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  1. This has happened with me a few times. Most recent one was finding catastrophic termite damage to wood framing on half-height basement walls. Came back a few weeks later with second client, and homeowner had covered the damage with batt insulation. Saved my client half his fee.
  2. I'm betting that's true for about 50% of the population. I like to relax and read a book in the tub. My wife thinks it's gross to use a bathtub (or a hot tub, spa, etc.).
  3. Hard to see in the pict, but the sloped back of the tub, where your back would comfortably lie against, is under the tub spout.
  4. Yes, with no way to easily reach the shower valve/faucet while sitting in the tub.
  5. New construction. Good grief. . .
  6. Mike, welcome. Where in IL are you located?
  7. You know how when you use voice recognition to send a text or email, you say something like "Hi Kevin, comma it's Jerry period. Sorry you couldn't make it today semi-colon was really hoping you would sad face". My daughter was over the other day, and I was leaving my cousin a message, using voice-recognition like above, saying my periods, commas, and semi-colons out loud. She's rolling on the floor laughing, trying to tell me: Dad, you called his cell phone and you're leaving him a voice-mail! I'm officially a maroon. . . Just thought I'd share.
  8. I returned mine a week after I got it. I agree with all you said, except I also hated the small size; poor ergonomics for my hand. Also kept confusing charge ring for ring switch. It really sucked. Fenix returned my full cost.
  9. I heard of one inspector who saw the note on the front door not to let the cat out. When he was finishing up and went outside and then came back, the cat was on the front porch. He put the cat back in the house and left. Wasn't their cat; cat destroyed the drapes, furniture, etc.
  10. The straps do run through the truss web, and there is a mirror-image 2x4 & blue strap on the opposite side of the truss.
  11. No, sorry. Each and every one looked exactly like the picture, though. Appreciate your efforts, though.
  12. What is/was the purpose of these 2x4 blocks strapped to the basement TJI ceiling trusses? The top edges of the blue straps appear to have been cut, so I though they were straps used by a crane or some such to set the trusses. However, the block/straps were only on every other truss???
  13. On back-order 'till at least July. I still ordered one. I'm one of the flashlight geeks here. As Bill said, just adding to the collection. . .
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