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  1. In NY, AHJ's have zero latitude to overlook a requirement. You cannot indemnify negligence. Anecdotally, I haven't seen any nuisance tripping issues with the most recent wave of AFCI's.
  2. I suspect Erby's opening statement was tongue-in-cheek. The roof should have been replaced ten years ago.
  3. until
    Chad Fabry will present Douglas Hansen’s (of Code Check fame) Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings. Hansen spent years in the electrical trade before becoming a home inspector, and author and internationally sought-after instructor and trainer. Hansen has authored and co-authored dozens of articles and books including the Code Check series. Fabry is a veteran home inspector, NY State Code Official and has completed the International Association of Electrical Inspectors Master Electrician coursework. Previously, Fabry taught for Kaplan’s Inspection Training Associates. This course is very highly reviewed– if you’re serious about upping your electrical game, this course is for you. All information, no fluff. Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings is $289.00 for 16 hours of NY State Approved Ceu’s (16 ASHI hours) for Home Inspectors. You get to keep the book, which retails at $59.95. This book is a definitive resource for home inspectors, you’ll wonder how you got this far without it. Hansen’s book sets the standard for electrical inspections and it’s an absolute must-have for every inspector’s library. These are interactive sessions, designed and taught by people who know the codes and have built houses, repaired houses, inspected houses and taught others to do the same. Inspector Central
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    Photovoltaic Inspection of Existing Dwellings- 8 Hours. This course offers a ton of education jammed into 8 CEU’S for $119. Learn theory and elements of various systems and their associated common defects. It the perfect primer to get you going on Solar-to-Electric installations covering theory, mounting, wiring and frequent issues. We’re very excited to offer this course, and we have great expectations for the content and the instructor. The PV course will be presented by Shawn Lessord and Chad Fabry. Inspector Central
  5. I guess my new advertising slogan will be, "I won't shoot you."
  6. Trent, Is it service equipment? Please show the entire panel including the GEC.
  7. I added it to the calendar- use the "create" button at the top. Select "event".
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    NJ ALPHI (New Jersey Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors) is offering a seminar on June 6, 2017. There are 6 CEU's submitted for approval. The seminar is titled "Oil Heating Appliance Seminar for Home Inspectors". The presenter is Ralph Adams of the Fuel Merchants Association of NJ. There will also be additional sponsor tables and door prices. Here is a Link to the Registration Application:
  9. until
    Each of these courses has great reviews.
  10. It's a guess but I think the scratch coat cured too quickly causing shrinkage cracks. The subsequent coats covered the cracks but they telegraph through. Let us know if it's only on the southern exposure.
  11. That was funny.
  12. Where it freezes, the vent diameter must be at least three inches to prevent frost closure. I'm not bothered by the change in size and I couldn't find anything that prohibits it- if water is running down the pipe it flows from smaller to larger. What probably limits the size is the number of fixture units. If I'm right and that's 2-1/2 inch pipe, just 6 FU's are allowed. If it's 3-inch pipe 12 FU's are allowed and it's probably OK for any normal modest house. All that said, it probably works fine.
  13. Thanks, Jim. I've committed to following your advice. It's not easy to let go of bad habits. The reward will be clients who are better served through easier to read reports.
  14. No. I even pulled the cover to prove it to myself.
  15. When I tested the GFCI located near the panel, the smoke alarm on the other side of the basement beeped. It beeped each time I pressed the reset button. The GFCI receptacle is the only outlet on the circuit. Anyone have any ideas why that would happen? The lowest breaker feeds the receptacle. ( Sorry about the crappy photo)