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  1. Liability Insurance

    Anyone got a source for Bus. Liability insurance only? Pretty much everyone I've contacted won't sell unless I buy E&O at the same time. I currently have State Farm, but they're trying to screw me with a 30% rate increase this year (with zero claims).
  2. Avoid this type of knee injury

    Buncha whining old farts. . .
  3. Light Fixture Problem

    Could be. I'm gonna switch the one original bulb that's lasted several months to the suspect fixture. This bulb is from the same batch as the ones that burned-out, but it's lasted quite a while. I'll also tweak the contact at the bottom of the socket per Mr. Katen's suggestion. Perhaps these actions will enlighten matters.
  4. Light Fixture Problem

    Here we are, ten days later after switching the two fixtures as James suggested. Same fixture, now on the left side instead of the right, just burned out a bulb. (Again, I already replaced this almost brand new fixture with an even newer one, suspecting it was the fixture itself.) This is odd.
  5. Light Fixture Problem

    The long-lasting bulb is first in the circuit. *Evil* fixture is second in the circuit. I just switched fixtures. If bulb in (now-switched) second fixture in the circuit burns out again, I'll pull new wire from the first fixture to the second fixture (unless someone's got a better idea). Fixtures are brand new. *Bad* fixture is twice brand-new.
  6. Light Fixture Problem

    No. Yes, it's first or second. When I switch them, as James suggested, I'll see which is first and which is second. What's your thought here?
  7. Light Fixture Problem

    Yes. Yes. No.
  8. Light Fixture Problem

    Will do.
  9. Light Fixture Problem

    I replaced the two pendant lights above my kitchen island. One of the fixtures kept burning-out bulbs after about a week. Happened four times in a row, so obviously something amiss (but again, the bulbs lasted about a week each, using fixtures a few times a day). Thought maybe a bad bunch of bulbs. Happened with new bulbs. All the while, the adjacent new fixture was fine & dandy. Okay, loose neutral. Nope. Tightened up everything at both fixtures. Same result; new bulbs last about a week. Okay, bad fixture. Nope. Returned and exchanged, and no good; burned out the bulb in about a week. Okay, voltage amiss. Nope; 123 volts, just like its new neighboring fixture. Could voltage somehow fluctuate at just the one fixture? Any help would be appreciated. (And, no, this isn't the caulk issue I asked about earlier; aside from a burnt-plastic odor every time I use that fixture, it worked great. Kidding. . .)
  10. My house is wired with modern thermoplastic-covered wiring in EMT (pipe). Ceiling is roughed-in for ceiling fan. When I went to install a ceiling fan, one of the six wires coming out of the pipe arced on the sharp edge of the end of the pipe; blew the breaker. There is no extra wire here, and I can't get the damaged part of the wiring insulation out of the pipe to tape. Scissor truss above ceiling junction box, and can't (easily) access. I'm thinking of filing about the last 1" of the end of the pipe with clear silicone caulk; that will coat any areas of damaged wiring insulation. Once dry, I'm thinking this might be adequate. 'Course, I've never thought about whether or not dried silicone caulk would be a good insulator. Thoughts?
  11. Attic Mold Boiler Plate

    Am always looking at ways to write a better report. Have not giving it much thought as to why I leave out "I" and simply start with Recommend. Guess it's because people know what I am talking about. Look report writing as more of a technical writing format that's not the same as typical grammar. Try not to overuse use the term "further evaluate". However, feel it's the best term to use in many cases. Am open to new ideas if someone's got a good replacement for "further evaluate". I took the liberty of revising your paragraph; it's in italics above, leaving out the first word of each sentence (the "I"). IMHO, it does not sound technical. That said, I used to be guilty of same when I first started. Not sure why; maybe I just wanted to sound important.
  12. Gas detector-CO detector?

    That show pony is also long-dead here. . .
  13. Expansion/movement joints at brick veneer walls

    Wall heights?
  14. Offering Inspection Warranty

    Never did find out. They replied to my specific inquiry about such with more puffery, and zero details on the warranty. I replied back asking if they even read my email. . . Didn't hear back about that either. This spoke volumes to me. Ain't gonna go any further. That said: I just though it would be a good tool to try and snag a price-shopper; would never offer to a *normal* client.
  15. OREP offers a 90-day home inspection warranty for your/our clients. It sounds like a good tool when trying to book price-shoppers. And, it's fairly cheap ($12.50 -$14.00). I don't know the warranty *fine print* yet, though, and am waiting to hear back from OREP about such before I decide if I want to use it. Does anyone have any experience/thoughts about this?