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  1. Trying to find why there's a leak around my dads Toto seat toilet. Touched the metal.braided supply line and it.was hot. Touched it again and for some reason it shocked me again. Whoda thunk? Their bells and whistles are cord connected to an outlet. 19 years old.
  2. No worries about bad stuff growing in it during long term shut off?
  3. If I'm out of town for 2 weeks is it OK to just turn the WH off for that period? Any yuck to worry about? How bout if I'm gone for 2 months? Tank need to be emptied to prevent yuck?
  4. Our house is 27 yrs old and has a loop. My dad installed the return and used the thinner wall copper. It's been springing up leaks. I think the constant flow with the different metal circulating pump is what is getting to it. I've just shut it off and now have to exist like a common man. 1st world problems. That small heater tank next to the sink till the hot gets there sounds good.
  5. Here's the cause. Holes and or pins get worn out. Even though they have a lifetime warranty the LG rep said they are fine.
  6. LG boy said it was fine? I'll set it up when it quits raining and check it out a little more thoroughly, like Jim mentioned.
  7. Hardly ever have my LG ladder out and fully extended anymore. I know, it's sad. But I did have it extended the other day and it sure looked tweaked. Been over a year since I used it professionally and I just don't remember it having this much of a hyper back joint bend to it. Is this just the way they are and no big deal?
  8. Used to be big rallys on that day around here, but now that it's legal, nothing. A lot less cash in the community. Many stores have folded up. Lots of out of state folks came in and paid big bucks for grow property and now not much money in it. Lost logging to the tree huggers. Lost the dunes for atv's from the plant huggers. Lost wackie to the large growers. I'm 80% over the rib deal, but that last 20 sometimes takes a long time. Going to UCSF Monday to see a highly regarded orthopedic doc regarding my wife's knee/ACL situation. Meantime her leg is turning into a noddle on her.
  9. Seems like the knee problem is gone. I got some marathon running shoes designed for running on concrete and the heel thing is gone. I can put bad shoes on and it does not come back, of course I don't do a long hike etc. in the bad shoes. Last day of ski vacation a person on the far right of the chair lift decides they want to go off to the left when getting off. He crosses over onto the tails of my wife's skis, spins her out, falls on her, breaks her tibia, and snaps the ACL. On 4-20 I trip on our deck and slam my ribs into a metal chair. Too much fun.
  10. Forgot to click notify me. See, I'm out of it.
  11. I did 2 houses in one day maybe twice. Usually spent 2.5 > 3.5 looking and that time plus an hour more per doing the reports. Easy to do when you don't get much work. Never hurts to do your best other than the RE's hating the reports. I'm 4 months retired now. Best job I ever had. It was just starting to roll, too. After a mere 10 years. I took a quick look, 20 minutes, at a house for a friend today just to see if it was worth going further. Felt weird checking one out again. I had trouble loading pictures on the PC, being out of it and all. Young folks getting out of college, not finding rewarding work, paying off loans, yikes. My younger son could have just walked right into my gig, but nooo, dada dumb. Better to get into drug land. He's crawling out of that stuff, but geeze. I just turned the light off to a great gig. Don't worry about me. I'm going up to Tahoe for a month ski vaca in March. Then another month car camping around the Sierra Nevada mtns. Pray for me! ha
  12. Her idea to raft that day. Her idea to ride the bike.
  13. A good realtor who knew I retired in October called me yesterday trying to sucker me into an inspection. Explained no insurance, etc. She finally gave up. It twere the best job I ever had, yet feels great to be done with it all. I'll be 65 in April. My wife is retiring in a month. That's when extended trips will start. We're going to stay a month at Lake Tahoe in March. Also, gots me a crewcab pu (poor mans motorhome) for extended travel/campouts. My wife drove the pu to the take-out for this float trip while I was putting the raft together, parked it, then rode the 45 minutes back on her mtn. bike, which is sitting in the back of the raft.
  14. Pic of when I first got my cell ph out and the other is the deer's wtf moment.
  15. So, on Jan 1 the wife and I did a float. Pretty dang cold in the shady canyons, but once out in the sunshine we felt like we were next to the pool at some fancy hotel. There we sat minding our own business when I saw a young buck coming towards us from upstream on the right where those larger rocks are. It kept coming towards us. Mentioned to my wife to keep still and don't slurp your beer, a deer is coming, where she says? Right next to the water. Can't see it in this photo, but it came right up to that mound in front of us before it got that wtf look and started moving off to the right looking a little embarrassed for not spotting us earlier. Boy, that was a close one. ha
  16. You should have seen it 3 years ago before the bladder tumor was yanked out!
  17. I have about half of those symptoms. My heel felt a little weird all day yesterday. Went and did two laps on the 700 footer. Woke up this morning and no pain at all. Retirement is cool. Sometimes I don't have phone with me. When I do if I don't recognize a ph number I don't pick it up. Fire up my main puter 1/3 as much. Have less fondness for Realtors. Not missing the crap houses at all. Things could be worse.
  18. I backed off this ache twice and when it started bugging on walking concrete I've backed off that. Seems to be coming along. I do a couple of laps on a 700 vertical hill once or twice a week. Jog downhill and the knee barely knows it. I would of given up the attic joist crawl if I were still doing inspections. Seemed like a great idea at the time. When crawling below the house it's not often that there is a straight 90 degree angle of pressure. A few years back I did my first 6+ mile walk around SF with my wife, her idea. My right heel has been slightly pissed off ever since. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and can barely put any weight on it, then after about 5 minutes it's 98% gone. The joys of concrete.
  19. About 6 months before I retired, 10-15, I started doing more under sink inspecting by being on my knees, like my son's father-in-law does all the time who has been in the trades forever. After a while my knees started feeling a little weird. I backed off, but a few weeks later I came up with the brilliant idea of getting some nice knee pads to use in low clearance attics so I could knee my way out over ceiling joists. Wrong. Started making my knees feel crappy again. I could still go on hikes and bike rides with little effect. My retirement came and that was the end of those moves. Well, I went on a vacation to UK in late September, which was after no more joist action, and ended up doing a lot of pavement walking, like 7+ miles on 7 different occasions. That started my right knee talking to me. I also did a bunch of trail hiking, but it was after the concrete stuff that it would bother me. Since I got back there has been no more concrete walking for me. It's bicycle or no go. It's been 7 weeks since I quit the crete and am feeling much better. Just standing on concrete would bug me. It's that right angle move where your tibia is pushing up laterally across your femur that seems to be the problem.
  20. My phone has been screwed up for over a week now. And the internet has been messed up by the fires. But, not that big a deal when you're not running a business off it. This was last Saturday on the South Fork of the American River just east of Sacramento. My 29yr old son's boat. We did 21 miles in 5.5hrs. I got chucked out once and he got chucked out once. We had a blast.
  21. Thanks all!! Here was a reenactment of that crash John, 10 months later. Fb me if you want to see what some retired HI's do, or not.
  22. I hope my friends do. Some people in my neighborhood gave/give me as much credit as if I had become a Realtor. ha.
  23. It's crazy. My business is finally going primo, after just 11 years. If I were 35 I would be in like Flint. But, being out like Flint aint so bad either.
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