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  1. You really have to WANT to make something of it when you go so far as to stand on your head to look at it to see if it makes sense that way.
  2. Look closer. The new LEDs just have a flat disc with little yellow squares up in them. No light socket like you and I are used to seeing. Took me a while the first time I saw them. I was bamboozled for several minutes when I didn't see the typical socket. And of course they had a daylight sensor. I had to flip the switch and cover the sensor to get them to come on.
  3. I look at something like that in a house and think "kind of ugly". I look at your picture and think "hey, neat art". Just can't see it for myself.
  4. They're usually marked for open and closed positions, at least around here.
  5. So, Les, tell us why Concetta wants to see you in an insane asylum?
  6. And right next to a big opening where the combustion gases can sink into the living area, though I'd bet they rise a bit until they cool off.
  7. It's about more than a few dollars saved. When I'm gone that long, I don't just turn off the water heater, I also turn off the main water supply. A few years ago, one of my customers from California move here, bought a nice house on a three foot deep crawl space, moved in, and went on a cruise a few days later. Nobody in the neighborhood knew who she was or how to get a hold of her. A few days later, one of the neighbors noticed water coming out of her crawl space vents. Knowing nothing else to do, he shut the water off at the meter. Turns out the washing machine hose burst, flooded the whole first floor ruining the wood floors, seeped into the crawl space, eventually filling it up and pushing water out through the vents. Cost her insurance company about $50,000 to repair the damage and make the place livable again. Not to mention the inconvenience of finding temporary living quarters while the damage was repaired.
  8. So many people don't know how to use proper grammar and spelling. And then they put it out there for the public.
  9. Marc LeBlanc, I would greatly appreciate it if someone down there would turn off the damn faucet, PLEASE! Kentucky Flooding
  10. Funny, Les. My eyes are autistic when it comes to "seeing" art. I can admire it but can't usually discern it without someone like Mike pointing it out.
  11. I've always found it odd that we dig a round hole in the ground, call it a well, and expect it to produce water. Then we dig a square hole in the ground, call it a basement, and expect it to stay dry.
  12. You do realize, DuoMit, that this post is almost a year old without any responses, right?
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