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  1. Tom Breslawski

    3 inspection photos you should take to manage your risk

    I take 400 or so pictures at each inspection too. Sometimes I like to take several different angles of a particular problem so that it can be better explained. Many of them make the report, but nowhere near all. I use the hand signals and establishing photo as my notes as well. It costs nothing extra and takes very little time. I'd rather have too many pictures instead of too few.
  2. Tom Breslawski

    Spray Foam in penetrations

    The wall is fiberglass, not foam. The foam was sprayed in the penetrations only. I told them to remove the foam inside the enclosure. Thanks.
  3. Tom Breslawski

    Spray Foam in penetrations

    My guts says "no." Can I get a confirmation? Thanks!
  4. Tom Breslawski

    Report sample

    It's funny. I find that adding something like that to the report is alright as long as you've sized up the client and are pretty sure they can handle a little humor. Good stuff!
  5. Tom Breslawski

    Fenix flashlights

    I ha e the Fenix UC35 too. Purchased with Chad's discount. It's never failed to get me through an inspection. Great flashlight.
  6. Tom Breslawski

    What is this?

    I wondered if it was some kind of antenna. Our antenna was stationary, so I've never seen one like this. Thanks for the info!
  7. Tom Breslawski

    What is this?

    I found this in the attic of a 1955 built cape cod. Snow all over the roof so I couldn't get up there and see what (if anything) penetrates through. Any idea what this is? Thanks!
  8. Tom Breslawski

    Liability Insurance

    Dryden Mutual, same cost as Chad.
  9. Tom Breslawski

    Use issues vs code ones

    I would never have written such a letter. Tell the AHJ to do his job.
  10. Tom Breslawski

    Inspection Agreements

    I had an attorney prepare my agreement and have never had anyone even question it. I send it out prior to inspections, but I doubt that anyone even reads it. That said, I've also seen Chad's agreement a while back and like it much better. It covered pretty much everything in my agreement, wasn't written in legalese and I'd bet that it's got just as much "teeth" as mine does. It definitely cost less.
  11. Tom Breslawski

    Run away

    Thank you Marc, I appreciate that compliment.
  12. Tom Breslawski

    Run away

    I once had a client who was an investment banker. Nice guy, but when I explained to him that he wasn't good that the deck was built with nails (and ONLY nails), he looked at me with confusion. As I pointed to a nail, he looked at me and said, "so that's a nail? ...... how am I going to explain what you just said to my wife." I knew right there that this report was going to have to be extra descriptive and simplified. They didn't buy the house, but loved the report and hired me a year later to inspect the next house, which they did end up buying.
  13. Tom Breslawski

    Staying healthy for long career

    I have a yoga DVD set and streaming internet service. Pick a workout and do it. Start small, then move up. The program that I use offers everything from 20 minute beginner to 65 minute brutal advanced workouts. I do the 65 minute workout at least once a week, but that's after years of practice. My flexibility has greatly improved. I have a farming background, so I've always been a strong guy, but I've gained strength in different muscles with this program. It's helped me get into a few attics that my customers thought NOBODY could get in. Anyway, pick yoga or cross fit like Chad or something else of your choice and do it. That's the most important thing. Be active.
  14. Tom Breslawski

    Staying healthy for long career

    I do an extreme yoga program daily. I'm younger (40), but have a lot of miles on my body from farm work until I was 35. The yoga has helped with flexibility and some of my older aches and pains from overuse have improved or vanished. The yoga is low impact. I like it and plan to continue.
  15. Tom Breslawski

    When did WRB (Tyvek) become code?

    Perfect, the house in question was built in 1998, no WRB. I wasn't concerned with code but my client asked and I wanted to get back to him. Thank you both!