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  1. Ok , I'll post excerpts from the IRC - but probably can't post the other letters without EWP from the builder
  2. True about accents, but also keep in mind that my inspector comes from the same locale as the builder. I would believe my inspector over the builder, but here I maybe at the mercy of the latest low cost building practices. The builder sent me a bunch of documents yesterday showing where there are clauses in the code which allow for alternate flashing methods, if they're installed 'properly'
  3. Well, the builder won't replace the J channel with step flashing, he will only perform minor repairs to the roof flashing - such as repairing the flashing in the picture with the valley. One concern that came up with the shingles directly over the lip of the J channel flashing is the possibility of the shingles breaking in the Houston heat as they expand and contract. Are there any minor changes that can be made to keep this from happening? Thanks! Jeff
  4. Thanks! I greatly appreciate all of your suggestions and advice!!!! Well, this is a builder inventory home, so I just need to get something done or put in writing to guarantee that it will be fixed. The builder started talking about warranty, but then I imagine it will be too late. I meet with him tomorrow, and I think I need to determine the details of what he plans to do. One question.... One of the big hassles with replacing the cont. flashing with step flashing appears to be removing/replacing the hardiplank... Is it possible or a good idea if the builder cuts the J flashing off at the bottom of the siding on the side wall so that the portion of the J channel flashing under the siding still remains)? Then the builder could wedge the step flashing between the remaining strip of J flashing and the vapor barrier? Reason I ask this is I saw a video which indicated that the step flashing should only be nailed down either on the roof or the siding, but not both to prevent cracking of the step flashing when the house settles. If this is possible, then it would prevent the need to try to remove or replace the Hardiplank siding over the current J channel flashing. Is this a good idea or really bad idea? Thanks again! Jeff
  5. Thanks Philip! I'll see if the contractor will be willing to do that. I will talk to him on Monday morning to see if we can come to an agreement... I wonder why J flashing has become so prevalent... Is it because the majority of roofers nowadays only know and employ J flashing? It sounds like step flashing installation is more involved and complex, requiring interleaving layers of flashing with shingles.. Has step flashing become a dying art?
  6. It can be fixed. If your trust in the builder is bad enough that you want to get your own roofer, maybe it's time to walk. Marc Well the roof appears to be the major issue, but per the guy for Oregon's reply, he's concerned that the builder will only make it worse. So maybe I would just. we'd to get any repairs inspected... Thanks a bunch!
  7. Is a roof repairable, or is it better to just start over? I'm mulling over the idea of asking the builder to have a roofing company of my choosing inspect and repair the roof as a contingency.
  8. I think I'm getting increasingly scared.....So if they try to fix it, they'll likely make it worse, eh?
  9. Well the realtor says the builder says that the builder will fix the flashing presumably before close. So all of this is helping me decide what to do. Thanks!
  10. And here's one more pic: Click to Enlarge 139.96 KB
  11. Here are some pictures (hopefully) Click to Enlarge 122.59 KB Click to Enlarge 99.77 KB Click to Enlarge 133.73 KB
  12. Will try to post some pictures from the inspection report tonight provided that this site will easily let me do it and the inspector is ok with it..
  13. One other related question.. I believe the siding the J flashing is under is Hardy plank. Is it possible to remove the Hardy plank to install the new step flashing, and then re-attach the same Hardy plank? A guy at work indicated that you cannot re-attach Hardy plank. Is this true? If so, it maybe seems like too much trouble to replace the J-flashing. Thanks again!!!
  14. Thanks again... Maybe the same HI who inspected my potential home can inspect the repairs..
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