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  1. I heard of one inspector who saw the note on the front door not to let the cat out. When he was finishing up and went outside and then came back, the cat was on the front porch. He put the cat back in the house and left. Wasn't their cat; cat destroyed the drapes, furniture, etc.
  2. The straps do run through the truss web, and there is a mirror-image 2x4 & blue strap on the opposite side of the truss.
  3. No, sorry. Each and every one looked exactly like the picture, though. Appreciate your efforts, though.
  4. What is/was the purpose of these 2x4 blocks strapped to the basement TJI ceiling trusses? The top edges of the blue straps appear to have been cut, so I though they were straps used by a crane or some such to set the trusses. However, the block/straps were only on every other truss???
  5. On back-order 'till at least July. I still ordered one. I'm one of the flashlight geeks here. As Bill said, just adding to the collection. . .
  6. Heck, I'm in. Fer sure. . . Mitenbuler, wanna go with me?
  7. Did a job for a friend recently, and they just did their final walk-through yesterday. He discovered the front exterior light fixtures didn't have any bulb sockets; they were just *decorative*. I just looked for big-ticket items and never even checked lights. Regardless, anybody have a clue why anyone would install such?
  8. Set your phone's text tone to a doorbell. It's a hoot to watch the realtors keep going to the front door during an inspection.
  9. Horrible state to live in, but Chicago is wonderful. . .
  10. What is this lever for on the left side of this gas-log fireplace? I don't think it's a damper control, but maybe an intake-air control???
  11. I rarely recommend further review, unless drywall needs to be removed or some such. I describe concisely what's wrong, why it's wrong, and what should be done about it. With that approach, I usually get by with less than 10 pictures per report, and often just two or three. Very often they're roof pictures where I can't show my client the defect.
  12. Yeah. But getting out of a clawfoot tub is inherently dangerous, and caution is naturally used when stepping out of one. Stepping out of a regular bathtub, you don't expect the drop-off. Awkward as all heck at best.
  13. I once stepped out of a bathtub in a hotel, and the bath floor was about six inches lower than the floor of the tub. I wasn't at all expecting such, and I stumbled, fell, and there was quite a bit of blood when I hit my head on the vanity. Saw this today on an inspection; bath floor five inches lower than the tub floor. Any code or the like that says this isn't allowed/is dangerous?
  14. Erby, I've never seen Neoprene dry rot as you mentioned, so I figured in your neck of the woods they use rubber, not Neoprene. Grammar Nazi? Jeesh. . .
  15. Not sure if I've ever seen rubber flashings for such; we use Neoprene boots around here, a synthetic polymer that weathers much better than rubber.
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