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  1. Of course, after I played my video, what comes up? Why a Mike Holmes radon video. Skip to 6:30 to see where they placed the fan and terminated the pipe. Nuts!
  2. I've heard that before, though mine sounded more like a washing machine, primarily because the pipe was trapped. Both the vapor sucked up out of the ground and the water entering the top of the pipe couldn't drain back into the ground.
  3. I've done probably 30 or so ride alongs over the years. Two of them actually made it successfully into business for a number of years.
  4. I could see the same thing and not recognize it as art, until you take a picture of it. Neat stuff you do.
  5. Erby


    Vectors Vectorial sums Mathematical summations YUCK!
  6. Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. I gave up eating things that hurt me or make me sweat.
  7. You were babied too much, Mike!
  8. Who am I to deny a fellow!
  9. Oh, Look! Someone with a facebook attitude! AND a blank profile.
  10. Funny self deprecation! A sense of humor too!
  11. Haven't ever seen the squirrel doing it, but have found a lot of gnawed lead flashings.
  12. Remember on the C3 that you have to use the camera settings to delete old images. Won't delete (though it appears it does) from your computer.
  13. How about a picture to help us out. Is it possible to add a berm to the high side of the driveway and direct the water to the street before it even gets to the driveway?
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