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  1. Since this program began we have some 172 condo buildings and 31 single family houses that have been inspected, some with repairs, and certified. Some were, wonder of wonders, built properly to begin with and had no problems. No complaints about the certification so it seems to be working. I am sorry if all you old guys don't like what I am doing with the certification, but it works. Ad hominem arguments are meaningless. I saw a problem and came up with a solution that seems to be working. Want to join in or just sit on the sidelines and complain? It is much easier to just write
  2. Sorry I have not responded earlier, but I was not aware that all this back stabbing was going on. If you give me a chance, maybe I can answer all the "cool kids" here. 1) Links: I have written a number of articles, as well as presented a number of classes and papers at conventions, about split faced block and water intrusion in general. They can all be seen here: https://www.deckerhomeservices.com/blog/ 2) I think we can all agree that the root cause of this problem is that you simply do not build a single wythe masonry wall in the Chicago area. Nuff said on that. 3) Given
  3. Here is the latest news on this problem. http://deckerhomservices.com/split_bloc ... oblems.htm Hope this helps;
  4. I would add that the main structural problem is that the grout the trusses to the block. Pardon me if I am misinformed, but I was taught that wooden joists and trusses should never be in direct contact with masonry. I fear structural failures with pancake collapses this winter, when the snow load occurs. One other point. Who is the idiot who insists that there should be plastic sheeting behind the drywall? That just serves to create an aquafer. Hope this helps;
  5. Well, it's started. Did and inspection (maintenance) yesterday. Was called in by a contractor, but the owner and architect was there. 20 year old SFH with 3 stories and a penthouse in the middle of the roof with roof decks at front and back.The owner had bought the place 3 months ago (the poor guy). Owner complained of possible water intrusion. Crown moulding was deformed. Did thermal and the roof joists were not normal. Protometer pegged out at the trusses. The contractor open the ceiling and the trusses and roof deck were rotted (black, mold, sopping fiberglass insulation, no vap
  6. The current solution seems to be a polyurethane based paing, sprayed on. Arrow masonry, which has been dealing with split block problems for 6 years, switched from silicone sealers to this, and it seem to work. The only problem is that the building has to be dry to apply of you seal in the water. I also recommend that the owners run a de-humidifier, full tilt boogie, for months. Spray foam insulation is also preferred. Hope this helps;
  7. The camera will find things that you would not be able to find with just your eyes. IR can also help you substantiate and give you further insight into conditions that you would (maybe) find with just your eyes, but you can see them better. In the case of water leaks, maybe you would see it, bare eyed and maybe you wouldn't. But, if you find it, you can also, easier, find the cause and not have to defer so much. The clients like that. Less running around.id="blue"> Yes, in my experience. Besides, you can back up your strictly visual findings with proof. You are not gonna take your moisture
  8. And members of the other 2 major associations would not even be required to do the two inspections.
  9. Most shingle manufacturers will void any warranty if their product is installed on a preexisting shingle layer.
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