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  1. Funny self deprecation! A sense of humor too!
  2. Haven't ever seen the squirrel doing it, but have found a lot of gnawed lead flashings.
  3. Remember on the C3 that you have to use the camera settings to delete old images. Won't delete (though it appears it does) from your computer.
  4. How about a picture to help us out. Is it possible to add a berm to the high side of the driveway and direct the water to the street before it even gets to the driveway?
  5. Oh yeah, I'm still around. Not nearly so naive as I was then, but still around. Thanks for resurfacing this thread. I got one hell of a chuckle reading it through again. I was so naive. And it turned into such a humorous thread! Yes, you're wrong. Google "How to measure rainfall". No one measures it over an acre.
  6. We'll be glad to have you, Chad. Looking forward to it.
  7. Turn up your faucet, Tom. The drip wasn't quite enough for some of us to catch it.
  8. It's OK. There are 57 states and Washington captured all the airports.
  9. I've seen several like that. Some disabled folks are only able to raise their feet so far. Need low rise stairs. Maybe they're for a relative who visits. I'd want the guards and rails but don't see an issue with the stairs themselves.
  10. Well, Tammie, I'm glad your back to enough health to come here on your research path.
  11. Hmm, someone dropping key words. Guess he forgot the link or an admin already took care of it.
  12. Don't forget justifying their own jobs, Marc.
  13. I wonder if that's what they call a foundation in Louisiana?
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