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  1. Run away

    Thank you Marc, I appreciate that compliment.
  2. Run away

    I once had a client who was an investment banker. Nice guy, but when I explained to him that he wasn't good that the deck was built with nails (and ONLY nails), he looked at me with confusion. As I pointed to a nail, he looked at me and said, "so that's a nail? ...... how am I going to explain what you just said to my wife." I knew right there that this report was going to have to be extra descriptive and simplified. They didn't buy the house, but loved the report and hired me a year later to inspect the next house, which they did end up buying.
  3. Staying healthy for long career

    I have a yoga DVD set and streaming internet service. Pick a workout and do it. Start small, then move up. The program that I use offers everything from 20 minute beginner to 65 minute brutal advanced workouts. I do the 65 minute workout at least once a week, but that's after years of practice. My flexibility has greatly improved. I have a farming background, so I've always been a strong guy, but I've gained strength in different muscles with this program. It's helped me get into a few attics that my customers thought NOBODY could get in. Anyway, pick yoga or cross fit like Chad or something else of your choice and do it. That's the most important thing. Be active.
  4. Staying healthy for long career

    I do an extreme yoga program daily. I'm younger (40), but have a lot of miles on my body from farm work until I was 35. The yoga has helped with flexibility and some of my older aches and pains from overuse have improved or vanished. The yoga is low impact. I like it and plan to continue.
  5. When did WRB (Tyvek) become code?

    Perfect, the house in question was built in 1998, no WRB. I wasn't concerned with code but my client asked and I wanted to get back to him. Thank you both!
  6. When did WRB (Tyvek) become code?

    I'm looking for the year that WRB under vinyl siding became a part of the code. Any help? Thanks, Tom
  7. Ridge Cap Shingle Question

    The shingles were high nailed, 7-8 inches of exposure, defective tar strips, 3 nails per shingle and at least two of them were over-driven completely through. This was really a minor defect on a total hack job roof.
  8. Ridge Cap Shingle Question

    I believe they are just field shingles installed over the vent. I checked installation instructions and couldn't find anywhere that said they were allowed. Thought I'd ask here because there always seem to be people here who know more than I do. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. This roof had big problems, I'll add this to the list.
  9. Ridge Cap Shingle Question

    Are these acceptable ridge cap shingles? I've never seen them before. Just about everything else was wrong on this roof..... Thanks Download Attachment: IMG_9351.JPG 146.66 KB
  10. Rubber connector

    Thanks to all who provided opinion and information. I'll put it to good use in the future.
  11. Rubber connector

    Thanks Chad. There was no venting or backflow prevention on this installation either. I was surprised that a "plumber" would take credit for it and defend it.
  12. Web page

    Too many words for my taste. I have a tendency to get wordy too. Customers need simplicity.
  13. Rubber connector

    Thanks for the info Tom! I've been searching the plumbing code and couldn't find these rubber fittings anywhere. Figured I was missing something. Haven't contacted my client or the plumber yet. Still taking in info and formulating my response. I'm going to hold off until Monday and make sure to get Chad's opinion before I respond.
  14. Rubber connector

    Hummm. Getting shot down here, lol. Thank you guys. My other concern with this one was the elbow fitting being installed on the hub (as Jim K mentioned) and the fitting being bent to compensate for the discharge pipe being cut too short. So other than that, it looks like the plumber was right. I had always understood it that the stainless steel Fernco fittings were the only ones that were acceptable. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!
  15. Rubber connector

    Received an email from a client today; I called out this rubber Fernco connector (on the elbow) for being subject to failure (especially since the PVC is clearly cut too short). It runs from the laundry basin, through a Liberty pump and to the soil stack at the right. The plumber who installed it said; "it is a Fernco coupling that is widely accepted by plumbing contractors and municipalities, leak proof, rot proof, chemical and UV resistant, etc. Contact me with any additional concerns." Then he included a link to the Fernco website. I also received a message that he said "everyone does it this way and its legal and up to code. He has been doing plumbing for 30+ plus years and never had one fail". I didn't think that these type of connectors were "legal and up to code" and I'm kind of surprised that a plumber would defend this kind of work. Are they up to code? Click to Enlarge 36.17 KB