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  1. Since this thread I made it a point to learn more on this subject. Looking back on the photo's I can only say Yesh!
  2. NACHI Chicago is a great local with guest speakers @month. If you belong to any association you are a fool not to take advantage of the learning process. Unless you know it all of course.
  3. Last night ABC affiliate WLS did a report on the lack of quality inspections by AHJ's in the Chicago area. They average up to 15 a day. Nick Gromiko the president of NACHI is quoted in part. To read the entire article click here.
  4. Darn.. it sounded good when I saw the site just ten minutes before hitting the post here.
  5. What you say makes sense. I would like to hear the pro to your con.
  6. Never tried to leave a PDF here . Mike?
  7. I have just invited Mr Nolan with certaroof a chance to respond as it is his living. I do know I wish I'd thought of the idea.
  8. Thanks for all the information Steve. You really are an expert .
  9. I know most of you guys make fun of these lengthy dis-claimers but dare one of you to show me a short two sentence contract. I do not think there is any doubt that everyone in this room has at the very minumum a full page contract full of disclaimers. It might be funny to say I am not a psychic, "but I do not need to be a mind reader to know a contract not filled with dis-claimers will be chewed up and spit out in court". These are the times we live in. You even need to click "I agree " every time you download a simple piece of software.
  10. Vents should remain open unless the space has been conditioned properly. Other wise you are begging for mold.
  11. By following NACHI... SOP I am following State of Illinois ..SOP and going beyond what the state requires, however if in a court of law I must state I follow Illinois standards as the appropriate answer.
  12. chicago

    NFL 2007

    It may be Saints and Packers. Watch out as old man Farve has still got it.
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