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  1. Thanks for the replies. My question has been answered.
  2. The foundation plumbing cost $5,000 and the foundation electrical cost $7,000. Since I was specifically asked to look for foundation electrical, and since the slab has been poured, the foundation electrical must have been done. Is that how you would read it? I can send someone a photo if they would look at it. I need to complete the report today, Sunday. Thanks for any assistance.
  3. On the report after it list soft costs, it list hard costs. The first four hard costs are what they want me to inspect. The report shows foundation electrical costing more than foundation plumbing, yet I don't see evidence of electrical work.
  4. I did a draw inspection today. The report said to inspect: clearing/grading, foundation, foundation plumbing, and foundation electrical. I took pictures of the slab and saw plenty of plumbing, but I don't know what "foundation electrical" is. The inspection report asks for percentage completed. Should I say that "no percentage is completed for foundation electrical?"
  5. I just started doing draw inspections so I'm still learning. The report wants to know what percentage of "foundation electrical" is completed. They wanted me to check four things: clearing/grading,foundation,foundation plumbing, and foundation electrical. I went out and took pictures of the slab. I see plenty of plumbing pipes coming out of the slab. I'm not so sure of the electrical part. What exactly should I be looking for? Thanks for your reply.
  6. I want to finish by saying that I used a poor choice of words when I described the "board going nowhere in the attic." After reflecting on it and reading the replies to my post, I feel that the several 2X4's were extraneous and were used for temporary support.
  7. Thanks for all the kind advice. I'll send an amended report to the buyers today.
  8. Well, I did the inspection. The man's wife met me there with a check and I got her to sign the authorization(contract). This is a new house and they're eager to move in. She wrote a check out and then left. I tried to be as thorough as possible. There was an item or two that I was unsure about. One was a board that went nowhere in the attic. I suggested in the report that the building contractor be questioned about it. I also had a problem getting the upstairs heat to come on. I'm going to send an amended report to the buyer about that. I went over every inch of this house. The roof was steep and I couldn't (or was afraid to walk it), so I used binoculars on a ladder at the edge. I put in the report that I could only see about 80% percent of the roof, and that there was some small areas that couldn't be seen. I hope that I worded that right.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I'll give everyone an honest evaluation of how the inspection goes Tuesday.
  10. The home is all electric, 2,000 sq. ft. and probably sells in this area for $250,000.
  11. I will do my first home inspection next week. I drove by it today to get a look at what I was facing. It's brand new and they just finished building it. Should I be thankful that my first inspection is brand new? Because it is new, what problems should I specifically look for? I'm not very confident in my inspection abilites and I hope I don't mess this up. I need your advice.
  12. This forum said that the subject doesn't have to be home inspection related. So here goes. I bought a new laptop computer that will be used to write inspection reports with. I have internet dial-up on a telephone line. I take the laptop and place it on my kitchen table and all of a sudden I'm on line. It appears that a neighbor uses WiFi or whatever it's called. I was told this is against federal law for me to do this. I didn't set up the computer to seek them out, it just connects automatically. It seems to me if this was such a big concern, people would be blocked from doing it. What does everyone think? Should I be worried about the feds breaking my front door down?
  13. I'm still working on getting a brochure together. I found one on the internet called "The Home Inspection and You." It says the following about it: American Society of Home Inspectors 1993. All rights reserved. This booklet has been prepared as a public service by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) in cooperation with the Extension Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Does anyone know if it would be legal to use a few paragraphs of the brochure? I know that I couldn't normally. But, this brochure is free to the public and was made with the help of the U.S.D.A. I don't know if that changes things or not.
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