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  1. Yes, I know Mike. If he helped you great. Mike is a good inspector and businessman, I just do not like his advertising campaign. The statistical probability of ever becoming a millionaire from running an inspection company is real low. I think his advertising message (for his course) is not entirely supportable. If he simply marketed based on his record, he could probably still fill a room. That said, I wish him well. One of my guys attended and enjoyed it. Mike does know how to market. He has a bunch to offer. My philosophy has always been to take several cources to glean the most I
  2. Gents For what it is worth, the statistic that you are more prone to be sued if you deliver on site, DOES NOT ring true. Insurance companies are good with statistics. If they had noticed this trend, they would have up-charged all of us that deliver on site. It has never happened to me. Once again, if you can get away with e-mail deliver, please continue, don't get pushed into on-site unless you are VERY comfortable with it. If for no other reason than the cost of paper and ink. My lifetime batting average is 99.55%. As in, I have returned fees, paid for repairs or paid my deductible t
  3. All, A buddy (from up north) and I are kicking around the idea of putting together a one day (8 Hour) seminar on Marketing, Customer Service and Handling Disputes. It is a lot to cram in, but who can afford to give up 2 days? Our reasoning is simple. Most new inspectors do not know how to market and many mid-experience guys have not learned good customer service or how to turn lemons into lemonade. The stuff provided by national companies is (in my experience) too generic and theoretical. Most of the inspectors that I talk too in Texas have never taken a marketing class. Many ac
  4. Basic Tenant of Military leadership: Know yourself and seek Self-Improvement. How you format and deliver a report really comes down to your own writing and organizational skills. I have completed over 5000 home inspections and have trained about 10 other guys. We have always delivered on site. Originally, I fell into using a lap top on site because of my terrible hand writing and grammar (I are a collage gradeate. No, really). At that point (just after the Crustaceous period ended) it was so new that it was part of my marketing plan. Once I figured out how few changes I made in reviewing a
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