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  1. I bought a Fenix PD35 in 2016 and have loved it since. I bought 2 extra batteries and keep them in my tool bag. 1000 lumen, several brightness settings, lightweight, tough and reasonably priced. This conversation prompted me to invest in the UC35 which has micro USB charging and a charge level indicator on the control button. Pretty cool.The E30R looks very nice, but I prefer to have a holster for my torch; less likely to fall from my hip into 18" of blown in fiberglass.
  2. I would plan on spending a significant amount of time on your reports early on. Jim has a wealth of experience and his reports will undoubtedly be faster than yours as a newer inspector. If you are going to use any of the popular reporting programs, it takes time to organize photos and even longer to caption them if you go that route. It is also quite an investment to create and organize narratives and develop your template. Additionally, when you run into installations and materials that you are unfamiliar with, time will be spent researching those. I often find myself on tangents when reading installation manuals and looking into code requirements. If you want to be thorough, you cannot be fast. That's my opinion.
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