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  1. Gas detector-CO detector?

    That show pony is also long-dead here. . .
  2. Expansion/movement joints at brick veneer walls

    Wall heights?
  3. Offering Inspection Warranty

    Never did find out. They replied to my specific inquiry about such with more puffery, and zero details on the warranty. I replied back asking if they even read my email. . . Didn't hear back about that either. This spoke volumes to me. Ain't gonna go any further. That said: I just though it would be a good tool to try and snag a price-shopper; would never offer to a *normal* client.
  4. OREP offers a 90-day home inspection warranty for your/our clients. It sounds like a good tool when trying to book price-shoppers. And, it's fairly cheap ($12.50 -$14.00). I don't know the warranty *fine print* yet, though, and am waiting to hear back from OREP about such before I decide if I want to use it. Does anyone have any experience/thoughts about this?
  5. Inspection Agreements

    Good advice. I was supposed to call the attorney back today for another review, but instead am gonna trash the new agreement and stick with the old. Knock on wood, I've never been sued in 24+ years, and don't know why I'm sweating such now; perhaps a sign of old age?
  6. Inspection Agreements

    I strongly disagree with that statement. A contract structured on case-law has, in effect, already been upheld, and cannot easily be ripped to shreds (if at all). That said, I'm sorry if I gave the impression I was looking for legal advice. I was looking for responses similar to Chad's. Chad suggested my revised agreement wasn't *friendly*, and that's what scared me about the revision. While the revised agreement may not be easily ripped to shreds (and I highly doubt it could be; it's a son-of-a-bitchin' agreement, legal-wise), it certainly isn't friendly. Heck, I think it's downright intimidating, and that's what I was trying to check - to see if others thought the same. Last thing I want to do is build rapport with a client, book a job, then email them this piece of work and perhaps alienate them. I'm still on the fence about changing; good points on either side in my opinion.
  7. Inspection Agreements

    Same thing my wife said
  8. After 20+ years, I decided to revise my inspection agreements. I consulted an attorney (the one who markets to ASHI and the like, claiming to provide bullet-proof agreements), and my current two-page agreement would be changed to a three-page agreement if I take all of the attorney's advice. I've attached copies of my current agreement and the proposed revised agreement. Any thoughts? I'm asking because, while certainly filled with more protection for me (*legalize*), the revised one seems like it's over-the-top and over-whelming. Again, any thoughts would be appreciated. Current Agreement.pdf Revised Agreement.pdf
  9. Name of Floor Framing System?

    I would think the wall framing would also have to be robust to support such a roof?
  10. What type of panel is this ??

    It is a split bus panel. A split bus panel does not have a main disconnect. The service capacity is determined by the service entrance cable size and/or the rating of the main panelboard, not the 70-amp breaker.
  11. Say less, say it better

    Actually, he was being more than nice.
  12. A little help needed with wood shingles

    The thin keyway areas (or "slots" as I call them) are also very susceptible to hail-impact damage. A hailstorm can destroy a wood shake roof overnight due to such slot damage. It's probably the biggest problem I find with wood shakes in this neck of the woods.
  13. Odd Water Heater Piping

    Not that it makes a difference (or does it?), but I erred when I said in-series. The heaters are piped in-parallel.
  14. Odd Water Heater Piping