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  1. Marc LeBlanc, I would greatly appreciate it if someone down there would turn off the damn faucet, PLEASE! Kentucky Flooding
  2. Sure, you CAN..... But do you NEED to...
  3. Erby

    HI Artography - The Thaw

    Funny, Les. My eyes are autistic when it comes to "seeing" art. I can admire it but can't usually discern it without someone like Mike pointing it out.
  4. I've always found it odd that we dig a round hole in the ground, call it a well, and expect it to produce water. Then we dig a square hole in the ground, call it a basement, and expect it to stay dry.
  5. Erby

    Guest Posting

    You do realize, DuoMit, that this post is almost a year old without any responses, right?
  6. Erby

    HI Artography - The Thaw

    I'm jealous of your artistic eye!
  7. Erby

    Cost Estimates

    I'm with Jim. If I know an approximate, I'll tell them. If I don't, I'll tell them I don't and to get a contractor to give them some estimates. People are hiring us for advice and guidance about their home. Why wouldn't we provide all we can. Granted, some inspectors can't provide any advice or guidance other than "Recommend a ___________ further evaluate ______________." But still take their money.
  8. Erby

    This ladder still OK?

    I'd think that, as long as the pins are properly locked in their holes, it isn't going anywhere.
  9. Erby

    This is COOL

    One possibility!
  10. Erby

    HI Artography - Gargoyle

    Ah Les, your choice of reminders is - fitting - sarcastic - humorous. Something like that.
  11. Erby

    Roof Part Name?

    What do you call the low roof section at the bottom of the gable? Can't find anything on line giving it a specific name. I usually just call it the low roof at the bottom of the front gable. But, someone asked if it had a particular name. Any ideas?
  12. Erby

    Roof Part Name?

    Thank you for the answers, Jim & Bill. I'd forgotten about this post from last year. Dragging up memories!
  13. Erby

    Raised stair nosing

    This place is always good for a chuckle or two and sometimes a downright loud belly laugh!
  14. There's always that one dang grammar nazi hanging around, huh Jerry. "Neoprene (also polychloroprene or pc-rubber) is a family of synthetic rubbers that are produced by polymerization of chloroprene. Neoprene exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range." My apologies for not being so specific as to include the word "synthetic' in front of rubber in my post. 😁 😁 😁
  15. Seen a bunch of lead flashings chewed up by squirrels. Though it seems to take longer than it takes for the rubber ones to dry rot.
  16. Erby

    Who did this?

    Another spammer? ============================= I see the spammer comment has been removed. Thanks, moderator.
  17. Erby

    Roof Part Name?

    What do you call the low piece at the bottom of the gable that runs from cornice return to cornice return? Can't find anything on line giving it a specific name. Now someone asked if it had a particular name. Any ideas?
  18. Erby

    Sometimes you wonder!

    I presume you charged appropriately for your time. Were you nice enough to bring the phone down or just let them know it was up there?
  19. Erby

    Sometimes you wonder!

    Sometimes you wonder why stuff is the way it is. But, I threw away my crystal ball when the batteries died.
  20. Erby

    It's Never-Ending

    Just about the time you thought you'd seen it all! I've seen manufactured houses with almost that set up but the blower door is usually full of louvers to allow air flow.
  21. Erby

    Boot flange fastening

    Interesting video about screw placement in metal roofs and why they should be in the flat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Iun3uRIDEA
  22. Erby

    Aluminum Wire

    How old were your houses, John?
  23. Erby


    So, not only do you have to enable your own signature, you also have to click the little button at the top of the box to "show other people's signatures. By the way, in my Chrome, my name is at top right, not top left.