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  1. Both good options. I clean forgot about Scottman being up there. Mucho Gracias [:-angel] Brian G.
  2. What's up guys, I need a quality home inspector for a family member buying a house in Cleveland, TN. You know, one of our kind....hard-headed, thorough, and client-oriented. I don't have access to the ASHI rolls or anything else anymore, so any help would be appreciated. One Cleveland Wasn't Enough? [] Brian G.
  3. I love 'em all, except for the rare crazy. "Man's best friend" is not just a cutesy saying. One Austrailian anthropologist believes homo sapiens succeeded (while neanderthals died out) largely because of our alliance with dogs. We gained an early warning system, prey tracking and chase capabilites far beyond our own, and an expanded/varied fighting ability. They got use of our big brains and all that comes with it (shelter, planning, steadier food supply, tools, etc., etc., etc.). It's just one theory, but I think it makes a fair amount of sense. Brian G. Dogged Fan of Canines [:-thumbu]
  4. I had a background in carpentry and electrical, and I wasn't sure I was going to get anything useful from HI training. WRONG. I got a lot out of it, but.... 1. I went to the best school I could find, which was 2 states away. 2. I didn't go outside to smoke every 10 minutes. Others did. 3. I shut off my cell phone on the way in, I participated a lot in class, and I went back to my room at night and studied. Others did not. If the school is any good and you go at it in a serious way, it'll help a lot, but you'll still need a ton more from a place like this. And I have to echo the "This is a terrible time to go HI" sentiment, though your area may be doing somewhat better than some others (find out). Brian G. Good Luck, You'll Need It [:-wiltel]
  5. Congradulations Mike. Your efforts, combined with those of other willing souls, have helped a lot of inspectors help a lot more clients. You should be proud. [^] Brian G. Salute! [:-party]
  6. Jeez, a cement/concrete roof. I ain't never hear'd tell of such. All I can think is to be very frank about how unusual and unpredictable this roof is, and how bad things could get if it goes horribly wrong while they own it. Can you imagine what it might cost to remove that sucker and replace it with something normal? I would also say something like "It's far more likely to leak than to not leak, now, later, or sometime". Brian G. Bizzaro Roofing Inc.
  7. I love it. I spent a LOT of Saturday mornings watching those classics. Brian G. He Ate Bugs' Liver With Some Farve Beans and a Nice Chianti [:-mean]
  8. Originally posted by SNations If there was no problem with condensation with the existing insulation, I can't see how adding anything more would cause condensation. My guess is that the "condensation due to bubble wrap" theory is based on the vapor barrier aspect of the bubble wrap, rather than on the insulating value. I've seen the original insulation on that particular ductwork during my carpentry years, and it was some sort of fiberous stuff with a heavy paper wrap. It probably breathed somewhat, though I can't say that type of insulation is common around here, or how anyone else would have known that. Locally, most of it is fiberglass with a foil/paper wrapping. I thought the idea of an impermeable vapor barrier on ductwork creating condensation was at least passingly plausible, but it might be total B.S. in actual practice. Brian G. Knowledge Permeable, To Both the Useful and the Useless [:-boggled
  9. Ahhh... That must be what the rumblings were about. Thanks Mike, I'll pass it on. Brian G. Smarter-er Again [:-graduat
  10. I'll have to ask about foil / no foil thing. It was put on during an overhaul to a new HVAC system, by a local contractor named....Scott Patterson. Seriously. [:-slaphap Brian G. Branching Out Scotty? []
  11. It just never ends...always something new and different in the inspecting world. Originally posted by Scottpat That is just bazaar if it is a radon mitigation system. Beware the homophone Brother Scott. A "bazaar" is a market place; "bizarre" is the one you were thinking of. Brian G. A Bizarre Bazaar Might Be Cool [:-magnify
  12. Yesterday a family friend asked me if bubble wrap applied to ductwork could create a condensation problem, and if there were any necessary steps to avoid the issue. Her's was apparently put on right over the old, existing duct insulation. I can't say I'm up on this one; never seen any. Anybody got the hard intel on this stuff? Brian G. Bubble Rap - What Toddler Gangsters Listen to in the Bathtub [:-paperba
  13. Yeah, a lot of those are funny as hell (if you don't have a 1,000-question-a-day kid in the room). My pet peeve concerns advertising for fast food places. They show you these sandwiches exploding with meat and toppings, but when you buy one it's flat nothing with 1/2 the stuff they showed in it. Blatent false advertisement we've come to accept without a word...sad. That, and the ones who ask you "Medium, or large?" when you order a combo, as if "small" doesn't even exist. Flat-out unethical. Brian G. I May Be Crazy, But I Ain't Blind [:-boggled[:-blindfo
  14. Jimmy Morrison's wet dream....an actual bar in his own basement. [] Brian G. Serving No Beer But Guiness, Of Course [:-drunk]
  15. I've seen my share of those, mostly because we've had an ITE-heavy wholesale electrical distributor in town for 50 or 60 years now. Dumb design, never should have been allowed as service equipment in residential use, but not dangerous as far as I know. Brian G. Electrical Does Not Improve With Age [:-indiffe
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