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  1. Chad Fabry

    Bug Porn

    It's not sex unless someone ends up with cooling fin imprints on their butt.
  2. Chad Fabry

    Raised stair nosing

    Consider the installation has the same effect as slope and 3/8" on that 10-inch tread would exceed 2%. Regardless of whether it's compliant, it's a shit-ass set-up. What did the installation do to the nosing?
  3. Chad Fabry

    HI Artography - Jug of Butts

    Given the title, I had higher expectations of the content.
  4. Chad Fabry

    Wiring Puzzle

    It would. No matter what, it's not the simplest way to accomplish whatever they did.
  5. Chad Fabry

    Wiring Puzzle

    I suppose the energized white wire is feeding the bottom cable black wire. The upper white wire is the neutral for the black wire. I wonder if the ground wire was acting as a neutral for the bottom black load. The single breaker could control two loads anywhere in the house from the one location. I can't think of any compelling reason to wire it that way.
  6. Chad Fabry

    Paint Quality

    I was a Sherwin-Williams fan, but now I've changed to Benjamin Moore. Their Aura line like John said, is fantastic.
  7. Chad Fabry

    bad smell under sink and in base cabinets

    It wouldn't stink under sink if it was that. #Plumber wrong.
  8. Chad Fabry

    bad smell under sink and in base cabinets

    I'm voting something dead under the cabinet.
  9. Chad Fabry

    residential egress

    Side-hinged.... there goes the drawbridge idea.
  10. Chad Fabry

    residential egress

    Each of the doors must be operable if the door is the required egress door. R311.2Egress door. Not less than one egress door shall be provided for each dwelling unit. The egress door shall be side-hinged, and shall provide a clear width of not less than 32 inches (813 mm) where measured between the face of the door and the stop, with the door open 90 degrees (1.57 rad). The clear height of the door opening shall be not less than 78 inches (1981 mm) in height measured from the top of the threshold to the bottom of the stop. Other doors shall not be required to comply with these minimum dimensions. Egress doors shall be readily openable from inside the dwelling without the use of a key or special knowledge or effort.
  11. Chad Fabry

    Poor airflow in Air conditioner

    Evaporator icing up
  12. Chad Fabry

    Report sample

    You guys are uptight. How about this one?
  13. I sent a report to another inspector the other day so that he could look at the report layout. I purposely didn't send a "cherry- picked" document. I chose it at random because I didn't remember the client name or the house address. After I sent it , I read it and came across this.
  14. Chad Fabry

    De facto structural element?

    You're smart.
  15. The house is in 1928 story and a half. It's a rubble foundation that has been parged. There are newer (about 10 years old) vinyl windows in place in the basement. The photo shows the bottom of the window pushed upward. It's moved enough so that the window is jammed shut and the sash itself is distorted. I didn't see any signs of significant movement anywhere in the structure. Except for this wall, all the walls were covered in finished surfaces. That said, the floors felt flat, the doors closed square in their frames, and the house looked level and plumb. I'm not coming up with any plausible explanation for the issue. It affects three of five windows. The guy that I usually rely on for foundation issues asserts that it's from saturated masonry freezing. I'm not sure that explains the condition.