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  1. Tried to reply earlier but it didn't post?? weird. I think I said something like this: Jim, Thanks for the reply. I've heard more than 1 person say that so I'm certain there's quite a bit of truth to it. It's pretty sad. You'd think there would be at least one curriculum out there you could hang your hat on. Chad, Thanks for your reply too. I think you basically said the same thing as Jim but with a slight nod to training courses. Nathan
  2. I've been considering dropping my good paying, excessive overnight travel, corporate job to join the home inspection world. I'm a mechanical engineer and currently do inspections on boilers. Yes... I'm aware a house is not a boiler and I have plenty to learn. I've been reading enough to know I think this could be a great option for me. It'll be a pay cut, especially for the 1st year or 2 but it'll be worth it if I can stay home more often and watch the kids grow up. We've got good savings and my wife is gainfully employed. I just recently found this site and have found many of the past articles to be useful. It does not seem like the ASHI School or AHIT is worth the money. I'm in Alabama so it is not required but I think it would be very helpful if I can find the right course. I've heard some good things about Kaplan but there is not much on here that I could find. What about ATI Training? InterNACHI? I'd like to have some structured training, whether it is online or live. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Nathan Vestavia Hills, Alabama
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