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  1. I am on a machinist forum for my current place of employment. It is easy for me to spot them in my industry. It will take a little getting use to here. Thanks for pointing this out to me.
  2. What kind of project? What kind of electrical supplies?
  3. Gravity is a difficult concept to grasp. 😂
  4. Which parts of this post? You paid for her, pristine interior, high mileage, her happiness after changing fluids or you being the 3rd owner?
  5. I have two main breakers, both marked with 100 amps on each side of the switch. Does that mean 200 or 400? I haven't started the electrical section of my training yet, and I have not done a lot of research on my panel.
  6. I have a ton of power running through my house. Enough 220 to power 15 base board heaters, WH and electric oven. I have been told by an electrician and a HI that I have a lot of power running to my panel. Is that what you are getting at?
  7. My house is all electric. No gas. We have been thinking about getting a tankless due to our tiny utility/laundry room. I wonder if it would be cost effective compared to an electric tank WH.
  8. I increased the font. I couldn't get past the first sentence without wanting to vomit.
  9. My uncle is a licensed and insured handy man. He swears buy his pick up with an extended cab plus a bed cap. He made an extension that slides out of the bed so that he can get at his tools in the back. It also doubles as an onsite work bench. I have always liked the idea of sprinter vans myself. Roof rack for ladders and materials. I'd definitely go for the hammock idea. Nothing says pro handyman like taking a nap on your lunch break.
  10. Forget the machine, lets talk about that 10-12" face mill they have chucked up. That thing is an animal!
  11. Could there have been a shower stall installed in the bath previously? I've heard a few stories about rehabers not relocating a drain properly when doing a remodel.
  12. Yes. You understand correctly. They are foam blocks with a foil backing. I can’t remember what the backing says. The mold was concentrated on the north and east side. The apex is where the garage is. That was another reason why I thought it could be due to the open attic.
  13. The house is all electric. Gas line is capped off. No vents in the bath and no forced air. There are vents in the ceiling in all bedrooms but the previous owners cut blocks of insulation and put them in the vents. The duct work was laying in the attic. I don’t know where there could be interior air escaping. Maybe the mold is why they closed it up? I trust your input on this.
  14. The attic is completely open to the garage. There is not a ceiling in my garage. There needs to be a separation between the two for carbon monoxide and fire code. By the way, I am not arguing with anyone. I’m new, I’m here to learn. So, because of the poor insulation I have interior heat coming into my attic and garage. Am I wrong to think that the sudden rush of freezing air into my attic is not accelerating the process?
  15. I was told that every time the garage door was opened during the cold season, a blast of cold air flew into the garage and then attic. With my dated blown in insulation clogging the soffits and a degrading R value, there was no circulation and heat from the interior was building up in the attic. The condensation from cold to hot had nowhere to go. When I had the insulation removed and replaced, the old stuff was very damp. This is what I was told at the time. I would be interested in hearing any other thoughts. I suppose it was a combination of all of this
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