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  1. I'm wondering if that's how Sears or Wardway shipped their shingles with their kit homes. . .
  2. A new one for me; 1950 era window latch. Allows for latching while sash is partially raised.
  3. No, but I wonder. . . Orange County, California, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Orange County, Florida, containing Orlando. Orange County, Indiana. Orange County, New York, part of the New York metropolitan area. Orange County, North Carolina. Orange County, Texas. Orange County, Vermont. Orange County, Virginia.
  4. In my opinion, unless there's obvious resulting damage, it would be unreasonable to suggest such.
  5. Blower not running? High limit switch then kills combustion so furnace does not overheat. Call a furnace repair company.
  6. Yeah. Still plenty of landfills out there. Add another layer to one of those. . .much better for the environment.
  7. Yeah, when you had to come home when the streetlights came on. . .
  8. I always believed the on-the-fence buyers were all pulling the trigger this year due to Covid and all the other crap happening in 2020 (and the low interest rates), thus a record year for me also. But I also believed the pipe-line of such buyers would dry-up, and it seems like the last week is showing such. I'm working, but not turning away jobs anymore as I've had to the past few months. And, at least three or four realtors all asked me in the past week if business has slowed; most all I've talked to said all of a sudden they're dead in the water. Booming housing is only thing su
  9. No. Soil is full of clay more often than not in areas surrounding the city proper, but no expansive clay.
  10. Settled footing. Just saw one with over an 8" drop. Like you said, nothing above suggested foundation movement itself. (Foundation held in place by adjacent foundation walls, soil pressure, floor structure above.)
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