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  1. I'm not sure regarding your question, but PVC is PVC and the fittings are clearly DWV. It wouldn't merit a mention in my report.
  2. Stainless and copper can be sweat connected. I've seen it done with boiler systems- usually the boiler systems of engineers who worked at Kodak when Kodak was famous for being the stainless hardware supplier to felonious employees. I've never seen any sign of galvanic corrosion though- the 98:2 tin/copper solder likely isolates the dissimilar metals with an atoms-thick loving layer of protection.
  3. That's formed-in-place concrete with decorative forms.
  4. Take down the ceiling and watch the plumbing while someone takes a shower.
  5. Good news! Stop back in a few months to let us know how it's going.
  6. It's been busy for me as well. But, like Tom said, there's no inventory. Competition is fierce in the sub $300k market and often sales bring offers higher than asking and no contingencies-which means no inspection. I inspected just three homes that were less than $200K and they were all for the same buyer.
  7. I just updated my NY mailing list that I last compiled in 2017. In 2017 there were 1,180 NY inspectors. Today, there are 1,750-ish NY inspectors. Here's the really amazing thing- of the 1,180 in 2017, only 288 are still in business. That means that 4/5 of NY inspectors currently licensed have fewer than 3 years experience.
  8. I have a former client relocating to Bath, Maine. It's in the Portland area. Does anyone know someone who will do a great job?
  9. Automotive paints will last 20+ years after sanding, prepping with a rust converter and an etching primer. I bet that most of the rust is the result of rough handling during installation.
  10. Your vernier digital indicator is off. The scale shows 15mm and .60 inches. .60 inches which is almost exactly correct. 16 mm is almost exactly 5/8 inches. 16.5 mm =.65 inches
  11. James PW, don't take this wrong but it's clear that you're some kind of a geek specialist. Literally, 2 feet of gutter will fix the issue. You're overthinking it. The house is 20 years old with a recent issue. It's not a building science solution involving sling psychrometers, it's just a roofing issue. Spend $10, install 2 feet of gutter
  12. But does it say, "You shall not install gutters." Because if the valley is the cause, a gutter will solve the issue.
  13. I can't prove it, but I think I read in the book that the maximum allowable size is 9/16"- I'm pretty sure it's in EIED by Hansen and Katen
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