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  1. Holes in Radon Pipe

    I'm guessing you're right Marc. Les: I'm not sure about the bypass affecting the vacuum, but I've seen them pulling a couple of inches of water column with the bypass present, so I'm guessing the affect is minimal.
  2. Holes in Radon Pipe

    Beats the hell out of me, Jim. I'm not a radon mitigator, but I see a lot of them around here given Mother Nature's propensity for spitting it out in Central Kentucky. The cold weather times around here have created some ice mounds around the fan when it's not routed back into the pipe to go back into the ground at the base of the pipe. Easiest place to dispose is right back into the pipe below the fan.
  3. Holes in Radon Pipe

    It does create a slightly narrower interior cross section with the collector ring.
  4. Holes in Radon Pipe

    Around here, if they put it in at all, they use a condensate collector coupling above the fan with a tube from it back into the pipe below the fan. No restriction of air flow.
  5. Holes in Radon Pipe

    Initially, when I read it, I thought condensate drains but those holes aren't how condensate bypasses are done on radon systems. On the pressure side of the fan, I'd guess air is coming out the holes, not getting sucked in. I think Chad has the best answer!
  6. Jealousy abounds here!
  7. Ah yes, that dreaded "further evaluate".
  8. New blog

    And you let your sister live with that? Or did you go look?
  9. Enjoy it, Denny. It'll be great!
  10. Inbox full

    Didn't even know we had email accounts on here! Did I miss something or are you just special? (Well, besides that.)
  11. Is this "Fair"?

    If licensing were such a great thing, we would not be complaining about all those state licensed drivers out there on the roads.
  12. Call from a Realtor

    Lawsuits and client expectations rid the profession of the inept and careless. Unfortunately, the HI Schools false advertising of how easy it is to make money brings in new inept and careless to feed the wheel. The cycle endlessly repeats itself but every now and then a few good ones slip into the profession.
  13. Functioning as intended

    Someone is opening up all those old posts again, huh!
  14. Cleaning a square dryer vent

    Get a chimney cleaning flue kit, cut the brush to the size of the rectangular duct and run it up and down until it all falls to the bottom. Vacuum as needed. Then clean the round with the 4 inch rotary from the outside. If you push any into the rectangular part, it'll fall to the bottom where you can vacuum it up.