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  1. Erby

    Which type of pipe to use?

    You're a funny guy, Bill!
  2. Dennis, you might want to check the dates on the posts you're responding to.
  3. Erby

    Porch Steps

    Perhaps the guard rail? What makes you think something has to be wrong with it?
  4. Erby

    bad smell under sink and in base cabinets

    Sounds like sewer gas may be getting back into the house. Have the plumber check the venting or see if there is an open pipe somewhere, perhaps a dried out trap with no water in it.
  5. Erby

    Sailor Bill's Service Attachment

    Makes you wonder!
  6. A storm in Central Kentucky yesterday showed me a face in the clouds.
  7. Erby

    Report sample

    Too much of that wacky weed? Or is it blueberry wine?
  8. I see David Martin is spamming us with links to a pest control company.
  9. Erby

    Aluminum Wire

    When Momma is cooking Thanksgiving dinner and using all the burners and the oven at the same time, a breaker tripping or wire overheating can be a big inconvenience.
  10. Erby

    Aluminum Wire

    You wire is OK for the breaker but is 40 Amps adequate for the range. Some ranges require 50 Amps. https://www.cerrowire.com/ampacity-charts
  11. Erby


    Huh, I note that I was recently blocked for trying to link a YouTube video about glass in fireplaces. Links don't work so well here anymore. Wonder what changed.
  12. For you, Jim. That's very likely true. But, I think that depends on who does the pre-listing inspection. Someone like you, or Joe the new guy, or Jim the quickie guy.
  13. You're actually supposed to use an extended tip lighter to light it, not throw a match on top of it, though I guess a match thrown on top would probably also work. This video will educate you about fireplaces with fireglass. Well, I was going to link a YouTube video about H Burners and fireglass but keep getting a 403 Forbidden error when I do so. Have to look it up online yourself. "How to Install an H-Burner and Fire Glass in Your Fireplace".
  14. I use a Ricoh WG-50. Has the light ring built in for macro shots. Carry it in a belt pouch with a lanyard around my neck. Simple one handed photo operation. Has a decent optical zoom and digital zoom. Had it for a few years now. https://www.amazon.com/Ricoh-WG-30W-Digital-Camera/dp/B00OAP5Y34/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1524943768&sr=8-6&keywords=ricoh+wg-30