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  1. I'm pretty sure this has been covered at least twice before, but the mind is going. No draft inducer, no draft hood/diverter. Might this perhaps be kosher?
  2. Dirty talk? Like, oh sh*t, or gosh-dang? Or, like, I'm gonna push this in. . .
  3. Okay, once removed from the pit lid, what's the dang secret to getting the lid gasket around a 2" pump discharge pipe back in place?
  4. Born and raised. But I try to avoid city proper these days; don't wanna get shot or car-jacked (really). Mike Lamb will do south side, I believe.
  5. Does this ring true? "It appears a domestic, storage type of hot water heater was replaced with a tankless, on-demand type of water heater. If the water supply piping about the house was originally configured to accommodate a storage type of hot water heater, and the new water heater is utilizing this original piping layout, you may find that an adequate amount of hot water will not be present in areas of the house when multiple water fixtures are in use at the same time. If this turns out to be the case—and only time will tell if it will—then you may need to replace this tankless water
  6. Entire panel is energized. What's going on with the *off* main breaker leg? (Second from left; kinda hard to see). Just one leg in use on each side? Couldn't flip breaker legs to check; house occupied.
  7. That answers my question. Thanks. (I wasn't very clear, apparently; only one thermostat, with those two indicator lights next to each other.)
  8. The thermostat had an emergency heat setting, and the indicator light here was lit, and the heating elements were functional. But. . . There was another thermostat setting right next to the emergency heat setting, reading auxiliary heat, and that indicator light was not lit. I thought the emergency heat for a heat pump was/is the auxiliary heat???
  9. Here in Chicagoland, I've seen about six heat pumps ever. I am going to try inspecting one again this Sunday. Can someone give me a quick checklist for this heat pump inspection (knowing that the high temperature this Sunday is going to be about 6 degrees above zero here)? I'm thinking the heat will only work in *emergency/electric* mode? Thanks much.
  10. Ayn Rand Quotes Gonna read both of these again, starting tonight.
  11. “An architect requires a great many men to erect his building. But he does not ask them to vote on his design.” (To be exact) Another great quote from The Fountainhead. Golly that's such a great book. Good call, Bill.
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