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  1. We can go to the grocery store and to Lowes, and to Tractor Supply. Inspecting an empty house seems pretty low risk compared to buying bread.
  2. Insurance inspections paid less than $100 the last time they called my a couple years ago.
  3. Are you suggesting that an 18" deep trap with a P style sediment bowl isn't adequate?
  4. I've never done insurance inspections- around here they don't pay. I've done other things though, that at first glance, didn't seem like real money makers but turned out to be profitable. I found it's about having enough time to complete the task so that you can group a bunch of small jobs into one day or weekend. I did quality control inspections for a solar company that paid $350 each- usually with a lot of driving. I could stuff 12-14 into a weekend and get to spend quality time with my dog.
  5. The Hotel Henry just moved us to their largest ballroom. We outgrew the room we reserved. The Grand Ballroom is huge with 40 ft high ceilings and massive windows overlooking the grounds. We now have as much room as we need! If you were on the fence, consider included breakfasts, lunches and a Saturday night cash bar where we buy all the drinks for the first hour! Great food, smart people and Jim Katen and Bill Kibbel each presenting. This is your chance to get the best CEU's available anywhere.
  6. I write the report and give it to the client. I'll help a little, but I'm not their champion. I do my best to reference code, manufacturer's instructions major organizations and ASTM standards. Usually, the only time I see the builder is in court. I can't think of anything good coming from the situation you described.
  7. No it is not. But that wouldn't stop the guy that installed the current set-up.
  8. The light and ventilation portion is pretty forgiving if you consider the exceptions to §303.1. If the openings are not required for egress, operable sash may be avoided altogether if their is a whole house ventilation system. (see M1507) As for 8%, if there is an alternative artificial light source that can provide adequate (place esoteric number here) light then one can avoid meeting the requirement.
  9. What Jim said: either scissor trusses or attic trusses.
  10. Fiberglass w/o a vapor barrier in that location is plain useless. A nicely fitted 1" thick EPS foam board would be a far superior solution and thicker would be better still.
  11. I laid 300 sf of 3x14 in our foyer in a herringbone pattern. It was a hellish experience. The pricks that bought weren't flat and they weren't uniform .
  12. I think he had to do that to maintain pitch
  13. Yours is nice bordering on OCD. My photo was tongue in cheek.
  14. A true craftsman spares no effort to properly return the tile at the corners. All four corners had this level of workmanship.
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