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  1. I guess I just don't have artistic sense. After you show us the picture, I can clearly see the art in it. Before, while I might see the same dang thing, I don't see the art until after YOU photograph it.
  2. Happy DST day

    Not very busy if all they're doing is moving forward. Spring forward Fall back One thrust a year!
  3. You find art in the strangest places! I'd look at that in real and see nothing. I look at it in your photo and find art.
  4. WTF?

    I don't see it as an explosion risk, just sewer gas stinking up the bathroom. May depend on which way the wind is blowing.
  5. Some things just beg for a photo!
  6. What is this?

    Where's O'Handley with his story of being the motor for his parents antenna, in the snow, on a steep roof?
  7. Sometimes you wonder!

    Good point, now that you mention it. There was no satellite dish on the roof and no place that looked like there had been one mounted. Likely removed when the last roof was put on.
  8. Sometimes you wonder!

    Sometimes you wonder why stuff is the way it is. But, I threw away my crystal ball when the batteries died.
  9. Snow intrusion through roof vents

    Looks to me from the picture that the rain baffle ring and screen are out of position, leaving nothing to stop snow and animals from dropping into the attic. I've seen some installations here in Kentucky where they leave the baffle ring completely out.
  10. stepping back in

    My local mechanic has floor heat in his commercial garage building with a natural gas boiler. I was in there when the temperature was down below zero. His building, though LARGE (6 bays) was plenty warm. He said the cost was very economical too!
  11. Read everything you can on this message board. There's tons of information right from the front lines here. Don't ask a bunch of questions, read and then read some more. I presume your warship has internet and not much to do with downtime. Read, then read some more. When I started 17 years ago, this board was just getting started but I still learned more real life stuff here than anyplace else. Let what you find here guide you in further studies. This place can teach you what questions to research. Take the harder road and find it yourself instead of just asking someone else to tell you the answer. You'll remember it much better when you find it yourself, though it's more about learning how to find the answer. for yourself. Study for and pass the NHIE. That's the first BIG step. After that, hook up with a multi-inspector firm in California. Gets you some real life experience. After you've got the inspection basics down, start studying marketing. It doesn't matter how good of an inspector you are if you can't make the phone ring. Even the best inspector in the world is going out of business if they can't make the phone ring. Talk with Mike Brown about doing a website for you. He can best advise you when to start on that. Save up some money. It'll be awhile before you start making a living at it. The better prepared for that, the better off you'll be.
  12. stepping back in

    17 years ago, it was my second choice after Inspection News. Didn't take long to make it my first choice. Much friendlier and respectful. So many know it all people on the face book groups. I tend to use Facebook for my personal stuff with family and friends.
  13. HI Artography - Windows

    Some people can see art in anything. I can't see it until someone like you points it out. You're talented.
  14. Hidden Home

    There were posts and a foundation all around. It was quite the surprise to the buyers and their agent. They didn't have any idea of it until I came down out of the attic. The metal beams and vapor barrier under the front half of the house confirmed the mobile home. It wouldn't surprise met that the sellers didn't know either. They hadn't been there that long!
  15. You'd never know it from the outside but hidden in the front half of this home is an trailer house. The whole front half. Saw it as soon as I climbed up in the attic. There was that old mobile home rounded metal roof.