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  1. The light and ventilation portion is pretty forgiving if you consider the exceptions to §303.1. If the openings are not required for egress, operable sash may be avoided altogether if their is a whole house ventilation system. (see M1507) As for 8%, if there is an alternative artificial light source that can provide adequate (place esoteric number here) light then one can avoid meeting the requirement.
  2. What Jim said: either scissor trusses or attic trusses.
  3. Fiberglass w/o a vapor barrier in that location is plain useless. A nicely fitted 1" thick EPS foam board would be a far superior solution and thicker would be better still.
  4. I laid 300 sf of 3x14 in our foyer in a herringbone pattern. It was a hellish experience. The pricks that bought weren't flat and they weren't uniform .
  5. I think he had to do that to maintain pitch
  6. Yours is nice bordering on OCD. My photo was tongue in cheek.
  7. A true craftsman spares no effort to properly return the tile at the corners. All four corners had this level of workmanship.
  8. Congrats on the cause of your maternity leave! That didn't sound right. Good luck with your new baby!
  9. My mother is 92. She is the best mold detector I've ever known. You can't smoke or swear around her... what's this gig pay? I have to tell you though, before you can report the mold, she'll clean it up.
  10. Yes. Clearly there are other issues. FWIW, I tried calling you but I couldn't get past the person who answered the phone. I even dropped the phrase, "close, personal friend".
  11. Did you see the picture? Who else would you call?
  12. That's what threw me for a loop. I metered the panel and there was 240v between any of the terminals. Luckily, Douglas Hansen answered his phone and told me what I was looking at- once he explained it, I sort of understood it- I had to see the schematic to get it.
  13. Need a good inspector in Salt Lake County or Tooele County UT for friend. I appreciate any help.
  14. No 120 v loads, it served only roof top HVAC Equipment. It made my brain smoke when I got to the basement and didn't find any 3-phase panels.
  15. Corner grounded three phase in a single phase panel. Notice they re-identified the grounded conductor black.
  16. I was a mechanic for a long time. Many of you have heard me say, "I'm still a better mechanic than I am anything else." Even though I fixed every single thing that came into my shop, I couldn't have fixed any of it without tools. Many inspectors simply do not have the proper tools in their box to enable them to produce quality reports. If you can't write, you can't write a great report.
  17. I did a lot of QA installation inspections for a major manufacturer of panels and inverters. They sent me to a school and then all over the Northeast to inspect just-installed systems. ( A few of which I shut down in the interest of safety) As Tom said, I have an 8-hour course, but I've found that it's almost impossible to teach because most attendees don't have the necessary knowledge about 120/240 V single phase systems to get anything from the course. You're smart, you have an NEC. Train yourself. You'd definitely get enough info to check labeling, system grounding and bonding, wiring methods , and interconnection methods. The DC side is a bit more esoteric and proprietary. To do solar as a stand alone, you'll need to read instructions. One manufacturer had DC positive grounds for a long time. It makes your head hurt when you come upon it.
  18. To make the flame yellow, you have to have incomplete combustion which means a fuel-rich mixture.
  19. That's really cool. A little nerve wracking, but cool.
  20. Even from here I can hear people copying and pasting Jim's explanation into their boiler.
  21. This why I come to TIJ. Good thread, good information.
  22. To my inspector friends- I'd truly appreciate you filling out this form so we can email a handful of updates to you between now and the Inspector Roadshow™ coming this March.I know you're worried about privacy. I won't share your email; I'll use it just for this event and maybe again if we have another Roadshow event. We have NY, ASHI, INACHI approvals for all 24 hours. Waiting to hear from CAPHI (Canada), MA, NJ. PA inspectors are on board with national association approvals. If you want to come and your State isn't listed above, let me know and we'll do what we can to get approvals for you (and) hopefully your friends. Roadshow Mailing List Sign-Up
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