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  1. Kurt, I have enough to take on litigation maybe. I think but not 30K to rip up my deck and house. Jerry you are creeping on my name! Thats what my kids would call it anyway. I can see what needs to be done. A temp fix and a lawsuit!
  2. I know it will look terrible but in the mean time what about an L shapped piece of alum on top of the decking boards. A temporary fix that will likely become permanent because I have no cash to correct it. I have not seen any new water since last year. I think Ice and snow is largly the issue (not much this year). The water was minimal in the unfinished area. I only saw a little around one of the windows on the finished side on two occasions.
  3. jerry,mike,kurt,jim,mike The new question. What would you do if you had no cash to speak of and had this mess on your hands? Thanks (Editor's Note: Refer to this thread for the original question: https://www.inspectorsjournal.com/forum ... C_ID=15597)
  4. Mike Page 9 makes it pretty darn clear the picture shows 2 peices of flashing that do not exist on my home! The installation contractor/builder did wrong! The city passed the inspection wrong again and lastly my inspector when we purchased the home did wrong. Meanwhile I am left holding the bag as they say! looks like I need a good lawyer to go after all three of them in order to fix this mess properly! (Editor's Note: This response is not related to the OP's topic. It deals with an issue in a separate thread located here: https://www.inspectorsjournal.com/forum ... C_ID=15597)
  5. mike you make a lot of sense but we moved into our dream house NOW WE ARE TAPPED! We spent all money to do so. I have a deck that needs to be torn down and the back of my house as well. This is not somehthing I reach into my front pocket to correct! Thats why I am trying to see what the heck I should do. The city did a footing inspection and passed a final as well! It looks like something was done wrong no drip cap and a wicked pitch towards the home! The ants love it! All kidding aside. There is only one corner with serious rot. What about caulking the hell out of it. The fool ran multiple bolts missing the studs. It was insulated and covered with plastic. The 2 by's are solid! What if I run a couple bolts into the 2 bys where they missed. I caulk from above and below. I keep a dehumidifier on in that room all summer and spring. To do it properly will require me to win a law suit. I dont have the cash to redu the entire surface of the deck and the back of the house!
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  8. Oh an regarding the lawyer comment. No point to calling one if I don't know the actual code. Studs are 16 on center. Was a drip cap required to be installed ontop of a ledger board in 2000 or not? I have been trying to find out this answer for sometime now and can't seem to obtain an answer. I think I have a case if the answer is yes and have no case if the answer is no. A lawyer will not even know what it is I am talking about.
  9. I'll post pictures in the morning. The entire surface of a deck will have to come up in order to put a drip cap on. Or I might cut a 2 by 4 width along the entire house then install the drip cap then install the 2 by and support from beneath. It will look terrible. But I don't see any other way around it
  10. There is aluminum flashing behind the ledger board. The drip cap according to drawings I have seen regarding proper installation is a separate piece of aluminum bent 90 degrees that rest ontop of the ledger board. The drip cap makes it nearly impossible for water to get behind the ledger board. Does anyone know if the drip cap is required by code? If so i have to believe the village inspectors are at fault. They approved the deck installation. final approval wasn't so final I guess. If I would have know about this we would never have purchased. I do have pictures of the small unfinished room. I found moisture behind the plastic and pulled the wet insulation out and found cancer around the bolts. The corner of the house is rotten and you could poke your finger through it. All I know is I am not at fault and everyone just points fingers.
  11. We bought our dream home two years ago. So we thought. The entire back of the home has a tri level deck attached to the home. It appears that there was flashing installed but NO drip cap. Water is seeping into the lower part of the house where the lag bolts go through the ledger board. Permits were pulled back when the home was built. The city approved the deck and home back in 2000. To further the problems the deck was pitched towards the home. Dumb move! Also each board is cut on a diagonal towards the home (fancy deck boards). The back of the home is cedar. Water and interior rot drywall mold etc. The city inspector came out and gave me a line of what my dog deposits in my back yard. The code we followed back then was the national code and a drip cap is not required. Hmmmmm I am not in construction but I am guessing a drip cap ontop of the ledger board has been the norm for a hundred years. We paid an inspector who didn't see it. My question is do I have any recourse to file suit against the city for approving the permit and claiming all was done to code? Can I sue the inspector? To fix this mess will cost me a boat load. The entire top of the deck needs to come off to correct the problem because if the angle of the boards. Thanks Any help is appreciated!
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