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  1. Chad Fabry

    Fenix flashlights

    I like the UC35...usb rechargeable, 1,000 lumens. Fenixstore.com gives my little inspection school a 15% discount. Code=chad15
  2. Chad Fabry

    HI Artography - Scorched Wire

    I had the light ring / flash diffuser. It helped. It was one more thing to carry because you had to take it off for normal shots that required normal flash. Using the zoom worked for water heater and evaporator labels, but when you have to jam the camera into a furnace within 4 inches of the label, the camera's shortcomings were insurmountable. I read a number of users went back from the TG5 to the TG4.
  3. Chad Fabry

    HI Artography - Scorched Wire

    I had the TG5. It was too heavy and it was incapable of taking a photo of a data label in dark environment. I had to carry a Big Larry floodlight or the flash or LED on the camera would wash the label with too much light. I'm carrying ancient SW1030's- one of the original Olympus Tough cameras. They were a thing around 2006. I buy them used on eBay for 20 bucks.
  4. Chad Fabry

    HI Artography - Scorched Wire

    ...also known as a 10 amp fuse.
  5. Chad Fabry

    Asymmetrical roof valley

    Over 40 years ago, the first roof I installed leaked buckets at the closed cut valleys. It fixed it completely when I clipped the tops (like the shingle bundle instructions told me to)
  6. Chad Fabry

    Asymmetrical roof valley

    Did you clip the tops of the top shingles at 45 degrees?
  7. Yes, I'd mention what I observed on a previous inspection.
  8. If anyone is interested, I'm looking for CE course content. If you want to develop a 4hr, 8 hour or 16 hour course on Hydronic or steam heat, FAU's, plumbing , roofing, et al, please let me know. 4 hour courses should be reserved for limited scope topics like, "Fiber Cement Siding" Or if you have some area of expertise, I'm interested in that too. Clearly, I don't expect you to do it for free. I'd like to expand the offerings at Inspector Central...the little HI school I've been running for almost 2 years. Our other courses are very challenging- yours should be too. You can give me a call @ 585.465.8591 or email me: chad@structuresmart.com if you're interested.
  9. Chad Fabry

    Cool Historical Building

    I was looking at the diagonal blocking too. My first thought was, "that's a good idea, it's easier to nail". It's also possible they had a bunch of cut-offs from some other aspect of construction and rather than cut two ends square they just cut the other end at an angle. Very cool building. I'm a little jealous of the buyer.
  10. Chad Fabry

    I'm going to be here for a while...

    I assume that's what happened. I liked all the exposed wire the best. It made it super easy to determine the service entrance wire type.
  11. Chad Fabry

    I'm going to be here for a while...

    Too congested? Don't you think that's harsh? I mean, you can see the required light over the panel still. It is a Wye configuration.
  12. Chad Fabry

    I'm going to be here for a while...

    All except 2 were 3 phase. Jim, not a flip. 20,000 sf facility w/ bar, restaurant and party room, now being used as mercantile.
  13. One of 7 panels at a former VFW. And then there's the 3-phase service 3-feet above the flat roof.
  14. Chad Fabry

    Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    It's also not a 16x20 hole.
  15. Chad Fabry

    Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    I've seen rated assemblies. That's not one.