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  1. The steepness doesn't help when you account for wind load...
  2. Nicely done. You didn't come off as the least bit nervous and you injected a little humor into what is obviously a pretty dry topic.
  3. I think I can help, Jim. Your problem is that you only have one but they are intended to be placed in pairs. Bad feng shui.
  4. OK...I'll bite. I know it's an old thread but I haven't visited in quite a while. That said, I just HAVE to know just what the horrid "boob lights" are that you refer to. Do they sag? Have some sort of stretch marks? Point in semi-random directions? Are they present in oddly mismatched pairs?
  5. Hi everyone-- Not that anyone likely noticed, but I've been busy so no posts for a long time. However, my stepson is buying a home in Orlando. FL and he asked for inspector recommendations. I've seen the home online, and it was built in 1992, one level measuring something like 2500 square feet. This came up suddenly, so my first (and only) advice has been to be wary of using the inspector the agent might recommend. He currently lives in Nashville, so I'm sure he doesn't truly know the agent. So do any of you personally know someone I could feel safe sending him to? Thanks in advance if so.
  6. Sometimes referred to around here as a drip cap. Unfortunately, not always sloped as it should be in newer homes.
  7. I haven't been here much for several months due to heavy workload, but my stepdaughter is buying a home in Denver and so I need a recommendation for an inspector in the area. I'm too many states away to do it! She's impulsive, and my recommendations to check online for a good inspector have been met with something less than enthusiasm. She's leaning towards going with the agent's recommendation. Any of you guys work that area or know someone who does? Thanks in advance.
  8. My son and other scouts were told to look for lint in their pants pockets when in Boy Scouts and trying to get a campfire started. PS: Mike, you might wanna take a closer look at the spelling in the closing credits!
  9. I had a woman tell me that when she was a kid they had a dryer fire caused by a mouse nest in the vent (presumably) constructed while they were on vacation. Don't newer dryers have thermal fuses to prevent this?
  10. Just curious... I've seen problems with single wall pipe, but has anyone ever seen problems with double wall (B vent) piping closer than 1" to combustibles? Honestly, in 17 years I can't recall that I ever have.
  11. You mentioned that the attic lights didn't work. If you haven't done so, I suggest you look in the attic. It's a dumb place to put one, but I once found a GFCI in one after two hours of searching. (and a garage freezer not working for that time)
  12. I came across a panel in an early 1960's house yesterday with the brand name of Continental embossed on it. Unfortunately, the homeowner had nailed a one by four across it for a closet rod and I couldn't get the cover off. The breaker handles looked like the old GE style. I been doing this almost 18 years and I've never seen this brand before. Are there any known issues with this brand? Has anyone else ever even heard of Continental?
  13. As I recall, the extent of the problem is heavily dependent on the free chlorine levels in the local water supply, and it affected the plastic fitting far more than the poly itself. Especially on the hot water lines. The fittings were a different type of plastic. Delrin, maybe? I don't recall now but they aren't poly. Copper fittings per se aren't a problem. I don't see much poly here.
  14. From what I can see, the interior details look nice. Personally, I like a simple, minimalist look if the other architectural details support it. But as Jim hinted, SYP doesn't play well with temperature and (especially) moisture exposure/changes. I suspect that the siding will be doing the "twist and shout" and working it's way off the home shortly. 30-80 year old cedar or cypress looks better around here in a similar climate than 5 year old pine--even if was carefully back primed and painted.
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