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  1. I used it for a couple long home runs. It's labelled 14-2-2. 14-4 has black, red, white and blue.
  2. Yes, it's a coupling manufactured by Fernco. I think it's called "Strongback".
  3. Approved flex couplings used underground meet a specific ASTM standard to withstand earth loads/shear. The only one I'm familiar with is shielded (a stainless steel band) and has molded-in bushings.
  4. Probably not for sidewall vent termination. Those usually have a vent safety switch that shuts it down if there isn't adequate natural draft right away. Download and check the manufacturer's instructions
  5. Gas or electric? 2-3 weeks, turn it down to vacation setting. A month or more, I shut it off.
  6. I don't like plastic anything. The fiber cement is really quick and easy. If you dont have one, grab a cheap drywall lift from Craigslist or Horror Fright.
  7. I would choose 4x8 sheets of beaded fiber cement (HardieSoffit).
  8. It ain't the first one. According to neighbors, they rent out the basement to overnight guests.
  9. The water is frozen when it gets here.
  10. Did you try contacting Empire Comfort? (Empire Stove Co.) I'm pretty sure they're still around. Also contact Northern Propane Products. I got some gas light parts there - not the right brand, but it worked.
  11. Well stated, Jim. You also need access to maintain stone foundation walls. http://historicbldgs.com/stonefoundations.htm
  12. Post the exact language in the standards that specifically prohibits cost projections. Does it state "not required to" or prohibit? Are these standards recognized/enforced by any state law? Testing vermiculite for asbestos is completely useless and wasting the homeowners money. There is no correlation between any test results and the actual presence/absence/amount of asbestos fibers in the vermiculite.
  13. Les (Mr. Smooth) shows up and steals all the women. I'd really like to see this building - an excellent story of preservation/adaptive reuse. I also want to see Buffalo. Dad was born and raised there and started his engineering career at Becco Chemicals. Grandpa Kibbel was a plumber at Niagara Hydroelectric. I just recently discovered my Great Grandfather was the plumbing inspector for Buffalo for about 25 years. He also taught advanced plumbing and heating and wrote a book on plumbing. It turns out I've already read his articles in The Journal of Plumbing and Heating and Mechanical Contracting and Plumbing including the article I read decades ago that really helped me understand gravity hot water heating.
  14. If you're serious, I can send anything you need. Done about 45 of these now, including several in NY.
  15. I would prefer glue and screw. Some engineers here insist on bolts.
  16. Hey Chad, I gotta check this place out. Lets put together a couple days of classes here. Adaptive reuse of a former insane asylum in Buffallo, NY
  17. I've seen quite a few in the UK. Don't know why so few here.
  18. Pranus, why do you just paste text copied from other sites? Are you an inspector there in Maharashtra?
  19. It was asked and answered in another post over a year ago.
  20. Repair collars, without the flange, are available.
  21. I think India uses the Britiish IET regulations. 😁
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