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  1. Thanks Marc. I'm not entirely sure what my conflicts are just yet. I have a few ideas though. Working with realtors I know, will test my values. In my area (Lake County IL) I am constantly seeing homes sell everywhere. It gives me hope that working with realtors would be profitable but as you have said before, I would be sacrificing quality and some moral ground. I have seen first hand how quickly realtors want an inspection finished and that shows how much attention to detail will be given up just to maintain a good rep with them. That was something I never would have thought of without this forum. I am a fairly strong writer but I do understand that HI reports need to be practiced and need to contain information and details that I have not described in writing before. I will try my best not to be the annoying member. Please feel free to tell me when I'm getting on anyone's nerves.
  2. Well that's reassuring. Do you know why or how the other 28 failed to make it? Are you saying that it's that difficult to start up or that your ride alongs didn't take it serious enough? Your reply would be more helpful if it contained details. There seems to be a lot more discouraging and negative information on these types of threads that are started by beginners. I can't tell if some of the members here think that getting into the business will not be a good choice or if they are just tired of answering noobie questions. I assume getting asked questions about starting out can be annoying to successful home inspectors.
  3. Progress throughout the course? I can tell you now, that after completing the modules so far, I am in a much better place in each section than I was without. I have a little experience with home repair (electrical, drywall, plumbing while keeping up with code) but no formal training of any kind. I still need to go over the specifics again, relating to proper clearances, but they are there, and easy to navigate back to. Course materials included the AHIT text book, NHIE inspection manual, code check, state specific SOPs, AHIT inspection software and the online resources. So far the phone and email support has been great. The only thing I wish they would have added would be chapter review quizes online and the Carson Dunlop ref book but that was easily found on the internet to buy. During the week of onsite, we went to a variety of homes to inspect. All were occupied, and in different states of despair. A couple newer homes 10 years or so along with some 40s and 50s homes. The instructors found homes with different foundation types, heat sources and layouts from cookie cutter, to houses with multiple add ons that made things more complex for us noobies. We had these houses at our disposal for 5 hours each. There were 10 students that were split between 2 teachers. Tools and testing equipment were provided if we didn't already have them. I have yet to start in on the report writing section, building inspection and marketing. Upon finishing the course, there will be a final exam that (as I was told) will cover the state exam and more. I will let you know how things go after I take the exam. As far as cost is concerned, I paid about $300 more than what my community college was offering. That made up for the books and other materials that AHIT supplied.
  4. Please don't get me wrong, I don't argue with people who have 100% more experience than I do. If the benefits of a college course can be seen in the time duration, and only prepares you to get your license, why are there so many members here bashing on programs like AHIT? I immediately regretted my choice in school with my first few posts on this forum due to the replies I received. I no longer feel that way after taking 60% of the class and spending a week with very thorough inspectors for onsite inspection training. I'm taking the course online and have 6 months to a year to complete the course work. It is an at your own pace program. It is quite obvious that nothing beats onsite practice but my community college offers the same amount of onsite inspections that AHIT does... the bare minimum. I am utilizing the course buy taking my time and reading as much info from many different sources as I can. This site is a gold mine and has answered many questions I have had. I hope to go on as many ride alongs as possible when I have the time to do so. I don't have any other training programs that I can compare AHIT to. However, I am confident that they will provide more than enough education to pass the exam and get me started down the right path.
  5. Just soffit and box vents. I have a fan also but it doesn't have a humidistat. Kitchen and bath ducts are insulated.
  6. Here are a few pics from the attic. The last pic shows moisture on the baffles.
  7. I do but they are on my tablet at home. I will upload them when I get off of work.
  8. North East IL. The first snow fall was just a couple days ago. I was wondering if it might be common to get that much moisture in the attic with the crazy temperature swings we have had. I'm going to see what happens when winter sets in. Hopefully I don't have ice sickles dropping through the ceiling.
  9. Detailed in previous posts above, I had black mold covering my attic that I needed to remove before I proceeded with my loan to buy my house. I have done everything I could do within my budget to keep heat and moisture out of my attic. I have recently sided and had all windows replaced in my all electric house with baseboard heaters. I had the siding guys cut in more holes for new soffits and installed baffles at every vent. I don't have a ridge vent but I have plenty of box vents and an attic exhaust fan. After pulling out the old insulation in my attic, sealing all holes and blowing in new insulation, I installed a range fan and bathroom fan (vented through the roof). The roof is about 8-10 years old with one layer of asphalt shingles. It recently snowed and I went up in the attic to check on things and noticed all of my sheathing is damp and at the peak of the roof there is active condensation drips. Is there anything else I can do to fix this issue or at least lessen it? Should I be thinking about a dehumidifier in the attic? TIA
  10. I am on a machinist forum for my current place of employment. It is easy for me to spot them in my industry. It will take a little getting use to here. Thanks for pointing this out to me.
  11. What kind of project? What kind of electrical supplies?
  12. Gravity is a difficult concept to grasp. 😂
  13. Which parts of this post? You paid for her, pristine interior, high mileage, her happiness after changing fluids or you being the 3rd owner?
  14. I have two main breakers, both marked with 100 amps on each side of the switch. Does that mean 200 or 400? I haven't started the electrical section of my training yet, and I have not done a lot of research on my panel.
  15. I have a ton of power running through my house. Enough 220 to power 15 base board heaters, WH and electric oven. I have been told by an electrician and a HI that I have a lot of power running to my panel. Is that what you are getting at?
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