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  1. I've only seen a couple but looked great and seems to work well. As John said, look outside and see if the fixed the issues there also. The way I explain it to clients is: Take five children's blocks and lay them down in a line Take a piece of scotch tape and run it up one end, across all the blocks and down the other end. Stand the blocks up. Push on the side with the tape on it. The other side of the blocks separate. That's the ground (whatever the root cause) pushing against the foundation wall without any reinforcement Now turn it around and push on the side across from the tape. That's the carbon fiber strips in action. A lot of old traditional foundation guys hate it. "Gotta use box beams buried in the cement and fastened to the structure above."
  2. Run away

    One time years ago. Really beat up house that needed a lot of money invested. like 70 or 80 thousand. The young first time home buyers had been watching to much HGTV. She fell through the floor during the inspection. They told me how much money they had to fix it, $5 thousand.. Less than one tenth of what the house needed. I'm sure somebody bought it and made a profit but it shouldn't be them.
  3. It's low impact. I'm sure you can find some yoga classes around you somewhere. Or just get a yoga vide or Wii Fit console with the yoga program on it and do it yourself (less embarrassing and can be done when you want to without a bunch of others watching you struggle).
  4. Say less, say it better

    Be nice, Jim.
  5. A little help needed with wood shingles

    Added close up pictures.
  6. I see very few wood shingle roofs but had one today. Some thought from the brain trust please. I see a couple of missing shingles and obviously the ridge sucks with all those loose shingles. The fungal growth on them doesn't bother me much. Should it? No leaks. Installed over dimensional rafters and plywood sheathing.
  7. Odd Water Heater Piping

    Is the supply plumbed series or parallel?
  8. At 63 for me, it's yoga and attitude! No more "Fine" for me when people ask how I'm doing. My standard response is now: "It's a wonderful day. I woke up this morning!" Everything else is gravy.
  9. It's saying "Curtains to us, notebook paper to you!"
  10. Self employed is a wonderful thing, except for this insurance stuff!
  11. Say less, say it better

    I shudder every time I go back and read my old reports from 15 years ago. What the hell was I thinking? Long confusing sentences that had to have confounded my readers were frequent in my reports back then. I've, since coming here many years ago, learned better. "It's a problem. It can cause damage or hurt you. Have it fixed." I'm lucky to have survived those years.
  12. Inspection fee for this?

    Google it: The average home inspection costs around $315, with condos and small homes under 1,000 sq ft. costing as little as $200. The "tree service" obtaines those numbers a a direct quote from the NEW Service Magic, i.e. Home Advisor website. Gotta love those tree guys. They're swinging in them. What they're swinging is kind of stinky though!
  13. The manufactured home lobby in Kentucky got involved in our law 12 years ago. Got it so that every home inspector had to have a 3 hour class on manufactured homes every year. 80 - 90 % of the inspectors have never (and say they will never) inspect a manufactured home. We managed to get it reduced to 3 hours every two years, then two hours every two years, but it's still hanging in there a bit. The one instructor qualified to teach the class, George Porter, produced a DVD for the state association that we've used that last several years. Content such as, "these are the window blinds", here we have the kitchen cabinets" (or close facsimile thereof). We sit in the class but attention span doesn't last very long. Hopes are that it will soon be an optional class for those who do inspect manufactured homes,.
  14. Realized today I've been coming here since 2002. 15 years! I like the new look!
  15. Old hot water tank????

    Some don't last so long. This 18 year old heater is bouncing rocks. Click to Enlarge 36.08 KB