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  1. After some time on the phone explaining that this made no sense with the plumber, he returned to the house to look at the whole setup. Said it was some type of pressure relief. Seems like the original installer tried to get around having a thermal expansion tank by putting a T on the T&P line and running it through this thing and back into the cold water line. Had me completely baffled. Georgia code apparently allows the up & out run of the line, but still doesn't allow a T anywhere on it. They ended up cutting this out and running the T&P drain up and out. Plumber echoed Tom's statement that running up & out like this is the most common and expected way these are configured in Georgia. I never saw anything like this while living in the northern part of the country.
  2. Thanks, Marc and Tom. I am in fact in Georgia. This just seems wrong overall. If you follow the pipe upward it also seems like it dumps back into the cold water line. Is that allowed by the Georgia amendment?
  3. Question about a strange TP valve discharge line. So this water heater has a TP discharge line that runs up and out of the house. On initial inspection, the inspector noted the potential for water to collect & corrode the valve as well as the potential for backflow into the water heater. Seller "corrected" the problem by having a plumber come out and install a 90 degree elbow with a drain at the upward turn. Is this legal/good practice? My understanding is the line should drain with gravity which to me means that it should go down & over the side of the WH, but this is at the back of a garage and there is no drain in the room to be able to take the overflow if it opens. What should be the best practice here and is the drain on an elbow really a proper fix for this?
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