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  1. All should know we have accomplished our goal at the session. We are now working on other maintenance of the exam. Mark, would you like to be in the pool for other upcoming sessions? We do vet participants but it is more about time in the industry, where you live and association affiliation (or non). We strive to keep a good mix or distribution for each session. Top that off with rotating people in and out to keep the pool from being stagnant.
  2. Thank Mark but I'm blessed to get to hang around some really sharp guys.
  3. Thank you, The second spot is filled. I will be hosting a full writing and review session in late April of 2015 and am always open to incorporating new blood. Experienced and Novice (3 - 5 years experience), Members of all organizations and Non-organization member, across North America are welcome. We rotate SMEs in and out as well as keeping a diversified mix. Have a fun weekend everyone, I know I will.
  4. Thank you one and all for the consideration. We have a volunteer to attempt to fill JD's seat. I have availability for one other man if anyone is interested.
  5. Been a while since I've visited but I have an urgent need. I'm working with the National Home Inspector Exam and have lost a couple of people who were helping with a bit of maintenance work this weekend. Some may already know but JD's brother passed yesterday and another SME had a medical issue pop up today. If you are willing to come to Boston on the EBPHI's dime this weekend, drop me a line. I believe you will find it a rewarding experience. Mike, Seattle never happened.
  6. We're back! The EBPHI is once again looking for Subject Matter Experts. But hold on, not so expert this time. The psychometricians that help build the test tell us we need some less experienced folks. We are looking for guys or gals who have been in the industry for 4 to 7 years. Ideally, they would not be ASHI members. We have a few folks who are not members but it is wise to continue to diversify the pool of contributors. Not that there is anything wrong with ASHI or crusty old inspectors but the EBPHI constantly works to maintain a non-biased entrance exam for the industry. A number of our peers have served and continue to serve as an SME. Consider spending a few days rubbing elbows with people who speak the same language and who enjoy a bit of bantering. Just send me an email to be considered. Charlie@AlphaInspection.com
  7. This is one of those times I wish there was a LIKE button. Nothing like a good tale.
  8. May the joy and hope of the season fill your hearts. Merry Christmas. You're a great bunch of guys.
  9. So Kurt, If we all kick in for your air fare, can we be shareholders?
  10. Thank you for the response. So, your Chinese (entrepreneurial) side is in play. Never had ANY desire to see Asia but the warmth you describe must be a joy to experience. Enjoy exploring. It's what I enjoy the most about travel.
  11. The 15 year old is driving and I finally have some time for leisure reading. After reading Kurt's comment on Chinese society I just have to ask the question...........What the heck is the purpose of your sorties into China?
  12. I seldom see it but found this about a week and a half ago in a 6 story office building. Click to Enlarge 9.49 KB Click to Enlarge 12.46 KB
  13. Nice truck. I picked up a used variation of the truck on craigslist this summer. Cash is the only way to go. I only wish it had that low mileage but it was a heck of a deal. Took it out today to let my welder buddy perform little welding to accommodate a weatherguard weekender ladder rack. Made for a fun day of driving.
  14. Amen Never finance a vehicle. Buy low mileage used and run it as look as it seems to be dependable. I wind up replacing every 3 or 4 years but I put 45 to 50k a year on a car.
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