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  1. I plan to travel to Las Vegas and Yuma with my family over the Christmas Holidays (Dec 17-31). As an open minded businessman, I am hoping to write off part of this trip by meeting with some of my peers. I live on the east coast so I am sure there are a number of differences in the homes we inspect. We can share some war stories like the skunk I met in a crawl space the other day! Lunch is on me! Ken Melton Virginia Beach, VA kenmelton@cox.net
  2. I started out 15 years ago working for a company that delivered a two page report on-site (handwritten notes and no pictures). Glad to say that I am no longer in the stone age (Digital camera, voice recorder, computer with wireless broadband internet card, and a printer I rarely use). I use HomeGauge software and it has served me well. The people at HomeGauge have added a great feature in the newest version which allows the user to display / store the reports in pdf format right from the program (keeps the file size down to a minimum). I always try to deliver the report on site. First I g
  3. Looking for someone with training and/or experience that is willing to work part time / full time. Please contact me at kenmelton@cox.net
  4. What is the code around there? ICC 2003 states: R905.2.8.4 Sidewall flashing. Flashing against a vertical sidewall shall be by the step-flashing method.
  5. "making a little change is fine with me, but I am with Fritz. Reminds me of Home Warranties sold by agents at the closing table" Thats hitting below the belt. First of all, PayPal is a viable product. Just read the positive remarks throughout this post. Secondly, most home warranties are a POS. Lastly, you compared me to a real estate agent. YUK! Just out of curiosity, do either one of you guys see any benefit in PayPal for a guy that would like to accept other forms of payment? I would say many do. I never meant any harm so I have edited my origional post to state I get a referral fee. I
  6. "That "WAHB68M2ADHXS" on the web address gives Ken a kickback when somebody signs up. That is why he has also posted on inspectionnews.com" I signed up for PayPal because I had no means to accept any form of payment other than cash or check. I also serve out of town buyers that need to pay me before I do inspections for them. I am pleased to have that ability now. A few days later, PayPal sent me an email and they said that they would pay me an incentive for referrals. So, I looked at a few websites from other inspection companies to see if they had the capability of taking online payments
  7. I just added PayPal to my website. Now its easier for me to get money for my inspections, especially from out of town clients.It gives me the ability to accept payments online with all the major credit cards with NO MONTHLY FEE. Transaction charge is 2.9% + $0.30. I have the option of leaving the money in my PayPal bank account or transferring the money to my bank. I also got a PayPal Debit Master Card that pays me back 1% on purchases. So, if I leave the money in my PayPal account and use the card, it essentially brings my transaction fees to 1.9% + $0.30. I get a small referral fee for those
  8. I've seen plenty of roofs with vertical sheers through a number of courses, but your pictures do not reflect that. Your pictures look like diagonal sheers. It's almost as if the roof structure was exposed to a strong force (Wind?) at a gable end and the roof structure moved from end to end. The lower part of the roof structure would remain stationary as the ridge would move the most. Especially if supports were 24 on center and roofer was short on nails for sheathing. Sounds far fetched, but if the shingles were brittle enough (winter), I could invision this. Anyone setting off bombs in the ne
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