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  1. Fiberglass is an approved material for fireblocking around ducts and other penetrations - as long as it's installed so that it securely remains in place. The latter is left open to interpretation.
  2. Sure. They're usually painted gold/bronze or silver. I think it's made by Vanguard and named Thermotronic or Thermosonic or something similar. Early 1960s.
  3. You can easily determine if there's enough downhill slope to the street - and you don't need much. Rent a transit, buy a cheap laser level or even a string level. Sounds like a good situation for a channel drain along this curb.
  4. That's often the case with this type of installation but, Jerry stated this to be new construction.
  5. I think it's just a basic milling machine.
  6. I think folks that take baths might like to sit back and relax. It's probably more comfortable ifn all the protruding bits are at one end.
  7. That's hilarious, Jerry. Now I don't feel so bad about the shit I do.
  8. Around here, there's a nest in every box with an open knock out. Pull it out and the insulation on the wires inside the nest is gone.
  9. PTAC unit - you inspecting a motel?
  10. No issues with the return ducts/vents or blower?
  11. That's a really cool sink. Not original to the house though. Mid 40s through the 50s.
  12. Gotsta stick with the TK series for what we do.
  13. I would say no. A connector shouldn't pass through a wall, partition or housing.
  14. You're not measuring the temperature of the air with that - just surfaces. It is worthless.
  15. Very nice. Doggie approved is most important.
  16. I would think it would have to be an oriented fiber reinforced polymer - which may put the cost at or above wood. I thought that's what has kept plastics out of structural building materials.
  17. I'd bet it's the old Canadian Electrical Box Co.
  18. It doesn't look like the shims are transfering the full 3" of bearing needed for the end of a beam onto concrete. The beam pocket usually gets filled in to prevent "twisting".
  19. I've done similar - more than once. The magic pixies get real angry when you let them out of a circuit.
  20. Multiple mats wired in series?
  21. Mark, Not replacing just adding. Two weeks ago, I purchased the TK47UE for barns and warehouses - very little natural light. They emailed me the same discount code. I have to replace the tailcap switches and switch covers on all Fenix lights every 2-3 years.
  22. 2x10s deflected 1.5" on a 12' span? There's gotta be something else involved.
  23. Thanks Nolan. This is the first I've seen. In my experience, Goodman is only popular here for large developments. Many installers and service techs here still have a strong disdain for Goodman.
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