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  1. Jerry Simon

    Arc-faults for AC circuit

    Two separate 120-volt, arc-fault types of circuit breakers were protecting the 240-volt air conditioner's circuit at a house. I know a 240-volt breaker should be installed, but what about the use of arc-fault breakers? I suspect nuisance tripping might occur.
  2. Jerry Simon

    Paint Quality

    Any opinions on paint quality of Benjamin Moore Century versus Sherwin Williams? Thanks, TwinkleToes
  3. Jerry Simon

    Porch Steps

    I walked up and down this set of porch stairs a dozen times, trying to find something wrong with the step build. Nothing; sturdy, no awkwardness, no sense of stumbling, etc. Comments?
  4. Jerry Simon

    Oven Location

    There is a flight of stair immediately left of this oven/range. My client worried someone climbing the stairs could inadvertently touch a hot range-top, and thought a guard-rail of some sort, or a knee wall is needed at the side of the oven/range to protect from such. (There is a handrailing along the other side of the stairway.) Is protection to the side of the oven/range *required*?
  5. Restaurant patio areas. You shoulda had the realtor light it.
  6. Jerry Simon

    Fenix flashlights

    If you haven't been here before, it's THE flashlight-geeks forum for such a question. (That said, I searched their forum years ago with a similar concern; read for about an hour, and left more confused than when I started.) https://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/content.php
  7. Jerry Simon

    Recent Inspection

  8. Jerry Simon

    Recent Inspection

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to identify the building from that perspective. It's part of the underbelly of a very recognizable/famous structure.
  9. Just inspected this old building a couple weeks ago. Anybody else ever inspect it?
  10. Should a decorative gas appliance (a pre-fabricated metal fireplace with a gas log-set) flue pipe vent/tie-into a draft-induced furnace's metal B-vent? I'm pretty sure this isn't okay as combustion fumes from the furnace could potentially draft back into the dwelling through the fireplace. Thanks.
  11. Jerry Simon

    Another *What is this*

    High-rise condo heated by an in-wall, two-pipe type of fan-assisted hydronic heater. Right above the wall supply register, which is right above the heater itself, there is a small plastic box that resembles a doorbell enclosure from the 1950's. Inside this box, there is a sensor(?) thingy wired with low-voltage wiring (there are six wiring strands here, but only two of the wires are connected to the sensor thingy). The sensor is made of white plastic, and is about 1" x 2" in size. Neither the box nor the sensor are labeled. Anybody know what this is? (It isn't a doorbell, by the by.)
  12. Jerry Simon

    What is this?

    Weren't the Bruiser & Crusher on right after the morning anthem?
  13. Jerry Simon

    Tyvek Protective Suits

    I've got 40 new Tyvek protective suits, with hoods and shoe covers, for sale. All are size 3X Large. I used them mostly for crawl spaces. If you bought them direct, they'd run about $272 plus shipping. I'll sell all 40 for $100, plus shipping. You can view the product here: https://disposable-garments.com/shop/tyvek/suits-hood-boot/ If interested, please call me, Jerry, at 847-705-6800 Thanks.