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  1. Would this be considered "Close to Similar"? Three conductors and one significantly smaller than the other two. Click to Enlarge 74.54 KB
  2. Have always respected this forum and remember meeting some of the senior contributors in 2007 at Watts Radiant in Springfield Missouri. I haven't been very active in HI business lately and have been a QA/QC inspector with an Utility Provider's energy efficiency program the past 5 years or so. I am wondering if there are any Energy Auditors here BPI Certified to audit Multi family buildings in Illinois South of I-80 (Ameren Illinois territory). If so email me at Frank.Peters@csgrp.com. Thanks and keep on keeping on... -Frank Peters
  3. Alfred!!!! You're Fired!!! Click to Enlarge 7.53 KB
  4. They removed a shake roof and installed OSB on the 1x4 sheathing on the rafters. Do they need to install edge clips for the OSB in this instance? They installed OSB sheathing edges butted up to one another.
  5. Found quite a few dead ones in an attic. I do not recognize these. Click to Enlarge 57.37 KB Click to Enlarge 22.5 KB
  6. Plumbed for future PV Solar panels???? Frank
  7. Is this normal? 32 degree outside temp. New construction vacant for 2 years, t-stat set to 63 degrees. Click to Enlarge 44.22 KB Click to Enlarge 58.96 KB Couldn't this be damaging? When I got inside I turned the t-stat up to 65, and the Aux light turned on and the heat pump turned off. Shouldn't the system switch to axillary heat when the outside temp drops below 40 degrees or so? Frank
  8. And whatever you do keep your mouth closed and hold your breath. Frank
  9. Wondering if any of you guys north of I-80, felt anything this morning? Rare Earthquake in DeKalb, IL Frank
  10. Anybody use them before? Are they like a ServiceMagic/pay for a lead company? Been contacted by them a few times the past couple of weeks. Very annoying. http://www.webvisible.com/ Frank
  11. Uh, when did Sewer pipe become approved for dryer vents??? At least they didn't use screws... Click to Enlarge 42.39 KB Click to Enlarge 52.57 KB
  12. A little drift; but I'm wondering how long does your GPS hold a charge. I had an inspection over 45 minutes away, and had it plugged in the whole way there. Then I unplugged the GPS but kept it on. By the time I hit the road it had been around three and half hours, and noticed that the GPS was off. I figured it went into a sleep mode or something, but when I turned it on it flashed low battery and turned itself off again. I've had it for over year and always kept it plugged in or turned it off when I stashed it away when I parked. I guess I just expected it to hold a charge for more than 3 and half hours. Is this the same for most brands? I have a Tom Tom. (I know it's not the best but I'm still content with it, might go with a Garmin once I recalibrate after the holidays) Frank
  13. Jackpot Winner right before the holidays Hopefully the lucky bastard is one of our own. I remember one time the jackpot was around 350 Million and I spent $10, and ended up breaking even. I think I was just as ecstatic as the people that won the big jackpot. Frank
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