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  1. Jay you need the hire a home inspector immediately to make multiple inspections and an attorney to review your contract soon after!!! You need a team. You got a bad feeling and your probably right!!! [:-banghea Keep taking pictures even if you think every thing is done correctly. Someone else may see it differently. Don't wait to to see if every thing turns out ok. While your under construction you have more leverage to make the builder follow the codes. [:-magnify One thought of the buried weep holes is if they incorrectly installed the weep holes and through the wall flashing at a brick shelf (if this house has one). It is hard to believe they would back fill over the sill on purpose. And from the picture it's hard to tell if there is flashing at the floor under the threshold [:-weepn] The lower black material looks like through the wall flashing and just above looks like reversed lapped felt paper to the house wrap. With the offset of the brick above your bound to take on plenty of water but you may not realize it until it's to late since your on a slab. Jay you will regret not having one of these fine inspectors at every step and don't count on your local building inspector to catch problems and they may not even be inspecting this stuff your concerned about or even know what they are looking at [:-bigeyes Your way ahead of most people that are building homes. Keep researching. This site offers great info. and links. Good Luck
  2. I questioned our Tyvek rep. about the 120 day exposure because our home was open longer and they told me it is not automatically bad after 120 days. They ask for a 3 ft X 3 ft sample and Dupont will test it to see if is still up to their standards.
  3. Stuccoman, Thanks for the P.M. Looks like you can keep your teeth. I found some old construction pictures. If only I knew then [:-censore. So much more to learn about testing and codes. I've been talking to some brick experts and they are asking for the plans for our house. Was the builder supposed to give me a set? Are they required to give me a set now?
  4. Update: I have asked the builder to start over from scratch with the brick install. They proposed taking off the first four rows of brick in four foot sections, replacing the flashing around the whole house and then sealing the brick on the whole house. My gut feeling is not to accept this offer. Any thoughts? P.S. I found a spot for a peek behind part of a wall (air gap).
  5. Jerry, Thank you again for coming all the way down here. I told my builder about the thermal image test to try and find where the water is coming in. They might get one done. Just checking for any more info on who can do the testing. Anyway the pitch on the sill above the dining room has been corrected. Today it rained with the water hitting the front of the house and we have water entering again in multiple spots! Yesterday it rained in the back and water was entering in multiple spots! This is the most expensive Tee-Pee I've ever owned.[:-weepn]
  6. Jim have you talked to my bricklayer before? You got it all right. He also said flashing over my window was not necessary[:-bigeyes but then he said that my home builder was the one who installed all the flashing.
  7. Thank you for the site and such a generous offer. Does anyone think the standards on that site are just a suggestion or do masons have to follow any rules. I have talked to a building inspector for my town and he said the only code they have for brick veneer is that it must be installed on the whole first floor. They don't have anything else on the actual work. I thought this is strange because I have heard they are tough on everything else. Checked out the lintel and from what I see it looks like there is no flashing at all. I finally have a meeting with the brick layer tomorrow. I will see what he has to say.
  8. sorry Jim and anyone else. Is ok to post here? Was up late trying to research this problem and came across this site. I have become more active in investigateing this problem. We have had water in the front three times and once in the back (depends on th wind)in three months(and we are in a drought!). It has been going nowhere slow with our builder. It has been brought up by are super about a sealer but I thought this would be a bad cover up. Any thoughts? Any way I've about had it with being patient with the builder. Thank you Jim for being so helpful.Can anyone recomend an inspector?
  9. Thanx Jim Sounds like there isn't much I can do to repair anything wrong with the flashing[:-banghea. This is on a new home any thoughts on how to find out what is wrong for sure. Guess I need to find a good lawyer and a few good inspectors ( or maybe they will find me [:-jump2] ).
  10. I was looking for some advice on how to repair a brick veneer. I have water leaking over the top of the foundation wall around the whole house (depending on rain/wind direction)and I have found water entering through interior window trim at the top of a first floor window. My best guess is that I have multiple problems. The weep holes have been cleaned out and more added, but I thought weep holes are there to let air behind the wall not as a drain as I've been told. I have found many spots where the foundation wall is set past the brick about an inch, many serface cracks in bricks and spots where tuck pointing is required. Does the foundation look like it might be a problem? Does the cracked brick right above where the leak through the wall look like a problem? I have also noticed the second floor window sill above the leak does not have much pitch on it. Problem? Thank You in advance for any advice.
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