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  1. Jerry Simon

    3 inspection photos you should take to manage your risk

    I rarely recommend further review, unless drywall needs to be removed or some such. I describe concisely what's wrong, why it's wrong, and what should be done about it. With that approach, I usually get by with less than 10 pictures per report, and often just two or three. Very often they're roof pictures where I can't show my client the defect.
  2. Jerry Simon

    Real Estate Radio Show Co-Host

    Thanks, Les. That means a lot to me.
  3. Jerry Simon

    Tub Step-Down

    Yeah. But getting out of a clawfoot tub is inherently dangerous, and caution is naturally used when stepping out of one. Stepping out of a regular bathtub, you don't expect the drop-off. Awkward as all heck at best.
  4. Jerry Simon

    Tub Step-Down

    Perhaps I just be a klutz. . .
  5. Jerry Simon

    Tub Step-Down

    I once stepped out of a bathtub in a hotel, and the bath floor was about six inches lower than the floor of the tub. I wasn't at all expecting such, and I stumbled, fell, and there was quite a bit of blood when I hit my head on the vanity. Saw this today on an inspection; bath floor five inches lower than the tub floor. Any code or the like that says this isn't allowed/is dangerous?
  6. Jerry Simon

    Cat IV Roof termination with plumbing stack flashing

    Erby, I've never seen Neoprene dry rot as you mentioned, so I figured in your neck of the woods they use rubber, not Neoprene. Grammar Nazi? Jeesh. . .
  7. Jerry Simon

    Cat IV Roof termination with plumbing stack flashing

    Not sure if I've ever seen rubber flashings for such; we use Neoprene boots around here, a synthetic polymer that weathers much better than rubber.
  8. Jerry Simon

    Arc-faults for AC circuit

    Two separate 120-volt, arc-fault types of circuit breakers were protecting the 240-volt air conditioner's circuit at a house. I know a 240-volt breaker should be installed, but what about the use of arc-fault breakers? I suspect nuisance tripping might occur.
  9. Jerry Simon

    Paint Quality

    Any opinions on paint quality of Benjamin Moore Century versus Sherwin Williams? Thanks, TwinkleToes
  10. Jerry Simon

    Porch Steps

    I walked up and down this set of porch stairs a dozen times, trying to find something wrong with the step build. Nothing; sturdy, no awkwardness, no sense of stumbling, etc. Comments?