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  1. I am going to see him Friday and will check if he has any complimentary tickets left for me. Problem is my wife, Concetta, is insisting she attend if it comes together!
  2. thanks for the information. However, I think we have to be mindful about the topic. Insurance coverage and legal indemnification are not synonymous. I am sure you agree that everyone must read and understand what their coverage is and establish a good working relationship with there insurer. Thanks for your input on this board, we all have learned "stuff" from your participation!
  3. we typically see the stainless banded ones in direct burial. We call them ferncos regardless.
  4. Thanks Stephanie. that was an educational post!
  5. Les

    Ice Dam at my house

    you can use regular lawn weed and feed.
  6. never said that about my photos!
  7. how old are the houses in the foreground? nice shot
  8. three, four, two, one Three is "frame-able" nice
  9. I don't worry about the romaine lettuce. My main worry is the white powder when opening emails!
  10. Hey John, I agree with Bill, but would have no problem broaching the orifice. You know what I learned from your post? I spell orifice wrong 99% of the time!
  11. Erby, my first read of your comment was "autistic eye". Mike sees thing we look at.
  12. I also give general ranges. I really do try to get it "right", but sometimes miss the total by hundreds or thousands of dollars. For example - the house has a negative grade. I report it. I tell them it can be a week end project for you or it could be 8-900 dollars. they get a landscape artist and it costs 4,000 dollars. But, they had more done than my minimalist estimate. I and other inspectors in my company have never had serious blowback from giving estimates. My least favorite is water heaters. Around here they can be from 800 to 4000 on any given day. If I really don't know the price range of a furnace, I should brush up on my inspector skill set.
  13. I have been allocated one more fifty pound pill for 2019 and am prepared to use it for just this occasion!
  14. Denny, I would not use it. But I am old and, like Chad, have an aversion to falling. Biggest field issue I have with inspectors is their use of ladders. Always too horizontal.
  15. nice! I especially like the woman's leg.
  16. house not so good. does not look to be in very good condition, but you can fix anything with enough money. You will need some money to fix that one. Get a real inspector.
  17. a pleasant reminder of my good sense in divorcing my first wife.
  18. little details often get past our observations. This is the sort of embellishment I would love to have on my home!
  19. Pretty much the same as Jim K's experience. Have not used them for several years. I also used medical glass slides epoxied across crack - broken = movement. What that means is what ever you want it to mean.
  20. nice job! radio is more difficult than one would think. you sound like a million bucks!
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