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  1. 02/28/13 I bought an insulation that looked like cotton cover with plastic and put it in my drop ceiling. I am replacing a drop ceiling with plasterboard and would like to insulate between the joints between floors to keep my heat from going upstairs through the floor. Can I reuse this insulation or do I buy the faced or unfaced R25. I would not use this next to the recessed lights I am going to install because I do not trust the plastic covering. Thanks, Larry javascript:insertsmilie('[:-angel]')
  2. 02/26/13 I insulated my downstairs ceiling with this plastic bag insulation that has pink plastic and a white cotton filled insulation which was held in place by bending wires in between the joists (this is in a drop ceiling. I am replacing a section of the dropped ceiling with drywaill and want to know if this insulation is still used, is it recalled and is it safe around recessed lights. I bought it as a a safe way of not inhaling fiberglass, but can't find it at Home Depot anymore. Larry
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