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  1. My intention wasn't to be snide. A 90 kb photo would pretty much be worthless, because the detail would be lost. I have your e-mail address. If you'd like me to zap you a photo or two, I'm happy to oblige.
  2. Hmmm, some things never change on this forum. Any look is better than no look. When it isn't safe to use a 40+ foot ladder to hop onto a roof, an aerial photograph can be exceedingly helpful. Photos taken by my drone are 14 megs, and can be zoomed in upon. I tried to upload an example, but anything over 90 kb gets rejected here.
  3. Bill just makes shit up, Chad. You haven't figured that out, yet?
  4. 1975, per Preston's. It's a champ, and it should receive a proper burial when it passes.
  5. This poll is without merit. The most important skill isn't even on the list. What good is a home inspector without his most finely-honed craft? That of which I speak, of course, is Kung fu.
  6. Gary, dude, I would never. I realize the consequences of doing so would be . . . severe. Don't misunderstand. I'm not anti-hunting. It's just that anyone who has a gazillion deer heads on his walls is absolutely overcompensating for SOMETHING. The same is true for someone who wants to kill a bunch of animals that aren't eaten. In my opinion . . .
  7. I have a TIR, as well. Ben found ours at 2K off retail, which was nice. IR cameras are strange beasts. You can point one at an obvious problem and receive no confirmation at all. But ... they can also reveal issues you couldn't have known about otherwise. I've founds tons of leaks after running water in a bathroom, and then scanning a drywall ceiling beneath the bathroom. You can also see chimney-flashing issues by scanning drywall beneath chimneys. I've scanned tons of EIFS walls, but have never found confirmations of moisture. I don't know if that's a lack of understanding on my part, or if the EIFS is too thick. IR cameras aren't magical, but they absolutely are helpful. Mine has 120 x 160 resolution, which isn't terrific, but 340 x 340 was 10K more when I bought the TIR.
  8. I get it when it's for food, too. But if my dog were roaming through the woods, digging on life, doing what dogs do? He shouldn't have his brains blown out simply because he exists. If someone can outrun the deer, wrestle the deer to the ground, and beat the deer in a fair fight, maybe then the deer should become a trophy. But to sit in a tree stand and use a rifle to shoot the deer from afar? That's nothing to be proud of. That's something a p*ssy should be ashamed of.
  9. Tamko is more of a rapper than a singer. Even though he's a cheeseball, I'd go with Justin Timberline.
  10. Actually, if you apply Euclidean geometry, that scuttle is pretty much perfectly sized. I'm surprised you're not aware of this, Rob.
  11. This is supposed to be the latest and the greatest. Check out the video. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/02/techn ... .html?_r=0
  12. Wow, as a Hungarian, I'm amazed anyone else (here) knows about such. I wanna sit next to Bain at the meeting. Trust me, no you don't. Bring penicillin. This is exactly why I will be forced to be stern and the symposium will be fun! Douglas, San Fran would be nearly as nice as Detroit! Indeed, but don't forget that Chad actually ENJOYS being punished. Not that there's anything wrong with that . . .
  13. And what about a Krav Maga seminar, for dealing with intransigent realtors or sellers? Those skills would have come in handy for Mike Lamb a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Joe, I posted a bunch of hi-res photos of that building a few years ago. They should be easy to find with a search.
  15. A meeting with a mission statement? An agenda, maybe? Wheee! That sounds like SO much fun! What's wrong with instead simply wanting to get together to meet all the interesting, quirky, funny, smart people we've been tapping posts to for many, many years? Sure, we should try to accomplish something, if only for ourselves, but no way do I want to travel a thousand miles to sit next to Jim Katen's ass in a classroom. Life is short. There's nothing odious about wanting to have some fun . . . which is not to say we wouldn't learn something while doing it. Making something like this overly serious removes much of the enjoyment from it. Just an opinion. (One question which MUST be addressed, of course, is whether Gary Blum, Rob Jones and I would wind up in jail together for some puerile, idiotic stunt we pulled during a weak moment.)
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