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  1. Thanks for your input. I just had a roofing expert take a look at the roof and he states the roof doesn't need replacing. Only about 1% of the shingles are raised with nail pops as I stated in my report. He states the high wind did not damage the roof and this in itself proves the roof did not need replacing since the wind didn't affect it. Hopefully I can work something out with the client. My language will change, lesson learned after 10 years of inspecting. Greg
  2. Inspected a home couple of weeks ago that had several raised shingles with nail pops. My report states this along with requesting a qualified roofer to seal down the shingles. The roof has one layer of shingles that is approx. 10 years old. Here in Kentucky a couple of months ago we had hurricane type winds that damaged a lot of roofs. The client has since closed on the home and has been told by two separate roofers the shingles can’t be resealed and the roof needs to be replaced or he will be chasing leaks. Guess what, now he wants me to replace his roof. This house was vacant and sold “a
  3. Walter, sorry for the confusion. I work for Greg Jones Home Inspections. To answer another post, the water was on when Greg arrived. I don't know how long the house has been vacant, but it has only been on the market since October. The water never ran out on the kitchen floor. Greg sat at the counter for 10 minutes putting info in his computer after turning on the dishwasher. He then went down to the basement to find water pouring out of the ceiling. He ran back upstairs and took the panel off the dishwasher to discover water coming out of the pump. I think Greg should just take care of this a
  4. This is a long story that I will try to shorten. Inspection yesterday in a vacant house. Dishwasher was run through a cycle and water poured out of the bottom went through the ceiling tiles onto the carpet in basement. Listing agent arrived after the fact and just happen to mention the house was not winterized and some pipes had previously burst and been replaced. Greg always takes the panel off the bottom of the dishwasher to check for leaks after the dishwasher has run. He said he has never seen this much water run out of the bottom of a dishwasher. It may have something to do with not winte
  5. Licensing in KY went into effect in July. Very disappointed that the requirements are to attend a n approved HI inspection school and pass a test. No training (apprenticeship program) required. This is going to flood the market with new home inspectors. I have already had reports of 2 hone inspectors completing an inspection in 30 minutes and charging 250 - 275 dollars. Without proper traing they will not a have clue what to do when they start thier actual inspecting. I fell that an apprenticeship program is essential. Plumbers and electricians have to go through this training and I feel it is
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