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  1. London Fire Article

    Who are you and what have you done with Les VanAlstine?
  2. London Fire Article

    When you're dealing with an esoteric subject matter and you're writing for a broad audience, it's very challenging to make an article readable enough to compel any but the most ardent reader to finish it. I think "unbridled" is exactly the right approach. The article is understandable to a very broad audience. If he clenched his ass cheeks, pursed his lips and scowled while he wrote it, nobody would read it.
  3. London Fire Article

    I'm sure you've heard about the fire in London. Here's Listiburek's take on the whole thing. Joe Listiburek is really smart. He's highly educated and he deals with complex subjects. While you're reading about the fire, I urge you to take note of his writing style- it is exactly what Jimmy was talking about in his series of excellent tutorials. Lstiburek's thoughts
  4. "Hi, Chad? This is Pushy McPushface from Howard Hanna. Can you do an inspection on Monday starting at 6PM? "Hi Pushy, I'm sorry, I can't start that late- I need daylight for the entire inspection." "Oh. How long does it take to inspect 1,700 sf ranch built in 1972?" "Three to four hours." "Oh. I'll have to get back to you." ...and that is why I have nothing to do with realtors.
  5. PVC Flue venting size

    The instructions I've read always specify the diameter change in the vertical portion so that condensate does not accumulate.
  6. What is the name for this exterior piece?

    What you should see is no flashing and no caulk. Caulking the bottoms of any clapboard is a really bad practice. An even worse practice is caulking the bottom of the bottom clapboard. Around here the water tables are angled as Jim pointed out but most of them have a profile that mimics the depth of the clapboard and precludes the need for a flashing.
  7. What is the name for this exterior piece?

    What Bill said. (as always)
  8. Bird or bug damage?

  9. Burnham "Electric Steam Radiator"

    I have one. It's silent and effective. After an hour it's too hot to touch.
  10. Kevlar-Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

    The straps are adhered to the wall using an awesome epoxy product. The repairs typically come with lifetime warranties. I've seen dozens and I haven't yet seen a failure.
  11. Run away

    Occasionally, I'll say, "if you're backing out of this deal, we can stop now and I'll give you a discount on your next inspection".
  12. Compromised roof sheathing

    It doesn't hold nails well, so yes, it's a bad thing. Here, it'd be responsible for 40# a sf. I bet it's not much different in Chi Town.
  13. Staying healthy for long career

    I'm 57. I was super involved with martial arts for a long time- I banked on the flexibility and strength I attained for a long time after that. Three months ago I realized I couldn't get by on what I used to do any longer. I joined a cross-fit style gym. I'm by far the oldest, almost the slowest and there are more than a few women who can clean and jerk more than me. Still, I'm much stronger and leaner than I was and it's fun enough so that I actually look forward to the 6 AM class 3x a week. I'm working hard at getting my stretch back- when I was 40, I could just drop to a front/ rear split and tuck my chin behind my knees with straight legs. It feels good to work at fitness again.
  14. Which Brand HVAC???

    I also vote Lennox.
  15. Brick veneer as a structural member

    "Attached to" is different than "supported by". If it's "supported by", it's wrong. I can't think of any prohibition against "attaching to".