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  1. When has an inspector become and expert at fixing roofs, electrical systems etc. We are there to report issues or deficiencies not tell the client how to fix it. When you start telling them how to fix it you are buying into paying to fix the problem. I have been inspecting for may years full time inspector since 1994 and have wired entire homes, plumbed entire homes as well as seen to supervising the rest of building. Unless you feel real frisky and have plenty of insurance i would suggest that you tell people what is wrong and not how to fix it.
  2. I do not know what is done in other parts of the country but in Texas it would be prudent to determine what issues are incorrect and then recommend a competent licensed or qualified personnel to determine the proper methods of correcting issues. You are an inspector and not an electrican, roofing contractor or other. When you start telling people how and what way to fix items you have left your self wide open for just what is happening to this inspector. If you have large gonads and lots of insurance jump in there and start telling them not only what is wrong but how to fix it. You will soon b
  3. The problem we have is that the Builders have some much clout of the Politicals that everyone just hides. The newspapers will not come out and smack the builders because they will pull advertising dollars. Texas came out with the TRCC Texas Residential Construction Commission which was to over see building in Texas. Guess who the govener appointed as head of the commission. A man named Perry that is also Perry homes. It just want to make a person puke. I have heard feed back from my clients all the time that the builders just tell them the inspectors don't know what there talking about. most b
  4. Attached is a photo taken and kept in my flashing hall of shame! This home is less then 2 years old approximately $800,000.00 this was the side wall flashing Download Attachment: IMG_1747.JPG 1555.64 KB
  5. Download Attachment: IMG_4494.JPG 896.22 KB
  6. See IRC 703.7.5 Flashing: Flashing shall be located be3neathth the first course of masonry above the finished ground level above the foundation wall or the slab and at other points of support, including structural floors shelf angles and lintels. This is in the IRC 2000 2003 and 2006. There is also a picture illistration of proper flashing and lintels. I have inspected many homes in Houston and have yet to find one done correctly.
  7. This is a common problem faced by inspectors in the Houston TX area. I have been calling improperly installed flashing along side walls and chimney's etc for longer than I want to remember. The IRC as well as shingle manufactures, siding manufactures as well as national trade origanizations all require step flashing along side walls with composite type shingles. In the Houston TX area the Houston Builders asso as well as city inspection departments allow the use of J type flashing. The worst of the problem is that many inspectors in this area also either do not know it is wrong or just look th
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