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  1. Does anybody know of a good resource for synthetic slate (rubber tile) roofs? Or does anybody have experience with them curling? I've got a roof that I suspect is curling due to a material defect, installation defect and/or poor ventilation. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the kind words. I took no offense - I swore that off a long time ago. I look forward to engaging with TIJ, it does seem like a wealth of knowledge. Now off to go ask another technical question... PS I figured out this was a GP Lam LVL with FiberGuard...not intended for prolonged exterior use.
  3. Yeah, that was said with just a bit of sarcasm.
  4. Inspector friends, can anyone tell me what kind of laminate beam this is? It was used outdoors and does not appear to be suitable for outdoor use. It WAS 24 feet long. I posted a picture of the only marking I could find. Thanks.
  5. Yes it is. Another note...all the cracking is in the bottom few courses of brick
  6. Thanks Les, should I then expect to see the building racked? Is there any other corroborating evidence I should have looked for?
  7. I have a house that I’ve inspected on a pier and beam foundation. A tornado was close but the building was not damaged (there was no shifting of the foundation, no shingle creasing/tearing, all soffit/fascia is tight and the building columns and walls are plumb) the chimney brick above the roof line is not cracked, the chimney brick in the attic is not cracked. The chimney brick in the interior of the building is cracked in several places. Is there ANY WAY that the wind forces from the tornado could have caused the chimney to crack in the interior of the home? I can’t think of how but homeowner insists the tornado was the cause of the cracking.
  8. No doubt there are lots of issues in this picture. We usually see metal pans at the top of the piers, but I’ve seen plastic before and wondered if it actually had any effect.
  9. I inspected a building with plastic sheeting being used as a termite barrier on newly added piers. Is this acceptable?
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