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  1. It appears to be Chrysotile, usually 30-40% asbestos content.
  2. Truly informative, James. Very well written (almost like you used to hang-out with Sam L. Clemens). Always learning new stuff here.
  3. Check this out; our boy Mit on the tele Mitenbuler
  4. Is the cable running from the neutral lug up to the main service entrance cable raceway bushing area redundant panelboard bonding (in addition to the neutral bar bond screw) ? If not, what's the purpose of this cable?
  5. The caulk/siding colors won't match after a few years; joints look like shite.
  6. Durability. Moisture-resistance.
  7. Emergency heat inadvertently turned-on at the heat pump?
  8. FYI: Mr. Mitenbuler is in Wuhan right now. Of all the places in China. . .
  9. Here's my first draft. . . Safety Concern There is certainly the possibility that some, most, or all of the other condominium units in this building are also wired with aluminum wiring. If so, it’s my opinion living in this building would pose a very real fire hazard.
  10. I will tell my client not to move into the condominium I inspected for him today until the condominium, now wired with solid-strand aluminum lower branch circuits, is completely re-wired with new copper wiring. And, I will tell him why. Now, if this was my daughter trying to buy a condo in this 24-unit building, I wouldn't let her, knowing there could be 23 other units there waiting to catch fire. Should I relate this concern to the buyer as well, and if so, what language would you suggest?
  11. Ed McMahon? What about Ellen and the Pakistani?
  12. Why would someone install a tempering valve on the hot water heater pipes? Wouldn't one just keep the heater's thermostat set at 120-125 degrees?
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