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    Flashing at Structural Floors

    Does anyone have a drawing from a reputable source detailing flashing/weeps at structural floors? IRC 1405.4.2 Masonry. Flashing and weep holes in anchored veneer shall be located in the first course of masonry above finished ground level above the foundation wall or slab, and other points of support, including structural floors, shelf angles and lintels where anchored veneers are designed in accordance with Section 1405.6.
  2. Mike Lamb

    Flashing at Structural Floors

    Thanks all. I still don't see any specific drawings relating directly to flashing details at a floor intersection for a wood frame home with brick veneer.
  3. Mike Lamb

    Flashing above window

    Is a flashing required above this stone protrusion above a window. I did see flashing at the lintel directly above the window. Veneer masonry.
  4. I don't recall seeing any waterproofing companies trying to waterproof stone, brick, or leaky CMU foundations a few years ago from inside the basement by covering the walls with a heavy plastic and installing an interior drainage system. It is now a common tactic. I am guessing in about 10 years the cat come out of the bag and foundations will be shown to have serious damage caused by this practice.
  5. Mike Lamb

    Cost Estimates

    I provide ballpark estimates at my client's request. Some people truly do not know if replacing a water heater costs $800 or $8000. I used to include estimates in the report but the headaches I got from this (from sellers and RE agent) made the practice not worth it. I now e-mail estimates after the inspection with this disclaimer: Estimates provided for repairs are based on a limited visual inspection. The actual costs to correct problems may be more or less depending upon a more detailed professional analysis. Mike Lamb and Inspection Connection, Inc. is an inspection and consulting service only. I do not provide repairs of any kind or recommend contractors.
  6. I tried posting this in the Articles forum but it has moved to another location? ?? Moving to the ICC would be great for private inspectors. Trying to search Chgo. Building Code is ridiculous. https://www.iccsafe.org/building-safety-journal/bsj-hits/chicago-takes-next-step-to-modernize-their-building-code-using-the-i-codes/
  7. Mike Lamb

    Flashing above window

    It is a stone veneer so I think Jim has it right. I kind of got protrusion and penetration mixed up.
  8. Mike Lamb

    TPRV - max number of turns

    I thought the, "no more than four 90 degree turns," on a TPRV discharge pipe was a code requirement but apparently not. That said, I cannot find the verse from Watts that goes with this remark from the ASHI reporter. Any help? The discharge piping should not be reduced either by fittings, kinks or in any other way. Watts® Regulator Company, a maker of numerous water safety devices, states that discharge piping in excess of 30 feet or the use of more than four 90° elbows will reduce the discharge capacity.
  9. Mike Lamb

    Flashing above window

    I see this but not sure of interpretation. . IRC 1405.4 Flashing. Flashing shall be installed in such a manner so as to prevent moisture from entering the wall or to redirect it to the exterior. Flashing shall be installed at the perimeters of exterior door and window assemblies, penetrations and terminations of exterior wall assemblies…
  10. Mike Lamb

    Eroding Limestone

    Can anything be done for eroding stone? The front of this building is turning to sand in a lot of places. Can it be cleaned and sealed with something to protect it? Or is replacement the only answer?
  11. Is it safe to assume that split face block is no longer used for residential construction in Chicago? Not that there is alot of new construction but I have not seen it used on anything in the last few years.
  12. This is the first I've seen this. With this fireplace you're just supposed to throw a match on top of the fire glass once you turn the gas on. I did not attempt to do this. Does anyone have experience with this? http://www.thecustomfireplace.com/defigl.html
  13. Mike Lamb

    Snow intrusion through roof vents

    I have only seen this once or twice before where there was a nice pile of snow beneath the roof vents. This was in an unheated attached garage attic. Would you blame severe weather and it could not be helped, or maybe they need new snow proof roof vents if there is such a thing. The roof above was mostly snow covered. Part of the house had vaulted ceilings with some moisture stains near the ridge and I speculate the same thing might be happening at the roof vents above that area as well.
  14. Some instructions I have seen for roof vent terminations call for a flashing for PVC pipe. What would be the downside of using a lead plumbing stack flashing?
  15. Mike Lamb

    Copper and aluminum SEC

    Is there any prohibition of mixing copper and aluminum for the SEC hots?