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  1. I also have been using ISN for over a year know and absolutely love it. Integration with my report writing software (whisper), QuickBooks, and other programs, is also a plus. I maintain better communications with my clients now than I ever did on my own. Great mobile app to boot.
  2. I got talking to one of my clients on a 1-year warranty inspection about our prior military service (him: Airforce, me: Army). Before I left he asked if I liked to play golf. I told him that I got to play occasionally but I was by no means a pro. However, he ended up giving me a complete set of mens and womens clubs, travel cases for the golf bags and multiple other items (gloves, shoes, tees, balls, towels, etc.) He said he had been trying to get rid of them and he didn't even ask for a price discount. I ended up giving him one anyway. I actually got to go play this last weekend (still need practice).
  3. A former Army buddy of mine is looking to purchase a home in Manassas. I am trying to hook him up with a quality home inspection from someone in the area. I told him even though I didn't know anyone personally, I could likely find him someone here on TIJ. Email me if interested and I will send you the property address. Thanks
  4. I can't remember the specific reason or if there is a code for it, but why cant you run the low voltage wiring from the thermostat to the condenser unit in the same conduit as the electrical wiring that runs from the service disconnect box to the condenser unit? Just one of those things where if I am going to tell them its wrong, I want to make sure I know why. Thanks
  5. Thanks Mike. Just wanted to verify that there weren't any exceptions to the rule because the last thing I want is for someone else to come along and say that my statement is incorrect and be able to prove it.
  6. I have been seeing this quite a bit lately and want to know if there is any type of exception that I am not aware of. There is a main panel box (service disconnect) at the power pole outside of the home. Ground wire from a driven ground rod runs into the panel and the grounds and neutrals are bonded. 4 wires (2 hots, ground and neutral) run in conduit underground from the panel at the pole, into the home and feed the distribution panel box in the garage. Here, the ground and neutrals are again bonded. This I know is incorrect. However, is it allowed if there is another main disconnect switch installed in the garage panel box or is the first disconnect switch at the pole the only one that counts. I just can't understand why if it is incorrect, why I am seeing it so often; especially in the municipalities. BTW: I have searched numerous threads on this and I suppose I just haven't quite found an answer for my question Thanks
  7. Got this in an email today. "This comes to us from Tucson Electric Power. Look for any opening in breaker boxes as they are likely to house something we do not want to come in contact with. The pictures show what one of our lineman came across the other day while checking a meter. The critter had climbed up through the knockout hole and was after a mouse. Needless to say, neither he or the mouse made it. " Click to View 68.31 KB Click to View 49.05 KB Click to View 50.06 KB Click to View 41.76 KB Click to View 40.29 KB
  8. I know it was a jumbled description. I was rushing in order to get it posted. When I said main service panel I did mean main disconnect and I meant sub panel when I said distribution panel. I only used the other terms because I was reading through some posts yesterday and ran across one in which someone went to great length describing why you should not say "sub panel". Anyway, I feel that the ground and neutrals should be bonded at the main disconnect panel but the ground wire coming in from the meter led me to believe that the bonding occurred elsewhere. So, even if it is bonded further upstream, it still needs to be bonded at the main disconnect for the structure....correct? Thanks by the way.
  9. Todays house had a 125amp service panel on the exterior and a distribution panel at the garage interior. There were no other panel boxes on the property, just one of those ground-mounted transformer boxes across the street (electric feed to the meter is underground lateral). There are four wires coming into the service panel from the adjacent meter; two hots, a neutral and a solid copper ground wire. There is also an additional solid copper ground wire in the service panel, leading down to a grounding rod below the panel. The thing that is stumping me is that the ground and neutral bars in the service panel are not bonded together. I am assuming that the ground/neutral bond is present at the transformer based on the 4-wire feeder from the meter. Is this okay or does the ground/neutral bond have to be accessible at the main service panel? Your thoughts please.
  10. That is a great question! Let me get back to you though...... I am a little busy as I am currently paying bills, fixing computer problems, modifying my report template, etc.
  11. I've been using myfax.com ever since I started. It's $10 a month and works through your email. Thats cheaper than having a standard local hard line phone service (wife and I use cell phones and cable internet). I couldn't pick a local number but the number that they assign you is toll free (866).
  12. It was a straight AC system with a gas furnace. Both units are Goodmans (maybe thats the problem). I agree that it is more than likely an issue with the board. However, the status indicator light showed "all systems go."
  13. I didn't either. Thats why I had to post it to see if anyone else has. The funny thing is, my client originally did not want to get an inspection as it is a new home. Her mother-in-law talked her into it by paying the inspection fee for her. As I was describing the HVAC issue to her, she said "I'm really glad I got that inspection!" Converting clients one day at a time.
  14. Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. I apologize for the brief and hurried description. I am currently multi-tasking and getting into sloppy mode.
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