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  1. Could it be from a recent pest control treatment? I have seen powder residue after the pest control company left. It is usually at all weeps though.
  2. Looks like a pretty firm NO! Well, I guess I should think on this awhile and consider changing my modus operandi. I forgot to mention that the plumber that questioned my friend about me calling out the shut-off is the sellers brother and the original plumber who plumbed the house. She, the seller, called him to fix it. Thanks for the thoughts, Buster
  3. Had a conversation with a friend last night who is also an inspector. A plumber had called him and asked did he operate the water shut-offs under sinks, at toilets, etc. He asked the plumber why and he said that he was asked to replace a water shut-off called out by another inspector. My friend asked who did the inspection and it was me. My friend does not check them for operation and the plumber had said your just gonna cause a leak if you do operate them. I had started checking them in 2003 or 2004 when I first started in this business after a client called me and was unhappy that his shut-offs were frozen and he wanted to change out a faucet set. He said if he had known he would have asked for a plumber to repair them during his negotiations. Ever since then I have checked the operation of all shut-offs. My question is what do all of ya'll do in regards to testing the shut-offs at fixtures. Buster
  4. The first was green without vinyl and the second was silver with a black vinyl top. Second one never got the attention it deserved, I was in college and money was tight. I like the bottom picture! I sure didn't mind lighting 'em up. I could do that from a second gear start. My home town wasn't so big back then and my Mom said she could always hear me coming, pretty much hear me all over town. Headers with some Thrush just a' hanging and it was pretty loud. I thought it sounded great, I should probably go give all my old neighbors a hug for putting up with me back then.
  5. I have had two '67 mustang coupes, but, my dream car is a '67 or '68 fastback. I never had the money to do much with the first two. My first car was a '67 mustang that my dad gave 600.00 for back in '74. I rebuilt the little 289 in the summer of '75 between two-a-day workouts and eventually did enough to get down to 13.90's in the 1/4 with a ford toploader, 4.11 single track and some JC Penney retreaded slicks. Man those were the days! Oh yeah, it was that ugly Ford puke green and I loved that car!
  6. I spent almost fifteen years at one Fire Station in southeast Fort Worth. This is an area known locally as Stop Six, it has long been an area of gang warfare and violence. It is popular in this area to shoot guns into the air to welcome in the New Year--heck it must have been New Years every shift I was over there! But the story i was going to tell involved our station AC. One morning I came in and the off going shift said that the back AC had quit working during the night and we should get building maintenance out to check it out. This was mid-July so I made that phone call rather quickly. The city AC guy came out later in the morning and headed up to the roof. A little later he came down with a bullet and a piece of copper tubing that had a gouge and a deformed spot. Evidently during the night the unit took a hit and lost it's freon. The units are roof mounted and not visible from ground level. The AC guy said there was a hole in the top of the unit almost directly above the spot the copper was hit. I wish we had taken a few pictures. The AC guy was keeping the bullet and copper to show the other guys in his shop. We invited him to stay for lunch--he said, "No Thanks!"
  7. My bet is that if you had pulled the cover you would have found some old flat twin lead tv antennae wire.
  8. You know the sad thing is that even with the larger hole, whoever did that had to work at it to get all nine in there. What a dope! How was the rest of th electrical.
  9. I was still wondering if anybody knew of any significance of the pressure side refrigerant line being cold versus warm or hot?
  10. I was always taught that 15 to 22 degrees was the range for temperature differentials. I do take them, but, I know some people don't think much of the practice. I have thermometer with a lase rpointer. Technically I beleieve you are supposed to measure at the plenum just passed the evaporator coil. Usually I find the closest register. The outside temperature on this day was 75 degrees. I just found it odd the high pressure line was cold. Usually it is warm and if there is some trouble the line can be very hot, indicating low freon, clogged coil fins, etc. So I was just wondering if anyone knew what a cold high pressure line could indicate.
  11. On an inspection today I had a temp differential of 5 degrees. The unit was blowing 65 degree air and I had 70 degrees at the return. The high pressure line was cold, does this have any significance? I suggested they have the unit checked, but, I was curious about the cold high pressure line.
  12. Well, more checking and some replies over at Inspection News and I am learning some new stuff. The rating is based on the whole package and when I sent in the info to Trane I did not include the blower package. My blower motor comes on at about 10 to 20% speed and after a minute or two ramps up to full speed. It repeats the same process when it goes off. I spoke to an old AC friend and he confirms that the use of a 2 speed system can increase a SEER rating, although, he said the best thing was to give Trane all my info and let them tell me the SEER rating for the complete system. I re-sent my complete system model numbers and serial numbers to Trane and am waiting to hear back from them. Thanks for the replies.
  13. I don't know if it is cheap or not, but, it is not necessary to put a gfci outlet in each location required if the circiut has been run in series. It is generally a standard practice to run the required outlets in series, use one GFCI to protect the downstream outlets, whether it is for a kitchen or a bathroom. The GFCI outlet was designed for this type of application. I agree it could be a pain in the butt to look for the first outlet in the series, but, in actuality it is usually more convenient than going out to the panel and resetting a GFCI breaker. To say each outlet in a bathroom or kitchen should have its own GFCI is similar to saying each outelt or switch should be individually breakered. Nobody is going to do that because it, also, is not necessary.
  14. If any HVAC gurus are out there today I have a question about my personal house HVAC SEER rating. We recently had a new house built and our builder told us we would have a 14 SEER system. They AC company set Trane XR 13 outside compressors. I checked with the Trane web site and it stated the XR 13 can be a 13 or 14 SEER unit. So I let it go figuring it must be 14 SEER, we have been very pleased with our builder and they had been quick to take care of any concerns I voiced. I kept thinking about it and decided to check a little further. I sent to Trane the model numbers of the inside coil and outside unit. They sent me an ARI certification stating my set up was a 13 SEER system. I took that to my builder and he said that I was correct that the units were 13 SEER, but, since they use a 2 speed blower system they get a 14 SEER rating. What do ya'll think. It makes some sense, but, after three years of inspecting I am always a little suspicious of builders and subv-contractors. Thanks, Buster
  15. The yoke or strap is the frame of the device. So a duplex receptacle or a switch plug combo could be configured to have a multiple circuit to it with each outlet individually breakered, in that instance, the two breakers of the multi wire circuit should be tied together with either a tie bar or a two-pole breaker so that both circuits can be de-energized for maintenace or repair. Buster
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