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  1. If you're still concerned after reading the above, it is possible to have a sample of the texture tested for asbestos content. In my area, analysis can be done for around $50 and results only take a few days. Perhaps it'll give you the peace of mind you need.
  2. That is does. Glad I asked. Thanks Bill.
  3. My gut says this isn't right. There's no transition piece between the copper and PEX, and it doesn't look like the tapered copper end is barbed like a proper male crimp fitting would be. Am I wrong? I can't recall ever seeing copper taper into PEX like this.
  4. Can stainless steel piping be sweated to copper fittings without galvanic corrosion?
  5. It was not. I was actually surprised to hear that they terminated, but I can understand wanting a home to be in great shape for the price they were asking. Our area has low inventory, extreme competition and inflated home prices to match.
  6. I told the agent that I am paid, in part, to test the showers in the home and that when I did the handle of the shower valve came off in my hand. I told her I take no responsibility for this defect and that it was certainly there before the inspection. I did not use excessive force to turn the shower on. I respectfully declined to contact my insurance or contribute to any repair costs. She insulted me and told me that my "lack of professionalism has been duly noted". Perhaps she has had others lay down when commanded to?
  7. I just received an email from a listing agent regarding a home I inspected several weeks ago. During the inspection, the handle on the master shower valve felt oddly loose, had little resistance when turned, and fell off in my hand. The listing agent is claiming that there was no issue prior to the inspection, and that I broke the valve by "over turning it". This is absurd. It was clearly installed wrong or defective when I arrived. A plumber came out, said the shower valve must be replaced, and gave a quote of nearly $2,000. They want my insurer to pay this. The buyer terminated and I can't h
  8. There were many issues with this roof, the lining of the this valley being one of them. My understanding was that an open valley needs to be lined with flashing or a membrane, and that asphalt shingles are never acceptable, regardless of slope. I was curious if there were exceptions to this. Interestingly, this roof had several different valleys, all installed in different flavors of incorrect. IMG_3807.HEIC
  9. Are there any manufacturers that allow shingles to be used within an open valley? I'm not seeing any and my gut says no-go, but figured I'd make sure. Is the concern granular loss due to concentrated water flow and subsequent leaks?
  10. I'm curious how others go about inspecting and describing defects when it comes to stucco on old homes. In my area, hardcoat stucco is generally only found on older structures. Obviously these homes won't have casing bead and sealant at windows and doors, control joints or weep screed as these are modern features. These homes are also likely to lack kick out flashing and proper clearances to grade and pavement. It wouldn't make sense to hold a home built in 1929 to modern standards. So what should be said of stucco on these homes? Moisture intrusion is likely due to the stucco application tech
  11. Bill, any chance you have an installation manual for this? I ran across this product today and can't find installation requirements online (support type and spacing, sleeve requirements, etc).
  12. "Do you notice an earthy, damp or musty smell in the basement? What about condensation on your walls and windows? All of these are typical signs of a mold problem. As a property owner, you need to know that black mold spreads easily and presents a danger to your health. Ignoring it is not a safe or effective solution. Any suspicious area should be looked at by a trained and experienced mold inspector. He will be able to take a mold test on site to confirm the presence of mold." I'd say this is where you're going to ruffle some feathers. Your company's website is linking condensation on wi
  13. Yes. That was another one of my concerns. The anchor bolts only secure the lowest PT sill plate to the foundation. Even with shear panels on the exterior wall, I would think that the strength of the connection between the foundation and framing has been compromised.
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