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  1. The stumps have to go. Well, you could leave them in and let someone else deal with them later. They will rot and it will settle. I don't think I would be worried about termites. You can eradicate them.
  2. I think your input is always good. Just a difference of opinion between two different entities! thanks for making all of us think.
  3. there are not enough words to express how disappointed I am with this article. I really think you are out of your lane of expertise and no amount of anecdotal information will make it valid information. The only exception is the paragraph where you quote Joe Ferry. He is an atty and he is knowledgeable about the subtleties of legal advice. Insurance companies and home inspectors are generally not lawyers. My strong opinion is this: Go to your attorney and/or tax person and get legitimate advice; not legal zoom and "make money now blogs"
  4. got the photo available? which book? how old is the text?
  5. I will be there! I never miss the opportunity to sit in these classes and heckle! Years ago I sat all the way through one of Bill's presentations and never said one word! He is good! Katen will humble you with his knowledge of all things electrical! Looks like Chad is finishing up the session on Sunday with code stuff. I'm having a good breakfast on Sunday and be ready for him. Just about all of the inspectors in our company will be there and soaking up knowledge from these guys!
  6. Aubri, do not encourage Marc. Next thing you know, he will be teaching us something! This article was pretty good.
  7. Well I know that you can make anything an issue and often it is just buyer remorse. I suppose it could be removed and recycled. I can just about guarantee 6-8 new houses were wet sprayed today in Mid-Michigan. I own a Pest control company and would not hesitate to sign off if warranted. Maybe more going on then they are telling. I have known the Applegate family for generations. Very nice people. I have inspected for many family and corporate members .
  8. We have seen lot of applications. Apparently a local company kinda pioneered it - Applegate Insulation. The binder often was a cornstarch with a borate. tolerate water better than you would think.
  9. I worked as a consultant on a house on Beaver Island Michigan that flew the crew in and out each day. Supposedly it was a security effort, but how in the hell can you fly to an island in Lake Michigan every day and not know where you are? It all pays the same - fighting and marching!
  10. I sure would have called it older. I caught myself looking at the data plate for a zip code, only to realize it is Canadian!
  11. here in Michigan it is more like $450 for same specs.
  12. we hire holders. They shadow us at about 10', seldom speak unless asked, usually younger (to carry ladders), long slender fingers and prehensile thumbs for data entry, journeyman photographers, and graduates of Acme Charm School and Dance Academy. We have only lost one - reached over the inspector's shoulder to point out a double-tap, while the cover was off the entrance panel.
  13. how does the tether work outside of the United States?
  14. The crazy shirt idea may be a good thing to do! Jim will be at the front, so he will have to present a scholarly image, but you and I can go nuts! Maybe we can get Kibble to wear something without a collar and I know Chad has some old concert shirts!
  15. Jim, After seeing that shirt I may have gone the other way! Good to see you guys meeting up!
  16. Frederick, would help if you told us a little about your conpany. thanks and good luck with the growth!
  17. wit, guile and charm. This kind of content makes TIJ what it is.
  18. how did you write it. not looking for verbatim, rather how was it reported? This info is what i learned today; january 18th, 2020.
  19. Michael, insertion of another link was not what I expected from you. I would suggest you tell us something about your company other than puffery. If you want to advertise, then contact Mike Brown site administrator. In the meantime, tell us something. Your audience here at TIJ is different than most inspector boards; they are typically well established knowledgeable inspectors that are difficult to bs.
  20. Bustmold, tell us a bit more about you and your company.
  21. I deleted the entire post. it was over six years old and just a link dropper.
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