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  1. Mike, Just for the fun of it, where is the low voltage transformer? On a split system, when you call for cooling, doesn’t the outdoor relay/contactor click on even if you don’t have power to the unit? If there is no power to the unit due to a blown fuse or circuit breaker being turned off, I suspect that you may still hear the contactor turning on or off. Jeff
  2. John, See attachment. Jeff Oily Residue 0110DB0301[1].pdf
  3. Kimi, I am starting to see more gas tankless water heaters in my area. However, most of them have the same problems. They may not activate with low water flow. I often have to turn on two sinks at the same time to get the water heater to turn on. This seems to get worse with time. (may be related to the hard water conditions that we have here) I have only seen two electric tankless water heaters. They seem to draw a ton of electricity while in use. Also, the water seemed to take longer to heat up. Good luck with your choice Jeff
  4. In my area, we have AZBO (Arizona Building Officials) that puts on educational seminars throughout the year. In your area, I see that you have Iowa Association of Building Officials (IABO) that also does educational seminars. You might want to check them out. Jeff
  5. Thanks Jim.... Good information. Jeff .
  6. What is this blue thing on the dryer 30 amp breaker and what is it supposed to be used for? None of the other breakers had one. Thanks, Jeff Euriech Click to Enlarge 52.54 KB Click to Enlarge 52.37 KB
  7. Would the flat spots (indentations) on the neutral wires where they were previously tightened, be an area of concern? Thank, Jeff Euriech Download Attachment: 1A 100116 014.JPG 681.08 KB
  8. John, I know that the attachment is not from your area. However, it will give you some of the more commonly used numbers. See page 2. Jeff . Download Attachment: Gas Meter 2009 Requirements 3885.pdf 261.24 KB
  9. The state and city requirements here say, "A swimming pool, or other contained body of water that contains water eighteen inches or more in depth at any point and that is wider than eight feet at any point and is intended for swimming, shall be protected by an enclosure surrounding the pool area." The key words are, "intended for swimming." A koe pond is not intended for swimming or bathing and would not be required to be protected. However, I feel that a small child can just as easily fall into a koe pond and drown as in a swimming pool. I always recommend a barrier for any water over 18 inches deep for increased safety reasons. So far, all buyers have been in agreement with me. Jeff
  10. I inspected a fourplex about four weeks ago. One unit had a wood burning fireplace with vertical cracks on the exterior chimney. Could someone explain to me what might have caused these cracks? (the fourplex was built back in 1973) Most of the cracks that I saw were vertical in nature on at least two sides of the chimney. The cracks tended to outline the flue area. The seller is going to have the chimney torn down to the roof line and rebuilt. What should the contractor do differently to prevent the cracks from reoccurring in the future? On the third picture, the layers of block appear to be at different heights on two different sides. Would this contribute to potential future problems when they go to rebuild the chimney? Thanks, Jeff Euriech Download Attachment: Chimney 001.JPG 696.93 KB Download Attachment: Chimney 003.JPG 627.62 KB Download Attachment: Chimney 062.JPG 483.1 KB Download Attachment: Chimney 065.JPG 389.98 KB
  11. Information related to becoming a home inspector in Arizona is listed at this web address: http://www.btr.state.az.us/forms/home_inspectors.asp It also has links to approved schooling. I believe some online course are approved if tied in with an approved school. Jeff .
  12. If I were to guess: A. Different Freon. (refrigerants) B. Different manufactured dates. Different model years. C. Came from two different plants. D. One is a heat pump and one is an air conditioner. Do you have both data plate pictures that we can see? Jeff .
  13. Marc The seal weep hole had water in it. However, water does not come out when the air handler is off. Condensation must drain pass the hole only. The RA cabinet grill in the entry area was sealed with caulking and I was unable to take it off. However, I did try to take some pictures through the grill. They didn't turn out very well. I can see a p-trap and what looks like an air vent. Jeff Click to Enlarge 23.49 KB Click to Enlarge 25.02 KB Click to Enlarge 27.48 KB
  14. My inspection yesterday had two split 5 year old Trane heat pumps. One air handler was in the second floor hall closet. The other air handler was in the garage. When I went by the air handler in the garage, I could hear a gurgling sound as if air was being pulled through water. I found a small square hole by the bottom condensation pipe. (actually between the bottom right primary drain connection and the left secondary drain connection) I have not been able to find the installer's guide for this model air handler. However, other Trane (American Standard) guides call this a "Seal weep hole". What is a seal weep hole and what purpose does it have? Should I be able to hear water gurgling from it? The second floor air handler had no noise coming from it. (p-trap is under the unit in the stand area) Thanks, Jeff Click to Enlarge 34.35 KB Click to Enlarge 41.37 KB Click to Enlarge 29.24 KB Click to Enlarge 25.97 KB
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