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  1. I'm getting the feeling it's LP and not Hardie plank. 🐑
  2. Here are some other images. And yes, I did notice that the Z flashing has been improperly caulked.
  3. I'm pretty sure it is cement board and not LP. I did not think put a knife into it to check. I use Hardie Specs for installation If I think it is cement board. Might this be Certainteed cement board? Tom might be right. I suppose it could be LP.
  4. Well, hopefully the caulk is not a replacement for the butt flashing behind the siding. Water will get behind siding somehow regardless. Hardie does recommend caulking next to window/door trim etc. So caulking failure is inevitable. Jerry may be more spot on as far as a cosmetic concern.
  5. Hardie board does not recommend caulking between siding butt joints. Why?
  6. Is anyone using the FLIR ONE Gen 3 for iPhones? I have an old FLIR 1 I bought around four or five years ago? And it will not hold a battery charge. As a matter of fact, the battery was always a problem. I am not a thermographer. I only use it for jobs that have radiant heat. The one I'm looking at is about $200 so the price is right. Resolution 1440 X 1080. https://www.flir.com/products/flir-one-gen-3/
  7. A past client is moving to San Antonia and was looking for a good inspector. Thanks.
  8. How about something like, "This product is not supposed to be used this way and I cannot predict if this will cause future problems. The seller should provide documentation from a qualified source that the use of this product, as used, will not be a future structural concern." I would also include the Hardie references in the report.
  9. From HardiePlank installation instructions: • HardiePlank lap siding may be installed on flat vertical wall applications only. I would remark in the report that this product is not supposed to be used this way and you cannot predict if this will cause future problems.
  10. I thought there was a code reference that occupants should have access to their main electric disconnects if there is not 24 hr. management? I can't locate that.
  11. It is too cold to run AC around here. Would the corrosion at the suction line connection at the furnace air handler be indicative of a refrigerant leak?
  12. A PVC radon venting pipe coming out of the floor in a crawlspace has a sound like water running or trickling in it. Is this an important concern?
  13. You got it on the last one. 😁 The image is from roots growing through a stone foundation onto drywall. Here is another version.
  14. Sister Verona's Hot Sauce can be purchased - so far - at four Chicagoland locations. But if you're not in the neighborhood we can work something out. I will message you.
  15. I use Facebook and Instagram to promote my various adventures – home inspections, my fledgling hot sauce business, my artwork, an occasional nice picture of my family. I don't engage. I promote in a vanilla non-offensive way. I think social media should be pretty much for cute animal pictures and pictures of awesome food. I love seeing great pictures of unhealthy food. And that's about it.
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