "did you mean hypaethral"
  5. I've seen a number of them. They were semi popular in Central NY.
  6. It's humor. It is the crest.
  7. I think it's earlier. I had a Richmond Air Conditioner with similar styling that was 1952. The chrome accents mimic 50's cars.
  8. I report it if they're not listed on the panel label.
  9. Is your garlic ready? Ours isn't ready until the second or third week of July.
  10. I didn't know to cut the top corner when I did my first roof ever. It leaked during wind driven rains. The factory rep schooled me. I find and report it on about 80% of the roofs I inspect with closed cut valleys.
  11. That is the combustion air... or wait, is that the exhaust that also heats the garage?
  12. I'm pretty sure you just said you agree that a loose connection at the thermocouple will affect the operation?
  13. When you're talking 3 milliamps- loose is everything.
  14. We can go to the grocery store and to Lowes, and to Tractor Supply. Inspecting an empty house seems pretty low risk compared to buying bread.
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