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  1. Thanks for your help Marc. Why do you say they punched a hole in the side of the indoor section? And if they did can this still be remedied?
  2. I had two furnaces installed in the attic last month. These are vertical units that they installed on the floor of the attic with the evaporator coil being on top of the furnace. I have attached some pics. I have a couple of concerns and wanted to get your input on these. The weight of the furnaces is not supported by any ceiling joists, it's essentially sitting between the two ceiling joists on the plywood floor board. You can even see the floor board sagging a bit under it. There is no other support for the unit. Is this acceptable? And if not what should I ask the contractor
  3. Yeah, that's possible, it's an HVAC unit and there was a lot of water around it so I'm not sure that the defrost would generate that much water, but I don't know.
  4. Did you see any damage? There can be a lot of reasons for that. Maybe someone added more soil in the last several years and mother nature hasn't had a chance to compact it yet. Some pictures would help. One establishing shot then several localized shots. Marc I did not see any damage but the bricks were definitely wet on the outside from the moisture. I will try to get some pics tomorrow.
  5. House constructed in 1979. It's on a flat lot with standard grading on a crawl space. No flower bed.
  6. Hey guys, So I was looking at a house that had two visible problems and wanted to see what you guys thought. The first was leaking AC unit that has been leaking for quite some time because the ground around is very soggy and gives in quitr a bit. It's right next to the foundation (crawl space) so wanted to see if this moisture could have damaged the foundation if it's been this way for a while. The other issue I found is that pretty much all the ground within 1 foo1 of the house is very soft and basically sinks when you stand on it, it gives about an inch when you stand on it. What wou
  7. Thank you guys for the replies. Good point about wood destroying insects, didn't think about that. The tree was only cut down 2 years ago. I did not see any cracks.
  8. Hey guys, looking to buy a house and noticed a big tree stump about 2.5 feet diameter, about 2 feet from the crawl space. House is 20 years old so I'm not sure if the tree was there when it was built. Could a big tree growing that close to the foundation of the house have caused some problems with the footings, foundation below ground due to the growing roots? Thanks you!
  9. Hello everyone. We're currently looking to buy a house and one we're considering has had some major crawl space foundation work and I wanted to see what you guys thought about the type of work done and whether it would be red flag. House was built in 1982 and around 1998 they noticed the floor sagging and some separation at one of the walls. So they had some work done to remedy this in the crawl space but apparently the work was not done to code or done very well. So they again noticed some sagging and some high spots in the floor a couple of months ago and are currently getting it addressed a
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