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  1. Late to the party..... Serious concerns include defective floor framing, major HVAC problems, too many roof layers, and an inaccessible crawl space and attic. I can't perform a diligent review without access to these areas. 31 words.
  2. Thanks, Bill. I'm working on some of those things now.
  3. Hmmm....where can this good ole boy group be found? I'd like to invite them to our party here.
  4. I searched Randy Navarro Home Inspector Seattle hoping to find my website. I was not found except through 3rd party sites--Zillow, ActiveRain, etc. Some of the links are outdated with old information. Some of those links didn't even connect to my web page. Even more troubling is that other home inspector's sites appeared simply because they paid. I'm the first to admit I'm probably way behind on the tech curve, but really?
  5. Years ago, maybe 2005-ish, there was a specific person in charge of the 203k Program on the West Coast. I forget her name but I could call in to the Santa Ana field office and ask questions and work through confusion. She even had a primitive version of an online forum. Then she went away. I could still call in to my field office and speak to a real person to ask questions. Now, I can't even do that. The phone numbers I have no longer work and they will not respond to emails. I have to call the 800 number for HUD National and I get a return phone call or email within 24-48 hours from a paper pusher who's not even familiar with the program. She or he types a word search on their computer and responds with quotes from the HUD Handbook with which I'm already familiar. I've actually pried a phone number from a paper-pusher's cold hands which I though would get me some where in D.C. but after 8 calls and multiple phone trees, I still get nowhere. You may be thinking, "Randy, good sir, the federal gummint is incompetent and chaotic. Why do you even bother with this program anymore?" My response is that lenders are still offering the program and folks are still using it. It's a nice niche and has provided significant income several times over my 22 years when normal inspection income wasn't coming in. While not busy right now, there will be an uptick again. I'm hoping this Forum at TIJ can be a landing spot for more Consultants to discuss and hash out 203k confusion....because there is lots of it!
  6. I'm so disappointed. My Afro-American scratching and grooving animated icon has been replaced with a boring "R". The site no longer recognizes me and I'm starting all over at zero again. I know it's been a while since I've been here, but c'mon, is all the love gone so easily? Whatever.... Figured I'd attempt to spearhead some 203k-specific and/or renovation loan-specific discussions. Nice to see all y'all old friends. What'd I miss...? Who's in charge...?
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