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  1. Marc

    Chicago inspection question

    So,,, a high loop is better than a backwater valve?
  2. Marc

    3 inspection photos you should take to manage your risk

    Taking photos is like choosing words. Adding many more doesn't fix the few well chosen ones that you missed. You may have much experience in claims but you're at the tail end trying to fix something. We're at the beginning trying to create that something.
  3. Marc

    Yet another furnace age question, Old Airco

    Isn't there a fan relay between the fan/limit control and the motor? Relays make humming noises when the magnetic faces become too corroded to make good contact.
  4. Marc

    3 inspection photos you should take to manage your risk

    I'm not with the school that says to take a zillion photos. I take a lot but much less than Mike L. 15 years and I've never had a problem. I don't want to start now with even more photos and forever give everyone a chance to find something, however small, to nail me down unless I pay exorbitant sums. JMHO This vendor shoulda been moderated. I come here seeking to get away from them.
  5. Marc

    Stand By Generators not to Code!

    Just when we think we've reached the top of the ladder, there's yet another rung. The rungs don't appear until you've arrived. I look for the one call Modesty. I see in others who have arrived and hope to reach it myself someday.
  6. I doubt that appraisals have much influence on a buyer's perception of the value of the house once they've seen it. It just either opens wide or closes shuts the door on the prospect of purchasing it. With so few entities mandating home inspections, I don't this coming our way.
  7. Marc

    AFCI Protection (Refrigerators)

    All refrigerators have a start relay that generates sparks but I wold imagine that the AFCI circuitry would have been engineered to disregard such sparks. There may be something else going on that causing the tripping.
  8. Jim, its hard to forget your tendency to experiment with things. Were you a scientist in a prior life?
  9. Marc

    Tub Step-Down

    Reminds me of the rule that landings on either side of an exterior door should be the same approximate elevation (with one or more exceptions). It should be applied to built-in showers.
  10. Marc

    Tub Step-Down

    No, it's an interesting situation. There's simply no one who can see anything wrong with it. Maybe it falls in the category of stupid. I wouldn't do that in my house.
  11. Marc

    Raised stair nosing

    Brickwork on the ceiling?
  12. Marc

    Pump run on reversed hot and neutral

    Look for a short in the circuit if the breaker trips with the pump disconnected, otherwise a defective pump motor or defective breaker.
  13. Marc

    Pump run on reversed hot and neutral

    If that motor is a shaded pole motor, it might run backwards if the shaft happens to be rotating in that direction when power is applied. I don't know if there is a check valve on the pumps to prevent water from flowing backwards when the pump hasn't power. I sometimes diagnose defective run capacitors on AC condenser motors by manually spinning the fan blade with power applied. Occasionally, I'd get the rotation wrong and the fan would come up to full speed running backwards.
  14. Poor thing. Probably couldn't jump high enough to get out.
  15. Flipped houses always make me work harder for my money. In my area, new ones too.
  16. Marc

    Post Frame Construction Home

    Does the Zip wall R sheathing retain the structural ratings of the original Zip sheathing?
  17. Squirrels love to bite into it. I dunno why.
  18. Marc

    Post Frame Construction Home

    Ya know, I wonder if anyone's ever considered SIPs installed in the spaces between the posts of a post-framed house? Use 6X6 posts and 6" SIPs.
  19. Marc

    Post Frame Construction Home

    I think Tom means thermal bypass in the walls.
  20. Marc

    Galvanized steel water pipe and cancer?

    In California, toothpaste causes cancer. So does the box that it comes in. This concludes my rant.
  21. Marc

    Post Frame Construction Home

    Regarding 'pole barn' and 'post framed': pole and post are two different things right? Pole is round and in the ground and post is rectangular and above ground, anchored atop a poured-concrete pile, yes?
  22. Because it's mostly about vendors selling their wares. My reason for going is that the two founders of the inspectedhouses.com program that I've just bought into will be there. They'll meet with me in private to explain the workings of the program. The silent tutorials that they have did not help at all.
  23. Yeah, good approximation. I'm getting into seller inspections and this conference will give me roots.
  24. Marc

    Wait for it....

    Having fun on the job.