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  1. Yeah, when you had to come home when the streetlights came on. . .
  2. I always believed the on-the-fence buyers were all pulling the trigger this year due to Covid and all the other crap happening in 2020 (and the low interest rates), thus a record year for me also. But I also believed the pipe-line of such buyers would dry-up, and it seems like the last week is showing such. I'm working, but not turning away jobs anymore as I've had to the past few months. And, at least three or four realtors all asked me in the past week if business has slowed; most all I've talked to said all of a sudden they're dead in the water. Booming housing is only thing su
  3. No. Soil is full of clay more often than not in areas surrounding the city proper, but no expansive clay.
  4. Settled footing. Just saw one with over an 8" drop. Like you said, nothing above suggested foundation movement itself. (Foundation held in place by adjacent foundation walls, soil pressure, floor structure above.)
  5. Doing new construction year-end warranty inspections for several houses in same subdivision. One complaint was that the bath exhaust fan, in only one bath of three, never turned off. Builder said this was normal. You know what I said. Just did another one in the subdivision, and one of the bath fans, different location from above, didn't turn off when its toggle-switch was turned off. Homeowner said her handyman *adjusted* the fan, and now it still runs for at least a half-hour before turning off. Any help understanding this would be appreciated.
  6. Maybe, maybe not. I've been fighting those suckers for five years. EVERYTHING sealed outside, but finally had to spray-foam my wooden knee walls that they kept chewing through. Little assholes. Mouse Holes I originally was concerned about arcing/burning inside the panelboard that could escape through the openings.
  7. You guys flag these three small open holes on the back of a main electrical panelboard's metal cabinet as needing to be sealed? Cabinet is not mounted flush against foundation wall (one could stick their pinkie into the larger hole). Same holes at top of cabinet if you're familiar with this brand.
  8. Maybe they should just charge exorbitant interest rates. Oh, wait. . .
  9. Is this type of exhaust fan rated for a wet location above the shower stall (regardless of GFCI protection)?
  10. Wires are tapped off line-side of main disconnect circuit breaker lugs. I could not determine where these wires ran to. Here's what I wrote in my report: "Safety Concern Inside the main electrical panelboard, wiring circuits are dangerously tapped-off the main service entrance cable lugs, and this poses a shock hazard. Should the main disconnect circuit breaker be turned-off, this wiring would remain dangerously energized. An electrician should re-wire as needed to eliminate this hazard." Electrician who checked it said CommonWealth Edison, our local electrical supplier, did t
  11. Weirdest HVAC system today I've ever seen in 27+ years. Anyway, finally figured out "some" of the heat was electric radiant in the ceilings. Thank goodness I bought that inexpensive thermal-imaging camera for my IPhone or I would have only been guessing at such. Also found the heating elements in the large living room were not functional. Use of the camera today was a life-saver and justified the purchase 100% !
  12. Basement is otherwise dry. Your posit makes sense. Drilling as you say may give the water a path down to better soil, or, down to stone around footers. Then, sink a 3" PVC pipe to footer stone. Good thoughts.
  13. 1950's era house with shallow (2') window wells, no installed well drains. Wells are filling with water during moderate-heavy rainfall. Water is not coming over tops of wells or through sides of metal window wells; it's perking-up through soil below. Soil grading is mostly fine & dandy (in fact, worst problem is at well where grading is excellent). Basement is finished, so adding well drains that run down basement walls and tie-into stone below basement slab not an option (I've seen such done and work well on several occasions). And, digging and installing new well drains would b
  14. Just used FLIR ONE GEN III for first time. Well worth the $200 price tag IMHO. I know it's about as basic as one can get, but can't wait to try it out on a job. Thanks for the help.
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