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  1. The straps do run through the truss web, and there is a mirror-image 2x4 & blue strap on the opposite side of the truss.
  2. No, sorry. Each and every one looked exactly like the picture, though. Appreciate your efforts, though.
  3. What is/was the purpose of these 2x4 blocks strapped to the basement TJI ceiling trusses? The top edges of the blue straps appear to have been cut, so I though they were straps used by a crane or some such to set the trusses. However, the block/straps were only on every other truss???
  4. On back-order 'till at least July. I still ordered one. I'm one of the flashlight geeks here. As Bill said, just adding to the collection. . .
  5. Heck, I'm in. Fer sure. . . Mitenbuler, wanna go with me?
  6. Did a job for a friend recently, and they just did their final walk-through yesterday. He discovered the front exterior light fixtures didn't have any bulb sockets; they were just *decorative*. I just looked for big-ticket items and never even checked lights. Regardless, anybody have a clue why anyone would install such?
  7. Set your phone's text tone to a doorbell. It's a hoot to watch the realtors keep going to the front door during an inspection.
  8. Horrible state to live in, but Chicago is wonderful. . .
  9. What is this lever for on the left side of this gas-log fireplace? I don't think it's a damper control, but maybe an intake-air control???
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